Valentine's Day expectations for new relationship

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Posted 1/30/2013 by icedpea in NSBR Board


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Posted: 1/30/2013 12:48:52 PM
So my friend recently started dating someone. It's not serious yet, but they really like each other. This must be the worst time of year to start dating someone, because Valentine's Day is in two weeks. I'm sure he will take her out to dinner or something. Should she buy him a little something and if so, do you have any ideas?


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Posted: 1/30/2013 12:56:39 PM
That quick, I would not expect a gift or anything overly romantic. I would lean more towards a fun date night out.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 12:57:08 PM
I think maybe a cute, funny card that says "I think you're cute" is enough. No need to get sexual or sappy.

By the time Valentine's rolled around, I had been dating DH for about 3 months. He gave me a very simple chain with a heart on it by a designer I liked but not expensive. I still have it. I gave him a little goody bag with some of the candy and little treats I've figured out he likes.


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Posted: 1/30/2013 1:12:36 PM
DH and I had our first actual date on Valentine's Day- he was friends with my brother, so we had been out in group settings and were definitely interested in each other already but our first time out alone was on Valentine's Day.

We had planned to go ice skating, but I was sick so we ended up just going out for Chinese. Low key and simple- I don't remember feeling a lot of pressure about it being Valentine's day. I think we exchanged silly cards and a small gift (if I recall, he got me a CD and I got him candy or something)- I think I still have his card to me. For years and years after that we had a tradition of eating at that same restaurant every Valentine's day and we ate there the night he proposed!



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July 2012
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Posted: 1/30/2013 1:19:21 PM
creativegirl - that's so sweet

justbecause - I like the goody bad idea. What guy (or girl) wouldn't want candy? Well, besides know what I mean.

redshoes73 - I agree with you. It's too much pressure. They should just have fun.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 1:29:24 PM
I would not want a single thing and I would probably not acknowledge it in a realationship that new. To me, it feels a little smothery to get into the romance thing that early on. Maybe I'd feel differently if it was actually happening, but I would be uncomfortable with that kind of "celebration" so soon in a relationship.

I think the only way I could get around the creepy feeling is if it was done like what you'd do for kids and nothing more. Anything that evokes romance is too cloying. To me.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 1:34:16 PM
Keep it simple, and low key. Candy, a funny keychain, GC for coffee, homemade cookies, or something like that. Basically, the kind of gift you'd give to a friend or co-worker would be appropriate.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 1:40:33 PM
I remember a few years back I was dating person A and met person B a week before valentine's day. I had an early dinner date with person A because we had actually broken up the week beforehand but he still wanted to take me out for valentine's day and at the last minute that was the only time the restaurant had. Person B texted me happy valentine's day as I was leaving work so I responded the same and he asked me what I was doing so I ignored it. He texted me again during dinner so I went to the bathroom and responded nothing and he said he wanted to take me out. I figured he wanted to show he was truly interested or wanted to check if I was seeing someone else. lol

I've never bought a guy a gift for valentine's, just make chocolate covered strawberries at home.


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Posted: 1/30/2013 3:03:11 PM
Great ideas and chocolate covered strawberries, yum!

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Posted: 1/30/2013 3:19:39 PM
Homemade cookies
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