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Posted 1/27/2013 by Buddysmom in NSBR Board


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Posted: 1/27/2013 8:18:00 PM
I worked for "Company A" for 20 years and retired about 3 years ago. (on very good terms, etc). Company A was bought by Company B about 2 years ago.

I have continued to work on and off as a temp for Company B for about two years on special projects, 2-3 months at a time, then a few months off--it has worked out great. But I am an employee of the temporary company--not Company B.

I googled my name and it shows me as an employee for Company B--even states I'm a temp. I have NEVER been an employee of Company B (have always been an employee of the temp company).

It's just really weird. I keep a low profile, I'm not on FB with anyone from Company A or B or the temp company.

I have no idea how it got there. There is no mention of my name for the 20 years at Company A, just the few months on and off recently at Company B through the temp company.

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Posted: 1/27/2013 9:42:49 PM
Company B probably has a list of employees online somewhere and they list you as one. Doesn't really surprise me, my office has made lists with the interns on them who are technically employed by a temp agency.

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