Wardrobe help needed, meeting with HR tomorrow

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Posted 1/28/2013 by bear_mom in NSBR Board


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Posted: 1/28/2013 11:32:39 AM
I work as staff RN (so I wear scrubs to work) but recently finished my Masters in Nursing and am looking for a new position at my current institution.

I am meeting with the lead HR recuritor tomorrow to talk about potential posistions/work options coming up.

What should I wear? Can I get away with kakhis or should I dress as if it were an interview?



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Posted: 1/28/2013 11:34:40 AM
Dress like an interview.

The recruiter will remember what impression you make.
Good luck!

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Posted: 1/28/2013 11:35:50 AM
I would dress as though it's an interview. If you don't have a suit, you could wear nice black dress pants and a sweater set or nice top and accessorize it to dress it up further.


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Posted: 1/28/2013 11:43:11 AM
I would ask what is expected.


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Posted: 1/28/2013 12:25:39 PM
I would dress as if I were going to an interview. Nice slacks, maybe a jacket if you have one. Good Luck!!

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Posted: 1/28/2013 12:57:40 PM
What do the administration professionals wear in your hospital? I would take my cue from that.

On the whole, I would rather be a bit "overdressed" for things like this as it shows you are taking them (and the position) seriously, rather than be under dressed and unintentionally have them think I didn't care or was clueless and unprofessional.

Right you are Ken

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Posted: 1/28/2013 2:18:20 PM
I would dress for the position you want. It shows the recruiter respect and its really hard to over dress when meeting with hr. Do you have a suit?

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