American Girl Doll goes on adventures from the library (FIXED LINK)

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Posted 1/23/2013 by benem in NSBR Board

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Posted: 1/23/2013 3:40:20 PM
I loved this.


She just let the doll go. No library card, no check outs, just take her and bring her back when you can.

I loved the comment later about how she was a "gateway doll" LOL.

What a wonderful story. And I loved hearing about all the playing the girls have done with this doll.

oooh, what you said!

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Posted: 1/23/2013 4:02:01 PM
That is such a cute story. Love it.

Makes me wish our library had a doll like that to share. We live in a town with a lot of families living below poverty level (80% of the school district is receiving free or reduced lunch.) I'm thinking Kirsten would go over very well here too.


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Posted: 1/23/2013 4:13:29 PM

Suzette Seepersad had been avoiding buying her daughter Caelyn Osborn, 5, any toys geared toward girls.

But Caelyn fell in love with Kirsten, taking her to the family’s apartment, bathing her, reading stories to her and putting her to bed. After keeping the doll for two weeks or so, she had to be reminded by a librarian to return it. Now, Ms. Seepersad said, “I’m trying to get my sister to buy her” an American Girl doll.

I find this irritating.
No gender specific dolls for my kid, unless of course we can borrow them for free. And now that I've changed my mind, I'm going to talk my SISTER into buying her one.

I see nothing wrong with a girl wanting to play with a doll, and a boy wanting to play with a truck.
or vice versa. They just want to play.

This story makes me want to buy a doll for our local library.


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Posted: 1/23/2013 10:59:48 PM
Me too!

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Posted: 1/24/2013 7:54:56 AM
Thanks for sharing!

Loved that story and did actually giggle at the phrase "gateway doll." My dd's gateway doll was a Samantha doll she borrowed at the AG store in NYC. They had opened a few days prior, but it was Christmas Eve day and the store was pretty empty. We had lunch there and she borrowed that doll. It became an obsession. Like the parents in the story, no way was I spenfing $100 on a doll.

The laughs on me. Dd ended up with 11 or 12 dolls over the years. I found a Samantha on EBAY. It's the only doll dh and I bought her. The rest came from the grandparents or money she saved herself. Except for her Bitty Twin, her entire collection is now all packed up. What a sad day that was. Those dolls were such a huge part of her life. She played with them from age 6 until probably 11. Even at 12, she still had them on display and changed their clothing according to the season.


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Posted: 1/24/2013 8:32:48 AM
I can't open that link, but it sounds like a neat thing that the library does.

My 6 year old has Kanani and a Bitty baby, while the 3 yr old has her own Bitty. They both love and dress their dolls up a lot. I'm sad that my older girl is not all that interested in the Historical dolls. She always wants the girl of the year or the ones that she can have look like her. Maybe one day she'll like history, LOL.

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Posted: 1/24/2013 9:26:16 AM daughter is 17 and her dolls are all still on display. They have their clothes changed seasonally as well.

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Posted: 1/24/2013 10:01:59 AM
I'd love to read the story about this but the link is broken. Would someone please post a new link?

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Posted: 1/24/2013 6:40:29 PM
I'm sorry the link is messed up. Maybe you can copy and paste this one

The title is "A Doll's Magic, Free to Renew" and you can try Googling that too.

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Posted: 1/24/2013 8:47:32 PM
What a wonderful article - kuddos to the Librarian for thinking outside of the box. We are big readers and love libraries. We did not discover American Girl dolls early enough - for our daughters - now all grown.


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Posted: 1/24/2013 9:38:58 PM
That is a touching story - it is a neat idea.

My dd has Samantha - she was her friend that went everywhere with her for several years.

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Posted: 1/25/2013 1:49:22 PM
ok I fixed the original link - sorry!

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