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Posted 1/29/2013 by Legacy Girl in NSBR Board
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Legacy Girl

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February 2007
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Posted: 1/29/2013 10:41:28 PM
Dear You,

Please don't ask me again to help you with your home decor project. Your DH has his own ideas about the project (even though he said he didn't have time to do it so you should handle it on your own). It seems he's found the time to veto every plan you've created/presented to him. Let's just make him CEO of this effort and I'll gladly find other things to do with my time. Please. And thanks.

Whew...that felt really GOOD!


Thrift Ninja

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October 2005
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Posted: 1/29/2013 10:55:22 PM
You're an ass. New Orleans is NOT just "a big toilet bowl" flushed by Hurricane Katrina when the levees broke.

I am HORRIFIED that you would think such a thing, let alone verbalize it to me AT WORK. And did you somehow think I would agree with your rude and possibly racist (??) remark following the story I just finished about how much I love New Orleans and can't wait to visit again?

Again, sir, you are an ass.

Ideay pues?

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April 2004
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Posted: 1/29/2013 11:01:54 PM
Dear Hearing Clerk,

You are an asshole. Our office is not the size of a football field. EVERYONE can hear you complain about the Judge, me, and how unfair we are being. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR LEGAL OPINION. If you think we are wrong, go get a law degree, pass the bar, then come and school both of us. We welcome a good debate. Being around attorneys doesn't make you one by default. I am very respectful with you, but you are whittling away at my patience, and quite frankly, if the boss hears you, she's going to rip you a new one. People are coming up to me how you are saying, "I don't give a fuck who hears me," and when you stop yammering as soon as you see me, I know you are talking shit again. I'm not going to say anything to the Judge, but another Judge came up to me today and told me that next time she hears you talking crap, then SHE's going to say something to the Judge.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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December 2006
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Posted: 1/29/2013 11:26:31 PM
Dear DD,

You think turning 16 soon just entitles you to a license and the accompanying insurance...well sweetheart, it does not. If you don't have at least a 3.0, it will not happen. It also will not happen if you continue to be a royal pain.

If your purse is in the front seat and DS needs to sit there, I will move it to the back. You yelling at me for moving your crap that is my car will just make me mad. If you don't want it moved, don't leave it there!

I don't fell well tonight and have been trying to sleep. I keep getting woken up for various reasons. I take care of nearly everything for everyone, and I'd just like a little rest when I'm not feeling well...obviously that is too much to ask.

Judie in Oz
PEAing Upside Down

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Posted: 1/29/2013 11:26:40 PM
I'm not the only one in this house that eats or drinks. Why should I have to go around and pick up your dirty crockery and glassware just to have the privilege of packing the dishwasher? Oh, and unpacking it too, since no-one else bothers. Might have to go on a kitchen strike again.



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November 2009
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Posted: 1/30/2013 12:18:00 AM
Dear universe,
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be learning from the last 7 months... But my uncle/best friends suicide in july and now my 19 year old cousins murder is WAY more than I can handle!!!!!! Please! Please! Please! Give me a break!!! I was barely hanging on before... And now it's almost unbearable! Just stop! PLEASE!!!

Signed... I've had enough!

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September 2012
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Posted: 1/30/2013 1:52:57 AM
Dear step-daughters ex,
Why should you have any right to see the beautiful boy you have up? YOU chose to cheat on his mother through the ENTIRE pregnancy, YOU chose to not be there for them when they needed you. YOU made the decision not to be at the hospital for his appointment that could lead to your 11 week old needing serious surgery. YOU decided to move in with your tart. YOU aren't stopping her from threatening your son or his mother. You are scum, and don't deserve such an amazingly beautiful boy.

When does football season start?

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December 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 2:49:11 AM
Just because we don't "get them often enough" is NOT a valid excuse for not knowing how! The procedure is part of YOUR job description in a field that you've been in as long as I've been alive!! Why it's not something that's part of your dept's yearly competences is beyond me! I'm busy & shoukd NOT have to show you how to do your job PLUS do mine!! And then when I asked you why a piece of equipment that YOU are responsible for is alarming and you say I don't know?? Give me a break!


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May 2001
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Posted: 1/30/2013 4:39:27 AM
Your son did not "use his hands to correct other's positions" and "show leadership", he punched another kid because he wanted that spot in line. And left a bruise that was visible for more than 24 hours. On a child of a single mother. Whose father likes to use every bump, bruise and illness as a reason why he shouldn't have to pay child support.

I've tolerated his bossy attitude. The fact that one day, the games the others are playing are "stupid" one day and he's an expert the next. I've shared food from my cooler with him, even though he takes without asking and is incredibly greedy. I pack multiple things of fruit snack and have told him multiple time 2 per customer, but he continues to grab 4 or 5 at a time and then lords it over the other boys. He has shoved my stroller out of his way just so he could get the "best" view of my iPad that my child is playing, waking my sleeping infant. He has shoved other boys off chairs to have the seat he wants. And this is what he does in the 15 to 30 minutes I see him 3 times a week. The stories about the crap he's pulling on the floor with the coaches and the other kids.

I reported him. I did. I had it when I heard that he snuck $3 in change from another mom (yes, she was sharing, but the other boys only took enough for 1 drink and ASKED) and about the bruise. The other two parents were afraid to report these things and the coaches had just sent out an email on citizenship. It was me. I am at the gym all the time, so I see and hear the crap. And my son has been at the gym longer and I have a polite relationship with the coaches, so they take me seriously. Especially since they know I have been defending MY child from yours for years. To the point where my son goes out of his way to NOT interact with yours. That's why his name wasn't involved in any of this.

I could have let the whole thing go. His apology to the kids and moms was "heartfelt" and full of tears. You list off a great list of how you were handling it. Parent walking him in 5 minutes before training each night, parent waiting inside at 8pm for him to leave, him bringing his own snacks, no taking from the cooler at all, no sitting with the other boys during snack. All great parenting ways to handle the situation. Many that I've used with my own at times. Unfortunately, you left before snack. He walk right up to the cooler, pushed another kid out of the way and took 3 things of fruit snacks. Not even 2 hours after his pretty little apology. The next training, he arrived 45 minutes early, by himself. He carried in an armload of snacks. He came over to my boys and in 20 minutes, insulted my son's choice of games, called him stupid for calling his device an iPod (yes it says iPhone, but its my old one and can't place calls. The kid has had a cell phone since he was 7, why would he call the device he plays games on a phone?), shoved his body between son and the other teammate I watch, asked all 3 boys if he could play their device, said "Maybe you should feed him more often" when The baby got excited when I pulled a bottle out. But what pushed me over the edge was the fact that he opened my cooler without asking. I called him out. You can yell at me all you want, but I told your son you told me no cooler and no interacting with the other boys. That he was being disrespectful to me by entering the cooler like that and I was done. From now on, if he is disrespectful to me, my baby or the boys I take care of, I would be reporting each incident to his coaches and you. That's my warning shot. I am sick of parenting your child. 2 practices. That's how many we've had since I reported your child. And 2 more days of BS. I hate how wound up this makes me feel. I hate this is the same battle over and over again for 4 years. I can not believe how little you care or show follow through. I am done.

Your child has no leadership abilities. He has poor citizenship. He shows his coaches and his teammates no sign of respect. Your son is a bully.

(Thank you. The whole situation is BS. But one of the reasons I am so respected by the coaches has been that I recognize this woman doesn't parent, doesn't care and doesn't listen. So I make polite conversation, ignore her backhanded insults and walk away. Doesn't mean she does still tick me off. And my poor husband can only handle so much of my venting at a time)


Hap-Pea To Be Here

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February 2008
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Posted: 1/30/2013 5:45:49 AM
Just because you are retired and have all kinds of free time doesn't mean that I do.

And that also means it doesn't give you the right to just stop in whenever you want without calling first. I was busy and in the middle of projects on my ONLY day off with my husband.

Please stop coming over without calling first. One of these days you're going to knock and we are going to be doing something that is private!


People may not remember what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Be gentle; I'm a delicate little flower

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October 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 5:50:58 AM
Please...PLEASE...don't call me until you are finished eating. Putting me on speaker while you eat/chew your salad is making me slowly go mad because you seem to do it on a daily basis. If you don't stop, I might reach through the phone and...and...well, I don't know. BUT Caller ID came out for a reason, ya' know?


FYI--That avatar is NOT me; it's NOT my DH; it's NOT my father; and, I'm NOT related to him by blood or marriage. It's just a dude...wearing a Wal-Mart bag.

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August 2005
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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:13:20 AM
Dear Neighbor -

You are great, but it is time to get a new muffler. You warming up car has been my alarm clock for the past few months and I'm really, really sick of it!!!!

Love, BBM

Pride of the Peas

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December 2001
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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:50:16 AM
I hate Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease. I could lapse into a major rant, but won't. Trying to decide whether to take another day off work. Already took Monday off this week, but worked yesterday hurting from head to toe.

Proud Wife and Mom to four big goons!
I cannot be old enough to have three teens and a tween.

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go through it, not without pain but without stain.
-- C. S. Lewis

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Ideay pues?

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April 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:24:35 AM

I hate Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease. I could lapse into a major rant, but won't. Trying to decide whether to take another day off work. Already took Monday off this week, but worked yesterday hurting from head to toe.

(HUGS) I know exactly how you feel. I'm in the same position as you are in. Took Monday off but I'm still hurting a lot.

I hope you feel better soon!

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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August 2005
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:25:37 AM
People! It is foggy and rainy and visibility sucks! Turn your damn lights on! It's a law that if you are using your wipers your lights should be on, plus common sense when it is DARK outside to turn them on!!

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Jenny Lilac
For Esme with Love and Squalor

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August 2002
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:27:29 AM
I wish my old friend had emailed me back, even if it was just to say goodbye. Now I can't tell if she didn't get it or just didn't have anything to say.


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August 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:30:27 AM
I wish you would quit thinking my time is free. Have an appointment with me - don't make me wait 40 minutes because you ran into a friend at the gas station. And don't assume my life revolves around you & your schedule. Don't make plans that involve me (another appointment) without asking first.

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March 2009
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:31:55 AM
Dear co-workers: PSA I'm in a mood today. I'm covering 2 jobs and it's our busy time of the year. I don't mind helping the office out - we're a team here but when the employee that is out on leave keeps updating their office calendar with all the social events they are attending when they are out on sick leave - well, that just doesn't sit well with me.

So....I'll get the work done but please, do not push a button on me today.....

Sometimes you harm the cause more than you help.

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November 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:37:38 AM
You are queen of the adult mean girls. Please stop telling everyone else how to behave. I am embarrassed for you.


Spongemom Scrappants
In my happy place.

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February 2007
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:39:55 AM

Dear bosses,

We know you own the business and you think it's okay to have your dog (a Weimaraner) there. But she's not well-behaved enough for that and it's getting worse with your misguided attempts to "train" her. Customers are often frightened by her. The barking was bad enough. Then she started lunging at us when we came through the door. Now she's bitten at several of us and actually broken skin on two.


What's it going to take?


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April 2007
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:49:48 AM
Dear friend,

Please don't call me only when you need a favor. By the way you are not as cool as you think you are and while you have lost a great deal of weight and look good please do not wear tight shirts that accentuate your muffin top and wrinkled cleavage. Try to stay classy.



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October 2002
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:58:31 AM
Why does it have to be -2 degrees in my office everyday. I am so tired of wearing my winter coat 365 a year all.day.long!

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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August 2005
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Posted: 1/30/2013 8:43:20 AM
I have another one....

If I have to hear anymore about my co-worker buying ANOTHER pair of silver jeans for $82 I am going to go IN.SANE.

You'd think silver jeans were on par with the Second Coming.

Oh, same person talks non-stop about the new house she's building, her high end appliances, wine fridge, new furniture, new exercise equipment, the $1,000+ per month diet shakes so she could lose 15 lbs., new Coach purse, vehicle she bought son (who cannot drive yet), and how terrible it is she couldn't rent a vacation home this winter in Colorado to go skiing. I have no idea where she's getting the money; she and I started here at the same time and we do the same thing. She can't make that much more than I do and her husband is a police officer so he's not making like a CEO salary.

Oh and how cute her 15 y.o. DS and his 16 y.o. girlfriend are kissing each other and her with her head in his lap when they went on vacation. Yeah, she's gonna be a grandma real soon if she's not careful.

Now she's complaining because the people building a $1 million house next to them are in HI for a week and she has to come to work. Really?

Thanks, I needed to get that out before I scream out loud.

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July 2002
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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:52:41 AM
Dear Company personnel:

I am sorry we had to merge with the people accross the street. They are not the enemy. I am sorry we are all having to move our spaces around. Please note: the break room is NOT the newest Flea Market location. Do not bring your 100 year old dictionary, your 75 year old magazines, your PLUG ends with no cords attached. NO ONE WANTS YOUR OLD CRAP. and NO ONE is going to throw it away for you. I am sorry our cleaning contract got cut. The dumpsters behind the building are NOT THAT far. please, do you have to leave all of your trash everywhere! I swear I work with the MOST spoiled group of humans to ever walk the earth and god forbid anyone ask them to do one thing involving personal responsability. Oh no, they might have to run to the union in that case. AAAHHHHHHHHHHH I am so tried of these people!!!!


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July 2007
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Posted: 1/30/2013 3:20:42 PM
Dear clients:
Were you raised in a barn? It's bad enough that we have to share bathrooms, but did you NEVER learn not to pee on the seat? Why haven't you learned that toilet paper is there for a reason...it's not necessary to smear any of your poo on the walls or the door. I know you think it's so cute that you're 3 year old wants to go in by himself, but WE do not want to come behind your little darling and step in a puddle of pee!! Ladies, there is a trash can available for your discarded feminine hygiene products. Mothers, please do not leave your little darlings discarded diaper on the Koala changing table. There is a trash can RIGHT.UNDER.THE.TABLE for just that purpose. Avail yourself of it, please.

Lisa =^..^=

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October 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 3:35:50 PM
Shut the freaking door!!! It's very cold outside and it's taken quite a while to heat up the place then you come in and wander around leaving the door open behind you. Have a heart Please!!

Today, I will be colouring outside the lines.


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June 2006
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Posted: 1/30/2013 4:51:10 PM
"Dear friend,

Please don't call me only when you need a favor. By the way you are not as cool as you think you are and while you have lost a great deal of weight and look good please do not wear tight shirts that accentuate your muffin top and wrinkled cleavage. Try to stay classy.


Do you live in my town? Cause I know her!!!!!!!

My say it here is this: if you need something from me...tell me...please do NOT assume I know already. When I said at our meeting that people need to write down their requests, that meant you too...


Like my opinion really counts anyway...
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September 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 5:18:26 PM
Dear judgy Mcjudgerson,

Listen, I understand you have an opinion and sometimes, I even agree with said opinion. What I don't agree with is the way in which you state it. You are not the end all be all of wisdom. You do not have the best of everything nor do you know the most of everything.

The words that fall out of your face are not all facts. Learn to communicate with some sense of humility and I think you will find most people will warm to you.


Great people talk about ideas; ordinary people talk about things; small-minded people talk about other people.
-- unknown
I choose greatness.


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October 2004
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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:32:18 PM
I really should create another thread just for Face Book:

Dear (marginal) FaceBook Friend:

Please stop using the social media equivalent of a billboard to thank your husband for unloading the dishwasher, congratulate your son on his honor society nomination, and your daughter on her prom court appointment. While we are at it, posting about what a great time you had tonight with the "very best girlfriends in the entire world" while the rest of your group are at home reading about it is just plain rude.

I don't give a crap how many miles you ran today and I certainly don't need my time line clogged with close up pictures of the mud on the back of your well manicured calves or the diamond #1 necklace nestled between the enormously fake boobs your hubby just bought for you...er, him.

Finally, if I never see another instagram photo of someone's dinner, it will be too soon.

Whew. Thanks!

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January 2009
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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:52:38 PM
Dear Soccer Coach,
You witnessed my son fracture a leg at a game 5 days ago. You saw him turn ghostly white and shiver while I drove my car onto the high school track It would have been nice if you would have at least emailed to see how he's doing.
P.S. We quit a-hole!
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January 2001
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:04:48 PM
Jerk/jerks who broke into my van last night - was it worth the .99 cent after-market iPod cord you took? What kind of expensive items did you think you were going to find in a Kia?

Kristen, lucky mom and proud retired Army wife!

journey fan
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April 2007
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:12:51 PM

I really should create another thread just for Face Book:

Dear (marginal) FaceBook Friend:

Please stop using the social media equivalent of a billboard to thank your husband for unloading the dishwasher, congratulate your son on his honor society nomination, and your daughter on her prom court appointment. While we are at it, posting about what a great time you had tonight with the "very best girlfriends in the entire world" while the rest of your group are at home reading about it is just plain rude.

I don't give a crap how many miles you ran today and I certainly don't need my time line clogged with close up pictures of the mud on the back of your well manicured calves or the diamond #1 necklace nestled between the enormously fake boobs your hubby just bought for you...er, him.

Finally, if I never see another instagram photo of someone's dinner, it will be too soon.

Whew. Thanks!

People are amazed that I'm not on FB *or* Instagram. ^^THIS^^ is why. I would lose respect for everyone I know, LOL.

My turn:

Dear politicians,

Please fix the economy, like, yesterday. I'm so tired of people losing long-time jobs they are excellent at. Today it was someone I care about very very much.

You suck. Pull your heads out and get it done.

All my love,
journey fan


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November 2002
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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:19:58 PM
Dear Helicopter Parent,

Your child can speak for herself. She has signed up for the before school program and if she no longer wishes to do it SHE can come tell me. I do not need you to speak for her.

She can tell me why she is late. YOU speaking for her only makes it sound like a lie. I do not bite, I do not yell, I simply need to know why she is late today.

You do not need to carry her backpack. She is in 5th grade. She is perfectly capable of carrying a backpack herself.

Thank you!

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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August 2005
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Posted: 1/30/2013 9:26:53 PM
Two.frakking.hours. On the phone with my mother. Listening to how the doctor gives her too much meds and they are drugging her generation. Listening to her rehash a supposed incident (that was my fault of course) from twenty years ago.

I want to jab an ice pick into my ears...

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Sleeping with a Serial Killer

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May 2006
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Posted: 1/30/2013 10:09:01 PM

I'm mad.
I'm mad at the School Board.
I'm mad they appointed Xxxx Xxxx to fill the vacant seat she had been voted out of.

I'm mad that three school board votes could undo what 721
voters did in the 2011 election.

I'm mad they didn't chose a different candidate. They had three choices, one a highly qualified person with a variety of experience, good communication skills and a talent for working effectively with others. But but all means, go with the divisive Xxxx.

And doing on the Tuesday before the Levy ballots came out?? Thanks for making the Levy now a hot button issue.

Dumb a$$es.

*********Sue Who? *******

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Words are hard.-Hannah Kelly

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April 2010
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Posted: 1/30/2013 10:36:30 PM
Dear women who are not my friends and at this rate, never will be:

Stop the gossipy madness! I can't talk to one of you without hearing in hushed tones about how terrible another is. Seriously, it's almost comical at this point how bitchy and backs tabby you all are. When I nod or make noises like "ummm" or say " that must be hard for you" I am not agreeing- I am trying to get out of here alive, lol.

Dunno about you all, but my kid just wants to dance. I could care less who doesn't like whose costume, or who doesn't show up for practice and still gets a good role, or whatever crazy ass thing you are bitching about. I just don't care. These rinky dink dance comps mean nothing, and the cheesy trophies and titles are just that- cheesy. You aren't going to put "Jr Miss Starpower" on a college application...well, maybe YOU are.

This is not the olympics, so knock it the Frick off and just let me be polite but aloof from you all.

A new dance mom who needs to introduce these ladies to the real drama: gymnastics!


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September 2002
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Posted: 1/30/2013 10:52:27 PM
Dear DD:
I got it, it is ok for you to go out with you loser bf until 2 in the morning, but working until 11pm on the other nights, is just making studying for school impossible. So go ahead and lose the scholarship that will show Me.


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November 2006
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Posted: 1/30/2013 10:54:22 PM
Dear life, just because you hit me with two sucker punches in a row it does not mean i am going down for the count!

Save a life: adopt a shelter pet!

I Typo & I don't care

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July 2006
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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:01:03 PM
Oh where to start... lol

I don't think I should have to tell you 5 times. One "no" should be enough! You do it all the time and it drives me nuts. Thanks. ugh.

Put down your car keys. Put down your phone. Pick up your house.

- - - The glass isn't half full or half empty. It's just twice as big as it needs to be. Downsize your life. <3 - - -


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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:01:18 PM
Don't we just have the best neighbours around? They shovelled all the wet leafs off their driveway and put them on our lawn just so we could have the extreme privilege of picking them up! We can't thank you enough! Maybe you should move and share some of your neighbourly kindness with someone else. I think we have had just about enough!

What happens in NSBR, stays in NSBR

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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:09:55 PM
Dear co-worker:

We work in Special Education. These kids are here because their disabilities are so severe that their LRE placement is in the most restrictive setting in our district.

So if they yell at you or are disrespectful, grow up and deal with it without getting pissed off. What part of ED do you not understand.

I get it. It sucks sometimes to be a verbal and sometimes physical punching bag, but think of how much it sucks worse for our students.

If you can't handle these kids, get out of the building.

Tribbey: I believe, as long as Justice Dreifort is intolerant toward gays, lesbians, blacks, unions, women, poor people, and the first, fourth, fifth, and ninth amendments, I will remain intolerant toward him! [to Ainsley] Nice meeting you


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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:21:26 PM
Dear 14 yo son and 9 yo daughter- Will you ever get along?

How long will this demon/nasty/back-talking thing that has taken over my 14 year old be here? another 2-3 years?

I'm not sure I can make it.


Rosy Cheeks

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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:23:00 PM
Dear son, just because you are married and have your own lovely family...I have to ask, when did I stop being your family too? When did I stop being your mother? When did you stop caring about my feeling & allow your wife to disrespect me with her sharp words. When did you stop sticking/standing up for me? If you wonder why I do not call or seek you out more often, I can say it is because I do not dare....I don't want to feel like I am imposing & interfering. I miss you so much my heart hurts. I miss my grand babies. I hate feeling like I have to hold my excitement & my desire to just sweep my lovies up & kiss their whole face, for fear of being interfering & ridiculous. I never want or have asked you to choose between us! Your wife needs to be the most important person in your life & your babies too...but I wish I was still a little bit important to you. I wish I had the same relaxed, comfortable, silly, fun, relationship with you & your wife as I do with your married sisters & their spouses. But I worry about saying the wrong things & making you two upset.
Whew! Thanks for letting say that! I have kept that in for while, because I knew I would NEVER say it out loud. Great post!

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally
better then your dreams."

~Dr Suess


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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:24:25 PM
Dear "Friends" at church,
It would be nice to be invited once in a while. I know we're not bff, but to keep hearing about and seeing (F pics of your parties and never getting an invite really stings.

Don't call and ask us to volunteer to help with anything or for my husband to fix your car on the cheap for you. Since clearly, we're not friends.

To the right, To the right

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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:41:42 PM
Dear neighbor:

If you didn't want to take responsibility for your dog, why did you get one? You knew you didn't have a fence. That means you need to take your dog out ON A LEASH. Instead, you have just let the dog out the door many, many times. She gets into the neighbors' yards and is a complete pest, barking at them and chasing their cats up trees, so everyone in the neighborhood dislikes her except for us.

Oh, and that pen you built because you get tired of her being in the house? Not near big enough for her. She is so miserable in it that she barks all.night.long.

We're feeding her for you as a favor and have been keeping her inside for the last couple of nights, and she stays in the kennel during the night without making a sound. She is so happy to be with us and is a very loving dog.

If I could, I would offer to keep her, but I already have another dog that someone wasn't taking care of in the neighborhood. We (truly) can't afford to have another one. It makes me so sad.


"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry

PEAsed to be here

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Posted: 1/31/2013 6:30:33 AM
Please and thank you. Please learn to use them. Thank you.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 7:02:22 AM
Dear DD

You have talked about nothing but going to this particular school for this particular program for the last two years. I paid the $95 application fee, and we booked your portfolio review date.

For the love of all that is holy, DO THE PORTFOLIO WORK!!! You have 3 1/2 weeks to get all the sketches done that they ask for.

Now is not the time to decide maybe you don't want to go next year. See it through! If you get in, you get in. If you don't, we try again next year. But see it through!!


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Posted: 1/31/2013 7:04:26 AM
Don't essentially cut us out of your life because you're "too busy" and then call us up when you're in a crisis and expect us to bail you out. Call all those new friends of yours who are sooooo much more fun and who are taking up so much time you can't take even 10 seconds to return a tweet from people you've known your entire life and who you defriended on FB because you "can't take the time to read posts and messages". I'm sure they'll be eager to give up several hours to get you out of your crisis. Oh, what, no? They're not? Too bad so sad.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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Posted: 1/31/2013 9:36:00 AM
Dear Who ever you are.

I am not sure why you are hauling your kids to 7-11 to buy milk at 10 pm and 26 degrees out,

STOP trying to lure our dog out of our yard! and YES I heard your kids crying because you said that they could have the doggie.....um exactly how did she get her chain off? .

chatty chatty

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Posted: 1/31/2013 10:16:46 AM
Dear poison oak: Stop attacking my son. Five times in 18 months is too much.

Dear son: Stop hiking in unknown places.


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