Insulated cups to decorate

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Posted 1/18/2012 by Tigermom31979 in NSBR Board


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Posted: 1/18/2012 5:37:09 AM
I am ISO insulated cups with straws to decorate for gifts, can any of you wonderful people guide me in the right direction as to where I can find them without breaking the bank? I found some at Wal-Mart but they have the rubber around them. I am looking also for different colors and they only have the clear ones. I found some already decorated on Etsy but I want to decorate them myself.



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Posted: 1/18/2012 6:46:57 AM
Ahhhh, the acrylic tumbler. They about destroyed me last winter. One little etsy siting caused many many emails, lots of web searching, and ultimately the purchase of a Silhouette.

Here is one of the posts from last year:

teacher gift cups

When you're searching google, use terms like tervis tumbler, acrylic cup, acrylic tumbler.

I eventually found some at Dollar General in November. They were green, red and clear. I bought out all of the clear ones because they were only $2.50. I could never find them that cheap online.

I have several clear ones left after the holidays, so I'm not really looking for more. BUT, if you find a great deal, can you post it back here?

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Posted: 1/18/2012 8:38:12 AM
i bought mine thru saveacup...not sure of their website but google saveacup and you might find it. HTH.


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Posted: 1/18/2012 9:55:55 AM
walmart has a few options:

these are the smaller size but are insulated:


these are the ones with the sleeve (you can take it off) but they are NOT insulated:
not insulated

they have another one that is about 3.50 per cup plus 1.25 for a lid (couldn't find online) but no straw. this one is the exact same shape as the tervis tumbler. it comes in different sizes and comes in clear, red, and blue.

i see them often at stores like marshalls.

they have had them in the past at world market.

they have a few at target.

idk where you live, but if in tx, they have at HEB.

i did research on this sometime last year, and i found a supplier, but you had to order at least 25. do you want that many?

office depot -

48 minimum

i will keep looking and post back if i find something better.

here is an ebay listing 12 24 or 48 cups


this site has lots of different options:
oooh pretty!


saw a bunch at tj maxx today (the 16 oz. ones)


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Posted: 1/18/2012 1:47:35 PM
Not the OP, but thanks for the info

I have been wanting to make these for our 4-H kids, but it would be out of pocket and we have 40 kids, so I'm looking for the best at the cheapest price

~ Dori ~


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Posted: 1/18/2012 2:13:31 PM

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Posted: 1/18/2012 3:27:41 PM
these cups usually run 5 dollars and up. silkletter prices seemed pretty good if you need a larger quantity.

i bought a half dozen today at ross. 4.99 each.

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