Nightshade free diet?

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Posted 4/2/2013 by Princess Pea in NSBR Board

Princess Pea
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Posted: 4/2/2013 4:17:30 PM
Have you ever heard of this? I read a recipe today that said it was "nightshade free." It has something to do with potatoes and tomatoes and other veggies from a certain plant family. Just curious as to if any peas are on this diet.


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Posted: 4/2/2013 4:30:34 PM
I am not on this diet but I believe some people follow it because they are allergic to nightshade plants, specifically the substance that they produce called alkaloids (or something close to that). I believe alkaloids cause joint pain and inflammation for folks who are allergic.

I love peppers too much so I hope I never have to follow this diet!!


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Posted: 4/2/2013 4:52:47 PM
Interestingly, one of the women in my Book Club was talking about avoiding nightshades, my hunch is it is for reasons such as this

t's thought that the nightshade family alkaloids – nicotine and its close relatives atropine, capsaicin, solanine, and tomatine – bioaccuumulate in the tissues and disrupt some people's metabolism. (See Nightshade Vegetables for additional information.)

Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, advises a three-month trial of the no nightshades diet for anyone who is in chronic pain, from any apparent cause—whether arthritis or pain at the site of an old injury. In her practice, she found that the majority of chronic pain patients become completely out of pain or improved.

The diet was developed by Norman Childers, a Rutgers horticulturalist who researched the sometimes-fatal arthritis-like illness in cattle that graze on nightshade plants. He then made the connection to arthritis and pain in people.
What To Avoid

In a sensitive person, it's possible for a single french fry, one bite of hot pepper, or dash of seasoning to trigger joint pain or other pain.

The only way for the no nightshades diet to be diagnostic—for you to find out definitely if nightshades are causing you pain—is to not ingest the smallest bit of nightshades during the trial diet. The most difficult part of this is that nightshade starch and spices are hidden in processed foods.

See the full List of Nightshade Vegetables and Nightshade Family for a list of what fruits and vegetables to avoid.

Tobacco: It's likely that many people are in pain because they smoke. Don't smoke. If you have a debilitating pain condition, avoid second-hand smoke.

Nightshade Vegetables (and a few unusual fruits): Potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, and chile peppers are served as vegetables. Potatoes are often eaten as french fries, potato chips, and potato salad; tomatoes as ketchup; chile peppers in hot sauces and barbecue sauces.

Hot peppers are used as flavorings in many foods and restaurant meals; peppers are the pimento in stuffed olives.

Nightshade fruits include goji berries and the more unusual cape gooseberry, pepino, and tomarillo fruits.

Nightshade Spices include cayenne and paprika. Hot pepper spices are ingredients in chili powder and in curry. You'll find these spices in typical ethnic cuisines, including Mexican, Spanish, Caribbean, African, Indian, and East Asian.

Processed Food and Prepared Food: Read the ingredients list on the label for any named nightshades or for the generic terms that typically include nightshades. Paprika and chile pepper are frequently used to add "zing" to processed foods, but are listed on the label only as "spices" or "flavors."

Nightshade spices or starch can be listed under any of these terms:

"Natural flavors"
"Natural flavorings"
"Potato starch"
Any "food starch"
Any "vegetable starch"
Any "vegetable protein"

And can be used in any of the following:

Breads, baked goods, crackers, breading, stuffing
Sausage, cold cuts, seafood, mock seafood
Gravy, sauces, meat sauce, fish sauce, condiments, salad dressings
Baked beans, nuts, seasonings
Cola drinks

Potato starch is a common filler in prescription and nonprescription medications and nutritional supplements.

Unfortunately, the diet requires not only avoiding french fries and tomatoes, but most processed food. However, it sometimes takes only a few days of avoidance to have significant pain relief.

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Posted: 4/2/2013 4:56:44 PM
My mother is on this as it helps her RA. However, all of her doctors have said there is no study that shows a correlation between the diet and reduction in RA symptoms. That being said - my mom does see a correlation in her own symptoms so she avoids eggplant, and tomatoes (as much as possible) and will only eat red potatoes.


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Posted: 4/2/2013 4:59:03 PM
My friend is allergic to nightshade so she's on it.

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Posted: 4/2/2013 8:56:12 PM
Wow, I'm thinking that it would be a huge diet change for me to give up tomatoes. Yikes.

I never even heard of this before.

I imagine that if I were chronic pain I'd definitely want to try it, but dang, tomatoes. That would be a toughie for me.


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Posted: 4/2/2013 9:30:49 PM
Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. People are giving up TOMATOES and POTATOES?????

You might as well shoot me. No gluten, no starch, no carbs. No artificial sweeteners. No red meat. No dairy.
Why even bother living? You should be a fucking plant and subsist on sunshine and water.

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Posted: 4/2/2013 10:25:47 PM
I could never give up tomatoes. I grow the most amazing tomatoes in my backyard, I would cry if I had to give them up!


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Posted: 4/2/2013 10:33:15 PM
I'm trying to do it, though I am not always perfect. It is recommended for Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which I have. I'm also gluten-free because if the Hashimoto's.

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Posted: 4/2/2013 10:46:15 PM
"Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. People are giving up TOMATOES and POTATOES?????

You might as well shoot me. No gluten, no starch, no carbs. No artificial sweeteners. No red meat. No dairy.
Why even bother living? You should be a fucking plant and subsist on sunshine and water."

People on chronic pain often do well on a nightshade free diet and find relief from the pain they always feel

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