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Posted 5/4/2014 by nance107 in General Scrappin'


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October 2012
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Posted: 5/4/2014 9:06:52 AM
Why oh why do I feel the need to ink the edge of every page I make??? I wish I didn't but it just doesn't look "finished" without it to me...


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February 2010
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Posted: 5/4/2014 9:29:38 AM
I feel the same way. I cut out some images from some patterned paper. I glued the images down forgetting to ink a couple of them. Now those stark white edges are bothering me something terrible.


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July 2003
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Posted: 5/4/2014 9:40:09 AM
Another edge-inker here, too. I like to think my inking is subtle, thought. I got the Tim Holtz mini-applicaor tool and LOVE it for inking. I agree, things just don't seem finished with stark white edges.

Lisa H.

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February 2003
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Posted: 5/4/2014 10:13:50 AM
I like inked edges too. It just adds a little something to the page.


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January 2003
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Posted: 5/4/2014 10:35:25 AM
I like the look of inked edges. I don't do it to every page, but when I do, I always like it. Sometimes I use paint or chalk instead of ink, which I like too.

Scrappin Marie

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January 2002
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Posted: 5/4/2014 10:56:19 AM
Yup, I also ink every page! Have too, its just not finished if its not inked


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January 2006
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Posted: 5/4/2014 11:10:24 AM
I'm a member of the inked edge club, too! I've been inking edges for so long that I don't even think about it, it just happens.

Aj Jones
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May 2012
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Posted: 5/4/2014 11:38:05 AM
I'd like to think that I am a card carrying member of the edge-inkers club too

What are your favorite ink colors to use?

I originally started using Distress Ink "Vintage Photo", but I found I didn't always like the super-warm brown against my papers. I've since changed to Distress Ink "Pumice Stone" which is both warm enough to stand up to distressed/vintage-y designs, but is also cool enough to look good against turquoise and light blue.


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July 2001
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Posted: 5/4/2014 12:45:42 PM
I absolutely love the look, but always forget to do it!

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June 2006
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Posted: 5/4/2014 2:17:24 PM
I love inked edges too! I do it only on some pages though, and usually it's on an embellishment like a tag or journaling card. I like way inking gives things a finished look, with just a little color accent.

What are your favorite ink colors to use?

I keep a Cat's Eyes stack (Color Box) on my desktop. It's the Brown collection, set of 6 that ranges from a beige-y sand color (called Dune) to the deeper browns (even a red-brown called Merlot) and ending with black. These are my go-to edge inking colors, since I can almost always find something in that range that gives me exactly the pop I need for what I'm working on. Once in a while I pull out another color, but these are definitely my most-used.

I continue to use the Brown Cats' Eyes even though they're pigment inks and take longer to dry. (They're also a really nice shape for inking edges!) I just ink and then let the piece sit while I adhere the rest of the LO, then put it on last. Works for me since I'm almost always writing some sort of journaling on the pieces that I ink and those tend to go on last anyway. I'm a slow journaler. )

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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July 2006
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Posted: 5/4/2014 2:32:11 PM
I am happiest when my edges are inked on scrapbook pages. It lets my eye feel that one pattern has stopped before the next one begins.

I am a HUGE fan of Pumice Stone distress ink as well. It goes great with both cool and warm colors - yet doesn't scream "inked edge" the way black or a darker brown do. Suits my style perfectly!


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February 2008
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Posted: 5/4/2014 3:30:31 PM
I'm an edge inker feels as if it grounds the page and draws your eye pumice stone and color box creamy brown....

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October 2012
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Posted: 5/4/2014 3:51:30 PM
I like inking edges, especially on heritage pages (chestnut roan is my favorite). I also like to use black now and then to make a nice, strong contrast. I don't have a desire to do it on every page though.

I am a VERY simple scrapper. No desire for gesso, gellato, mists, paints, and all that other stuff. Inking is as messy as I'm going to get!


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January 2013
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Posted: 5/4/2014 4:07:03 PM
I ink the edges maybe 80% of my pages. I use mostly black, grey and Brown but sometimes other colors. On one page i used pink it looked great.
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July 2003
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Posted: 5/4/2014 4:24:12 PM

What are your favorite ink colors to use?

Distress Inks, for sure. I love Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain, Old Paper, and Weathered Wood.

A lot of my friends use the PowderPuff chalk inks in colors that match their papers, and I'm digging that look as well. I am slowly branching out and trying that too.

Lisa H.

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July 2003
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Posted: 5/4/2014 5:02:53 PM
Do you mean there are people out there that don't ink their edges, heaven forbid!


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August 2009
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Posted: 5/4/2014 8:46:50 PM
Yup, I've become addicted to inking my edges! Lately I have been using colors from the Prima chalk edger line that seems to match the paper. Other than that my favorites have been:
chestnut roan
vintage photo

Off to check out pumice stone!

Patty G.


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August 2010
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Posted: 5/4/2014 9:43:53 PM
I ink my edges a lot as the dimension it gives!

Question for you inkers....what brand ink do you use? Seems like my cats eye chalk ink as well as my little prima one always seem to fall apart really quickly. The foam sort of begins flaking off. Do you have one that holds up better?

Mary Jo R
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February 2004
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Posted: 5/4/2014 9:48:18 PM
Another inker here!
I think it adds a nice finishing touch most of the time.

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July 2012
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Posted: 5/5/2014 6:35:26 AM
Ink on, OP and all the other Peas on this thread. I am right there with you and I am a Tim H VP, Pumice stone & so on fan. Those 2 colours take care of most of my edges.

I used to love the Cat's Eyes but absolutely hated it when they fell apart, some of them the second they were first opened. No gluing them together and waiting 24 hours for me EVER again! The mini ink tool has quickly replaced the standard rectangular one and sits on my desk permanently. As Tim himself says: "If it aint worth inkin' it aint worth doin'..."


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October 2008
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Posted: 5/5/2014 6:52:50 AM
Another inker of the edges here. My latest favorite has been brushed corduroy distress ink.


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July 2004
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Posted: 5/5/2014 8:42:24 AM
I don't ink but I do chalk the edges of stuff which is kind of the same thing. I do lots of paper piecings and on the very rare occasions when I try to skip that step, I always regret it because everything looks so flat without it.

artistic scrapper

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August 2003
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Posted: 5/5/2014 11:10:01 AM
Another inker here. I like the way it defines the edges and gives the look a little depth.

Kylie's and Misty's KittyMom


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June 2003
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Posted: 5/5/2014 12:35:11 PM
Waving my hand in the air and inking like I just don't care . . . I started with the cat eye inks and now usually just use Ranger Distress because they have some many lovely colors!

Linda - aka MommaHo/Grams
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Posted: 5/5/2014 3:08:09 PM
I am an inker too

I use mostly vintage photo or black and the TH ink applicator. On most I just ink the very edge of the paper.

When I used the Cats Eye inks I usually got way to much ink on the edge, for my taste, and they did not last long like a PP said.

My TH ink tool gives me just the control I want. I am looking for the new round one to not be sold out somewhere.

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November 2013
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Posted: 5/5/2014 6:39:41 PM
I ink everything too!! Love all the colors from Tim Holtz.
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Posted: 5/5/2014 10:04:00 PM
I for sure have to ink the edges of almost ALL cards. Pages, it just depends. but I DO love inking edges.

I used to just about destroy an ink pad until I finally figured out how to do it right!

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February 2005
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Posted: 5/5/2014 10:13:10 PM
I also ink all my edges, it just doesn't seem finished without it! Love Tim Holtz Distress Inks!


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June 2003
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Posted: 5/6/2014 12:59:25 AM
Hi, my name is Brandie and I am a chronic edge inker. I cannot do a page without inking, but I like the look of it. I feel it gives it more depth.

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Posted: 5/6/2014 5:02:59 AM
For those who are saying that their ink pads are being shredded, I'd suggest you get yourselves some sponge daubers,rather than doing direct-to-paper application; and, it's worth shopping around on the pricing for them, as well.

I've been a dilettante, but I'm thinking of dabbling in something else.


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December 2011
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Posted: 5/6/2014 6:29:46 AM
I use make up wedges to ink edges.
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August 2007
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Posted: 5/6/2014 1:29:28 PM
I LOOOOVVVEE inked edges! I mostly use Tim Holtz Vintage Photo and a few others, with the ink applicator tool. I have tried cat's eyes, but found they break apart, and dry out too quickly. I have some Tim Holtz that are over 5 years old, and have invested in a reinker for my faves. They are holding together perfectly!


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July 2005
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Posted: 5/6/2014 3:05:26 PM
Love inking. I am OBSESSED with the Prima Chalk Ink Edgers. I bought a huge pack at CKC last year and haven't looked back since. Love the range of colors. I find that i love using different colors (other than basic black or brown) on my projects. it jazzes them up so much!

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February 2003
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Posted: 5/6/2014 3:42:04 PM
Another inker here, I love the TH inks! I primarily use vintage photo but I think I may need to look into the color of pumice stone!

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Posted: 5/7/2014 3:29:29 AM
I ink my edges, pages isn't finished until I do. I've been inking in gold recently and I love it!
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