AVID - what do you know about this school program?

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Posted 2/1/2013 by SmallTownGirlie in NSBR Board


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Posted: 2/1/2013 4:08:15 PM
We were sent an "application" for my DS to take AVID next year in 10th grade. There was no letter to explain what the program is, except that it talks about keeping an organized folder. DS is taking 3 honors courses now, that is all that is offered now and is doing well in them, low A or high B, but we know he could do better.

We know he needs to work on organization skills, but does he need to take a class as an elective for entire year? I did send an e-mail to the teacher and ask for an explanation, but have not received a response yet, and the application us due on Monday. We got the letter yesterday.

So, what do you know about this program, and what type of student would get the most benefit from it.



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Posted: 2/1/2013 4:30:27 PM
I am a bit familiar with it. When I was a teacher, it was in the school that I taught at. Here is what I was told. The school was using it not to reach the already bound college kids (the A-B ones that already have good grades but the C students who could go either way with college.) It was taken all year in place of one of there electives. The class helped students learn how to be organized, take notes efficiently. Go to their web site to get more info. It is: http://www.avid.org/abo_whatisavid.html Also, I would make an appt. with your son's guidance counselor to get more info.


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Posted: 2/1/2013 7:47:19 PM
We have AVID at the school where I work. It stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The idea behind it, at least at my school, is to work with traditionally under-performing populations to equalize college preparedness. The "populations" might be first-generation Americans, kids whose parents have not been to college, minorities, kids on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum, and/or kids with a home language other than English.

AVID takes kids with the potential to be successful in college who might not have much in the way of parental support or role models for higher education and mentors them. That mentoring can be in the form of lessons to improve academic success (organization, test-taking strategies, time management), career talks, goal setting, or visits to college campuses. Our AVID teachers also act as a go-between when a kid is having a tough time of things and needs an advocate. They listen to the kids, something that can be very important if a kid isn't being listened to at home or is trying to navigate dual worlds and cultures.

AVID is taught as an elective. I think it is very good for some kids. Of course, band can be very good for some kids, too. I would ask what a typical week looks like in the AVID classroom (the kids at my school seem to have an awful lot of "down time". I would also weigh what your son would have to give up for AVID, and see if it is worth it.

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Posted: 2/1/2013 8:31:11 PM
my husbands assistant's daughter took avid in high school. i don't have a ton of details but in our school it's a multi year program. and it is aimed at kids who might not assume they are headed for college for whatever reason. it helps them realize they are college material and work towards acceptance.

at our school there are trip to visit colleges also. and help with the application process.


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Posted: 2/2/2013 8:23:27 AM
Thank you for the info. We are still not sure. I know it will help DS, but we have to figure out what other class he will not be able to take because of this class.

Right now he is looking at mechanical engineer or something similar, so I know he needs to work hard and focus.

What sucks is they send out the application and then do an info night about it. OH well, we will figure it out.


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Posted: 2/2/2013 10:36:38 AM
Was the application given out to everyone or just to specific students?

Unless there is a specific reason that they may have directed the application to your son, with his grades, it doesn't sound like he is in the typical population that the program is targeted to.

I'd follow up with a phone call or make an appointment with the school counselor if your email is not answered.

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Posted: 2/2/2013 10:38:47 AM
Here is the AVID webiste.

In our schools, AVID targets kids who are identified as having college potential, but may benefit from some support to meet their potential.

Sometimes they are kids that teachers have identified as being bright kids who could do better with organization and follow through, sometimes they are the B/C students who could be A/B students with a little extra coaching at school, and sometimes they are kids who are good, hard-working that may not have the at home support system the need as they prepare for college (and this can be for a variety of reasons and doesn't imply that parents don't care or aren't involved in their child's education).

Don't be concerned that colleges will look down on AVID on your child's transcript. In fact, it is often seen as a positive.


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Posted: 2/2/2013 10:51:16 AM
My dd HATES Avid. She wanted it sooo badly that she rearranged her schedule and has to take zero period PE which starts at 645 AM. She finds most of the assignments to be stupid and meaningless. I've tried to explain to her that it will help when she's applying for college, but she's 15 and WAY smarter than me For how easy it is to get an A in this class it's a class that we battle. Funny thing is the teacher must know that my dd needs the class because she's tried dropping it a few times due to scheduling conflicts, and the teacher has been able to work out an alternative schedule. LOL!

ETA: My dd could easily be a straight A student, but she lacks motivation, so she's a B/C student.

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