Boys and puberty?

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Posted 1/30/2013 by KristinL16 in NSBR Board

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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:39:57 PM
Our neighbor boy will be 13 in a few weeks. For the last few months his voice has been squeaky. How long does this usually last? Also, is it common for boys to get more goofy and obnoxious during puberty? Or is it just him? . Obviously I need to learn more about this before my boys get older.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:45:15 PM
My ds11 is tall and solid compared to same-aged peers. Some changes have been happening over a long time. Others seem to be overnight . He hasn't had a big voice change, but during occasional temper flares he sure sounds like dh!
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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:47:41 PM
My DS will be 13 in May. He's small for his age but that may or may not be why I haven't seen much of a change yet. Some guys in the family sprouted late, so he might be one of them.

ETA: I will add though that recently, he's got quite a smart mouth. Super sweet kid most of the time, but can also be highly annoying.


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Posted: 1/30/2013 6:52:47 PM
DS's voice changed pretty quickly. Within a few weeks. We had very little of the squeaky voice. But puberty has lasted since he was around 11. It's a long process.

IMHO, boys lose their minds in middle school. The sweet, kind, cooperative boy has flashes of crazy. I stayed firm, said that's not the way our family wants to live, and that all passed. Thank you, God.

DS is 15 now and the beard is starting to come in. But I have my sweet boy back again. Through those middle school years, we worked a lot on voicing your thoughts and beliefs kindly and thoughtfully, not on flashes of anger. DS will argue me into the dust given the chance, but he's respectful while he's doing it!

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Posted: 1/30/2013 7:13:00 PM
I think it differs so much from boy to boy. My 13 year-old's voice deepened pretty quickly when he was about 11. He looks 15 now and already shaves. His best friend, who is two weeks older than him, hasnt had any change in his voice or body that I can tell.

Weird creatures, boys, even more unstable emotionally than my DD was at the same age.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 8:05:06 PM
Boy brain.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 8:43:33 PM
When it hits, you will know it. Then hang, on; it's a bumpy ride!

Fortunately, it gets better, and they become nice again!

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Posted: 1/30/2013 9:25:25 PM
I keep saying that DS 11 is eleven going on 15 year old girl. The attitude and snarkyness and then wild emotions, just wow..

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Posted: 1/30/2013 9:28:31 PM
Thanks! It seems like lately this boy is just really loud and goofy. It does seem like he is happier so I hope that is part of it as well. His mom has a lot of problems and had really checked out for awhile. I hope that she has checked back in to parenting and he is responding to that. I guess I would rather have him be like this than moody and dark.

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Posted: 1/30/2013 10:04:30 PM
When I was a teenager and my younger brother hit puberty, he got even more obnoxious than usual...but this might be a somewhat biased observation

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Posted: 1/30/2013 10:10:47 PM
My dad used to teach junior high Sunday school, and he always said, "There's nothing in the world any goofier than a junior high boy." So true!



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Posted: 1/30/2013 10:36:59 PM
My 13 year old has been squeaking for a few months. He has grown a LOT in this past year. He's 5'8" and very very skinny (like is someone going to call DCFS when they see him without a shirt). My son has been more goofy and obnoxious and hormonal. He likes girls and getting him to shower everyday is no longer a challenge.

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Posted: 1/31/2013 3:27:02 AM
My favorite quote from my oldest DS's puberty phase...

I asked him how his day was as he entered the house after school. His reply, "FINE TILL I SAW YOU!"

Oh yes, those were such joyful years. Thank God their both adults now and much more enjoyable to be around.

Another fav quote for dealing with hateful children I heard from a man I work with. When his boys (4) were acting a fool he would say "you know I used to have 5 sons but I slapped one to death for doing what you just did!" I got a grin out of that.

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Posted: 1/31/2013 3:17:41 PM
My DS turned 13 last November and so far i have noticed no changes in him. I'm afraid one day he's just gonna wake up and be a man!?

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Posted: 1/31/2013 6:20:49 PM
My oldest ds turns 13 in a couple of weeks. Still looks & sounds like a kid, although he's noticed that he sweats more, but he's been using deodorant for several months just in case. He has a girl cousin 1 week older than him who is about 8 inches taller than he is (and he's not super short) and he's really looking forward to being taller than her someday, I think.

He's always been pretty goofy/silly, but I've definitely noticed more of it lately. He's also more emotional about things, but he's also always been a pretty emotional kid.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 6:25:48 PM
Ugh, the squeaky voice! DS's lasted for MONTHS!

His voice dropped very low, so it was quite a change. When he would laugh it would fluctuate between his high-pitched little boy voice and his deep man voice and would drive me crazy.

At 13, he's pretty much done with the voice change. But yes, loud, goofy, and occasionally surly.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 6:30:43 PM

My oldest ds turns 13 in a couple of weeks. Still looks & sounds like a kid, although he's noticed that he sweats more.

He's always been pretty goofy/silly, but I've definitely noticed more of it lately. He's also more emotional about things, but he's also always been a pretty emotional kid.

This is mine to a T, but he just turned 12.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 8:00:26 PM
My son's middle school choir teacher says that boys who sing a lot don't have the squeaky sudden voice change. Instead their voices change more gradually and slowly.

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