what is your favorite running shoe?

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Posted 12/25/2012 by TaurusGirl in NSBR Board


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Posted: 12/25/2012 2:02:18 PM
Looking for a good pair. I'm flat footed and usually run for an hour.


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Posted: 12/25/2012 2:04:38 PM
I got my first pair of Brooks a few weeks ago and LOVE them. I have a torn achellies tendon and it's the only pair that makes it possible to run without being in pain.


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Posted: 12/25/2012 2:14:39 PM
Asics are my fav, although right now I an looking at a pair of leopard print Nikes (more for regualr wear than for running).

But, I reccomend going to a running store to get fitted. It made a HUGE difference to me. They did a custom fitting and had me run on a treadmill to look at my stride. I ended up with a very different size and style of shoe than I would have bought otherwise and it helped a ton with some pain I was having.

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Posted: 12/25/2012 2:17:55 PM
Have you gone to the running store and had them analyze your gait yet? I did that and they pretty much said my feet were fine and I could wear whatever. Haha...

Anyway, plain old Nikes are my favorite. I usually find the cheapest "running" pair they have at the Nike Outlet. I try to keep it in the $30 - 40 range because I go through them so fast.


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January 2002
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Posted: 12/25/2012 2:36:47 PM
I usually don't have pain when i Run. The 2 pairs I own our Adidas and was thinking of Nike's. The sizes are probably picked over.

I have never been to a store to have them check my gait.

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Posted: 12/25/2012 2:41:57 PM
I have a pair ov Vibrams and a pair oc Merrell Pace gloves (with a Virbram soul)... I use both often, but I love my Pace gloves!

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Posted: 12/25/2012 2:43:02 PM
I am on my second pair if Saucony's. I was fit at a running store and bought them there. Cost- $130.00. Second pair I ordered from Amazon. Same style. I like to partronize my local stores but for a $60.00 difference I chose Amazon.

I liked them because of the extra cushioned sole. Hard to explain, but it's kiind of built up higher. I had a pair of thinner soled shoes from Nike that I could barely run in- too hard on the soles of my feet.


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Posted: 12/25/2012 4:28:59 PM
I like Asics-my running partner (who runs marathone) swears by brooks


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Posted: 12/25/2012 6:02:36 PM
I bought a pair of Mizunos in September 2011 and oh my GOSH! They are heaven. I'm on my third pair now. They were pretty snug at first, but fit like a glove after about 3 wears. I love how the tongue cannot move.

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Posted: 12/25/2012 6:07:55 PM
Nike Free Run


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Posted: 12/25/2012 6:20:12 PM
My running store people always put me in Mizunos. They're having a big sale starting tomorrow and I need a new pair, so I'm going to ask to try a few different brands.


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Posted: 12/25/2012 10:20:20 PM
I'm an Asics girl, myself.

I think it totally depends on your foot and gait, though.

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Posted: 12/26/2012 1:17:42 AM
My feet are all kinds of messed up and my current Brooks shoes are the best I've tried so far. I have to have good arch support or my feet will kill me, and I have short, wide feet that are widest right at the base of my toes. I called the Brooks company with this info and they recommended a pair for me. They are SO comfy.

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Posted: 12/26/2012 6:58:55 AM
I have newtons and I love them. Mine are the trainers. They have changed the way I run, I don't have any pain in my knees or shins and I am actually faster. (I ran faster right out of the box.) LOL

I have also had brooks and acics. I liked the asics better.




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Posted: 12/26/2012 9:15:47 AM
I always recommend people stick to the shoe that is working for them. If you have a running shoe you've been running in, see if you can find that one again. Each year, the shoe companies put out a new number of the model. But sometimes they change the fit of the shoe so you have to be careful with that. I used to run in the Saucony Guide but after model 4, they changed the design so much that it doesn't provide the same ride I used to get. Had to find something different. Another shoe I've found I like is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS--planning to buy another pair of those soon.

But to answer your question, I run in Brooks Trance for longer runs over 8 miles (I tend to overpronate and need the added support). Shorter runs, I like to wear my wild and crazy bright Brooks Launch (a neutral cushioning shoe).

If you have a "local" running store, I'd recommend getting fitted for the shoe that is best for you. Let us know what you figure out.


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Posted: 12/26/2012 9:44:56 AM

I had no pain anywhere since I got these shoes earlier this year. They are amazing.

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Posted: 12/26/2012 9:50:37 AM
Nike Run Free have been my favorites for almost three years now, and I have had zero problems. But my feet are normal, with no problems.

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