What are some of your favorite "crop party" games.

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Posted 6/5/2014 by look4angel in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 6/5/2014 9:56:02 PM
If you have been to a crop (whether at a friend's or a paid event) what were some of your favorite crop party games?
Thanks Penny

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Posted: 6/6/2014 7:26:54 AM
I might have something that's very low key. If you have the blue sticker under your chair, you win a prize kind of thing. I did attend a large crop that had a "Cake Walk" game, but I didn't participate. I was too busy trying to get things done, but there were several people playing, and I guess it's a good way to get up and stretch for a minute.

Another thought would be to have random contests, spaced out during the crop. Whose last completed page has the most photos? Who is working on a page with a birthday theme? Who brought the most cricut cartridges? Etc.

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Posted: 6/6/2014 8:36:50 AM
I honestly do not participate in any of the crop activities, short of door prizes. I go to crops to get pages done and catch up with my friends, not play games.

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Posted: 6/6/2014 8:40:33 AM
The last crop I went to the hostess keeps a box full of 'stuff' (of which we all added to) and all of our names are on a card. She started out by calling a name, each round consisted of everyone getting to select from the box. She did this about every two hours.

Not real exciting but it did get you up and moving and maybe finding just that particular thing to make your page!

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Posted: 6/6/2014 8:52:35 AM
I like participating in challenges, such as "use X and Y embellishments in a layout" or "make a layout using Z technique" kind of thing.

Also, along those lines, I like playing a recipe type game where you pick a certain number of "ingredients" that are then revealed to represent something to use on your layout(ex. chocolate = ribbon, tomatoes = patterned paper, cheese = wood veneer shape, etc.)

Another thing that I almost always do when I go to a crop with friends is dig up some bizarre or really, really old stash stuff and use it as a "challenge" for us to use on layouts. Big, giant buttons, goofy looking embellishment, strange piece of ribbon, whatever. It's fun to see what everyone comes up with!

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Posted: 6/6/2014 11:22:24 AM
I no longer play games at crops.

I'd rather have my name pulled if there are prizes to be had.

Too many people scrap differently now - someone doing a mini album is never going to win for most photos on a layout when someone else is doing Project life.

People use different types of tools so the old 'first person to produce a trimmer' wins doesn't work because some people are doing digital, some people have everything precut before they come to a crop.

One thing some people enjoy is having a table where each person puts a completed layout of some kind for a few hours and attendees can go and look and see everyone's different style. But it is not a game because there are no prizes.

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Posted: 6/6/2014 12:21:15 PM
At one of the crops I go to they play Let's Make a Deal and it's hilarious! Everyone seems to enjoy it. The crop hostess will randomly call out, "Who can show me a (fill in the blank)?" The first person who can run up and produce the thing will win a prize, then they have the option to keep it or trade it for whatever is concealed in a closed box or whatever. The thing they are trading for could be a better prize or it could be something silly like a blow up monkey, you just never know. It's pretty funny to watch.

Another thing I've seen done is to give tickets (like the kind on a roll you get at a carnival) for various things, such as who has the most kids or grandkids, who traveled the furthest to get to the crop, who's been married the longest or most recently, who just had a birthday, you get the idea. They also give out tickets for the first person who can show a layout with a button on it, etc. Then they put the raffle prizes out with little buckets and you write your name on the tickets and put them in the bucket for the prize you want a chance to win. They periodically draw for prizes and put new stuff out. What's good about this is you don't really have to stop what you're working on to take part and you can choose what you want to try to win.


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Posted: 6/6/2014 12:21:58 PM
None, other than some door prizes or baskets, maybe. 50/50 if it's for a charity.

I've participated in swaps before and have always been disappointed in what I got so I stopped doing them.
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Posted: 6/6/2014 12:43:07 PM
I don't participate in games or make in takes/classes. For many of the same reasons already stated.

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Posted: 6/6/2014 12:43:27 PM
As a person finishes a page, have them raise their hand or shout out. Give them a "traveling" item--we used a Beanie Baby. Then it goes to the next person who finishes a page, and on and on. Every so often, give a prize to the person holding the item. Easy and fun! And it encourages people to finish pages.


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Posted: 6/7/2014 8:14:16 AM
We do a white elephant swap at our crop, very fun ! Also, left, right, center game. Pm if you need to know more.
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Posted: 6/7/2014 9:35:02 PM
I'm another who doesn't typically participate in games, make n takes or classes. I am there to get as much scrapping done as possible. Even meal times are intrusive lol!

The only game I have ever played is the LCR game already discussed.

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Posted: 6/9/2014 5:56:15 PM

*SCRAPPY*~our group favorite.
Items: Stuffed Bear (Build A Bear “Scrappy” in our case) and a timer.
What we do is pass the bear....as someone has completed a pg. (including journaling) they yell "SCRAPPY" and you toss them the bear. When the timer goes off, whoever has SCRAPPY wins. You set the timer for random times...10,20,30 mins. No one can see the timer. Whoever has the most SCRAPPYS at the end of the crop wins. This allows us to have fun while getting pages done. ** This is especially good for those who don't like to play games or be interrupted during crop time. They don't seem to mind. **

*Raffles~Twice during the event, sell tickets for a 50/50 draw. $1 for 1 ticket or $3 for 5 tickets. 50% goes to the fundraiser and 50% to the winner.

*Least Amount of pages Prize*~ buy a cheap tote bag (we use a photo bag bought at Michael's, Joann's, Wal-Mart or bed, Bath & Beyond) *Write "I went to a crop, and all I got was a lousy bag of " SCRAPS" * then put scrap paper into the tote/bag. I got the idea from the CK MB. This could go with "SCRAPPY".

ATG BLING contest: Best use of BLING on your “gun”. Vote for best “gun”.

*Scrapbook Trivia Questions Game*~

~Who DID NOT arrive with a rolling tote?
~Who can show me a sunflower punch?
~Who has a pencil sharpener?
~Who brought a Christmas Album (or Travel album)?
~Who has a dictionary or a laptop?
~What does CTMH stand for?
~Name the sb magazine that are left.
~Name a current scrapbooking company.
~Name a local scrapbook Store.
~Name two basic scrapbooking tools.
~Is there such a thing as a chalk eraser in chalking?
**Feel free to add to these or change up the questions.

*Brown Bag Game*~ need 8-10 brown lunch bags and 8-10 sb items (no scissors). Number the bags 1-8 or 1-10. Place a sb item in all the bags...one item per bag. then staple the bags at the top. Now have everyone number they're paper 1-8 or 1-10. Pass the bags around. They have to feel the bag to guess the items. Whoever guesses the most right wins. This is a great game for newbies. They can learn new items this way... Items for the bag can be...chalks, ink pad, rubberstamp, tape runner, xyron 150, etc.

*Memory Game*~ get a tray and fill it with 25-30 sb items. Give the girls one min. to look at the tray. Then cover the tray and have them write down as many items as they can remember. Whoever remembers the most wins.

*Scavenger Hunt*~ in your seat with your stuff. Whoever has the most wins...You have to show the items.

~Who brought BH's CC 2?
~Who owns a QK?
~Who has Bazzill cardstock?
~Who has scrapped a Disney pg.?
~Who has used acrylic stamps on a pg.?
~Did you bring a Travel/vacation album?
~Who has an inkpad?
~Who has sewn or stitched a page?
~Who has an ott light?
~Who has scrapped a military pg.?
~Who has a crop-a-dile?
~Who has been scrapping for more than 10 yrs.?
~Who has “flowers”?
~Who has scrapped a Soccer pg.?
~Who has scrapped a scrapbook crop pg.?
~Who doesn't have METAL embellishments?
~Do you have a historical page?
~Do you have a stapler?

*Door Prizes* ~ Prize for:
Who traveled the farthest to get here?
Who's been scrapbooking the longest?
Name three sb products.
To win a door prize you can place a sticker under a plate, cup chair, etc. and whoever has that sticker wins a door prize.
Another way to win a door prize is the first person to arrive gets a gift, or the fifth person. The ideas are endless.

*Page Theme game*~ write down a few page topics ...like a day at the beach, a trip to Disney, Christmas morning, first day of school, first hair cut...whoever can show you the most pgs. on each topic wins.

*A-Z game~ have each girl write down sb'ing items starting with the letters of the alphabet. Ex. A) album buddy binder C) Crops D) die cut E) embellishments and so on...whoever has the most wins.

*Behind your back game~ Give each girl a square piece of paper. They have 30 seconds to make a heart out of the square. But they do this with their hands behind their backs. You get some interesting "hearts".

*Pricing Game~ Make a list of scrapbooking item and pass them out to each girl. The write down how much they think each item is. Whoever gets the most right wins. You will have the answers to the list.

*Name that website~ Write down as many scrapbooking/stamping/photo websites you can think of. Whoever has the most wins. The websites can be shopping site or informative sites. Everyone will learn about more websites available to them.

*Name that Doll~ Get some plain paperkins or paper dolls from Sizzix. Each girl gets a plain body. Each girl decorates a body to make a celeb of their choice. Ex. Prince, Elvis, Martha Stewart, etc. then vote who has the best one and if they can guess "whom" the celeb is.

*SCRAPBOOK BINGO~ *(thank you ladies from the CKMB and 2peas! this one is great) *I have a standard BINGO card with 24 squares (the middle is the freebie). I list the words on the back and allow my girls to fill it in however they want before they start cropping. To Play: Each time you do one of the things listed above, mark it off.
When you get 5 in a row (up, down, or diagonal) yell BINGO and you win! Here are the words I use:

Hidden journaling
Hand journaling
Ribbon or fiber
Brad or Tack
Foam Stamps
Monthly Kit
Scrap lift of me
Becky Higgins Sketch
Metal Embellishment
Safety pin
Stencil letter
Paper Clip
Scrap an event from the past 3 months.
Journaling in your own handwriting
List/bullet journaling, conversation journaling
Create a card using your scraps from a layout
Use a paper piecing
Sticker letters for your title
Use lace on your layout
Tear two items on your LO
Use colored pencils
Use something from your stash that you've had for a LONG time

*Necklace Game~ Depending on the theme of your crop will determine the "forbidden word". When all scrappers enter the crop they are given a "necklace". Again, a theme will help in deciding the necklace. Ex. Christmas theme you could place a bell around some ribbon or then relate it to scrapbooking. Pick a forbidden word...maybe shopping (it has to be a word that everyone will use). If you are caught saying the forbidden word that person steals your necklace. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end wins.

*Guess that Scrapbook Celeb: on a scrap piece of paper or an index card write down a scrapbook celeb. (one name on each card) Group up the scrappers (at least three in the group). Give each group the name of the celeb (the paper or the index card) Only one scrapper in the group can't see the name of the celeb. The person who doesn't know the celeb will have to ask questions to guess that celeb. The others can only answer with yes or no. See how long it takes to guess the celeb. The person with the LEAST amount of guesses wins.

Name the Manufacturer: get 5-10 scrapbook items. Number each. Hold up each item and the person has to name that products manufacturer. Ex. ~hold up a piece of bazzill cs. They guess who makes it. ~another ex. ~hold up a metal plaque by Making Memories. The person who can guess the most wins. **NOTE~You can use the items from the memory game and make 2 games out of one.

The Ugliest Paper: Vote on who has the ugliest paper in their stash.

From 2peas:
-Pin the embellishment on the page: Everyone picks an embelli from their stash and brings it and an adhesive. Pick teams (a la kickball style) and then each person adds their embellishment to the page and we see what the pages come out like. (We did this at a crop and it was HILARIOUS.) 

-Round Robin: Give every one a kit of supplies (for a card or a page) each person starts their card/page then rotates one to the right and contributes to the next person's card/page. We keep going around the room until we get back to our original pages.

We each submitted an outrageous photo and turned them upside down on a table. Everyone had to choose a photo from the table and it could NOT be theirs. Then we went around, introduced ourselves and then fabricated a story about the picture we choose. Imagination ran rampant!!!! This was so hilarious!!! We laughed so very hard! After each story, the owner of the photograph introduced themselves and then told the "real story" behind the photograph. This was such a memorable way to meet and remember everyone and their stories! Try it. It does not have to be long stories, just imaginative! And isn't that what scrapbooking with others is about? Photographs, stories and memories?!?No one leaves without a smile on their face!

Retreat Ideas:

Get to know you bingo is fun. Make a bingo card and in each space put something so everyone has to find someone who matches. For instance: 

Find someone who has met someone famous 
Find someone who has the same number of children you do 
Find someone born out of the country 
Find someone who has lived in more than three states 
Find someone who has a tattoo 
there are endless possibilities... 

It is a great way to find out some interesting facts about people!

More fun-theme the crop....


Breast Friends/Think Pink- (October) everything is pink, plates, tablecloth, etc.

South of the Border - wore a sombrero and after everyone arrived I put names for door prizes in the sombrero. Served salsa and chips. Taco Bar for dinner. Red can be the color. The hottest trend going at the time can be a prize.

Easter Crop - Put slips of paper with the door prizes written on them and put them in plastic eggs. Hid them in the room. When I drew someone's name, they had to find an egg to win a prize! Host buys a basket big enough to put scrapbook supplies in it. Each girl brings a sb item under $5 to place in basket...the host will draw a name of the winner.

Wedding Crop - "My Big Fat Crop Wedding" asked people to wear their worst bridesmaid dress or best. Prize for best or worst dress (check thrift stores for dresses) Bring a photo for best group wedding photo, best wedding page layout contest.

Spring into Action -get the girls to clean out there scrapbooking products. The items they don't use or haven't used in months pull out. Attach a price and their name on it...then bring it to a crop and have a big garage sale. Prices need to be 50% off unless they’re brand new. Share organizational tips with each other.

Winter Blues Crop - small pack of winter fresh gum (blue wrapper) Served hot soup warm meals. Played guess how many blue M&M's in bag? Winner got a prize. Everything is blue, plates, napkins, cups, etc.

Friday the 13th Crop - Played games of luck - pick the highest card, flip a coin, etc. for door prizes. Wore black. Had black plates and napkins.

Super Bowl Crop/Sporting Good Time - Wore football jersey's, had a "scoreboard" drawn up on paper, every time someone finished a page they got a touchdown (and a door prize), at the end of the night whoever had the highest score got a "trophy" - "Superbowl Crop Champion" on it. Served chips and dip w/football plates and napkins.

Pajama Party Crop - wore pj's and asked others to wear theirs, served pizza, popcorn, and cookies. Had a contest for pj's ... sexiest, fuzziest, tackiest, etc. Don't forget to wear those fuzzy slippers

Tool Time Crop - the girl’s demoed different ways to use our cutting tools. Wore plastic hardhats and tool belt. "Bob The Builder" style

Crop Around the Clock - this was an all day crop 12noon to 12 mid, served burgers, root beer floats, and scooter bars, played 50's music, dressed in poodle skirt and ponytail.

It's a Jungle Out There/Scrappin’ Safari - told everyone to wear animal print if they had one for a prize. ZOO

Christmas in July - got some decorations out for the house, played Christmas music, fire in the fireplace, served apple cider, dessert, used Christmas plates and napkins (saved from Christmas)

Harvest Time/Fall - Recipe Album~ to do a Thanksgiving page with family recipes for your traditional family meal.

Spa or Therapy Crop- Have a massages therapist come. Each scrapper receives a RX bottle filled with M&M’s in different colors. Label the bottle with theme of crop and what color M&M fixes, scrappers Block, what color takes the chocolate fix away...etc.

4th of July Crop/Proud to be an American - asked American history questions and questions about our state's politicians for prizes ..., served "flag" cake. Show us those Washington DC, Gettysburg, Williamsburg etc. pages.

All About Me Crop~ work on your all about me album, give prize for best page, everyone come up with ideas to crop about yourself. Passed out journaling jars full of great ideas to add to your All About Me album. This was a great crop to learn about each other. We learned about ourselves too.

Treasure Hunt/Pirate~ do a treasure hunt...(scrapbooking product hunt) Call out different scrapbooking products and see who has them among their supplies. This will introduce others to new and old tools. What do you treasure...show off your favorite album on a table with the others.

Summer Beach~Cruise~ Food dirt cake..In a pail, music of the Beach Boys, show off those beach pages..also see “Island Jam” below

Princess & Tiaras~ wear gowns and tiaras..Be pampered. The hostesses serve you dinner, help you with a project, and help the scrapbooker in any way. Dessert is chocolate ice cream.

Decedent Decade/ 80's crop~ dress 80's, play songs from the 80's, have a prize for best 80's dressed...

Christmas~ gift Exchange... have the girls buy a sb'ing gift under $15.00. Bring it to the crop wrapped. Everyone will draw a number to see who goes first, second third and so on. The first person will open a gift, the second person can either open another gift or steal a gift, and so on...The gift can only be stolen three times then it's considered "dead". The last person who has that gift it's theirs. Once everyone has gone the first person can go one more time. We put the gifts under the Christmas tree when we come to the crop. Everyone goes home with a gift. **You could also vote on the best-wrapped gift before you did the exchange.

Mardi Gras~ lots of beads and dress the part.

Halloween~ WICKED~best dressed in a costume or festive clothes, have witches brew, graveyard cake

Island Jam~ Play Island music, dress Hawaiian

Queen of the Crop~ NSD idea...who has completed the most pgs., who has the most products, who has lots of sb'ing knowledge, who is willing to help others to spend their $$ or pass along tips and tricks about sb'ing?

Trading Spaces Crop~ have your friend do your LO for you

Back to School (Back to Tools) ~ (bring a picture of you in Elem. school or pre-school) display the pictures and guess who's who. Teach a technique old or new.

Travel~ go International, have international foods and feature croppers pages of other countries. Luggage tags for prizes with each scrappers name. Who’s traveled the farthest?

We’ve Got Character~ dress as your favorite character, fiction, non fiction, cartoon, sports, any character.

Family Traditions Crop~ share your favorite family traditions, holidays or everyday. Bring a favorite meal you have family gatherings or holiday. Scrap your favorite tradition.

Game Night Crop~ play scrapbooking games, party foods, scrap your favorite board game and share with the group. Play SCRAPPY!

NASA/Out of this World-celebrate the space program/Kennedy Space Center, Shuttles, moon Landing

Disney-it’s a small world, wear Mickey ears (picture with all wearing them –front and back)-Disney food with Mickey ears (Ice cream bars), international food (EPCOT)-Pages of old Disney tickets, maps, etc.-albums of Halloween, Christmas, EPCOT, etc.

Dr. Seuss-“Oh, the places we will go”-“green eggs and ham” (eat green eggs and ham)-base the crop on one of the children’s books, “Cat in the Hat”, Horton Hears a Who” oh the things you can do and come up with...Make THING shirts-each table can be named after a book.

Chick Flicks/Dinner and a Movie- play musicals as background noise, popcorn, pot luck or pizza.

Flower Garden (May)-mother’s day: Michael’s sells those flowers that clip in different colors. They can wear these or place them on their small totes and it brightens their decor. Decorations done in “flowers”.

Anniversary of a scrapbooking Group- “celebrate” with streamers and purple (our signature color). Everybody wear a purple shirt (with the group logo) for a group photo. If they don’t like purple a white shirt will work too.

It’s YOUR Birthday-celebrating your birthday not on your birthday. Each person bring a scrapbook related gift and then pull names to see who will go first to receive/pick a gift. Present Go to the $1 store and buy party blowers, tablecloth, hats, etc.

A Camping we will go- camping foods, smores, fishing hats (bucket hats) took metal round tags-stamped fish on them in different colors, then “hooked” them to the hat with safety pins. Every looked so cute in the group photo. Bought drawstring backpacks and filled them with goodies-camping stickers, paper, embellies to make a page for the group photo.

Olympics- assign each table an event (summer or winter)-the girls assigned to that event can make a table centerpiece and whoever has the best one wins a prize.

Prize Ideas:
$5 gift cards to Subway, Starbucks, Michael’s, Joann’s, lss, Target, etc.
Inexpensive cooler bags to bring your favorite drink for going to retreats and crops.
Tumbler, mug, some kind of covered cup
Recycleable grocery bags
50/50 raffle. Sell tickets: $1 a piece or 5 tickets for $3. The winner gets 50% off the winning and the event or scrapping group gets the other 50% to go towards supplies or future prizes.

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Posted: 6/10/2014 4:36:37 PM
We don't do many games. Our crops are no frills. I get together with friends and it is usually a free crop. We all bring something to eat.

But, I did like her Bingos, because she always put something in the spaces to help you get a page done. Now, she was a cm rep, so some items had using cm tools/etc., but I still used some of the ideas to make a page and usually always won one bingo, although Idid not really care about winning. I jsut did it to help me create pages.


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Posted: 6/11/2014 1:02:23 PM
Sunshine Scrapper...I am SO wanting to come to one of yours in Florida! This really was the most comprehensive list ever!

I'm not a big game player, but we've done a few things when a bunch of us go to retreats, such as "Secret Scrapper"...just another take on secret pal/santa. There is a $25 limit on what you can SPEND for the weekend (you do lots of little gifts all weekend)...and you just have to get creative on making things to secretly put on your secret pal's workspace. We've done OJ in a cup holder at breakfast, page kits, etc. A couple weeks before the retreat, we each filled out a questionaire so that the gifter could get an idea of what that person did/wants, allergies, etc. It has been fun.

I also LOVE page contests. But have hard and set rules (either it is just for pages or it can include mini albums, etc.). I had one change on me as I was turning in my single page...they said, "oh no, it must be a SPREAD"...hmph. Also, you need to make it so that the page contest is at the end of the time there, because the entry must be made during the retreat.

Sketch contests are also good, as they get creative juices going, etc. and then you have a vote on who did the best.

Carolyn Peaing in VA

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Posted: 6/11/2014 2:00:39 PM
I like scrap Bunco. It's fun and only takes a minute for each scrapper.

I also like the one where you have an object that gets passed around when a timer goes off and then at a certain time whoever that item is with gets a prize. It's an easy game that's fair for everyone and a little more interesting than just pulling a name out of a hat.

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