anyone ever install their own wood floor

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Posted 5/1/2013 by sdt in NSBR Board

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Posted: 5/1/2013 5:40:28 AM
was it easy. we r looking at doing 4 bedrooms


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Posted: 5/1/2013 6:27:26 AM
we did.....we installed using one of these...

it is a little time consuming but totally doable....

here is the post where we redid will need to scroll down a bit



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Posted: 5/1/2013 8:45:42 AM
yes and if you are handy it is very easy.


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Posted: 5/1/2013 9:00:15 AM
I remember my parents doing it when I was younger and they did a kitchen, probably 30x20 ft, and it went really quickly if I recall using the tool that Cindy linked. They rented it.

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Posted: 5/1/2013 9:01:47 AM
It is pretty easy we did it ourselves in the living room and hallway.


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Posted: 5/1/2013 9:11:30 AM
My parents have installed real pre-finished hardwood flooring in 2 different houses and would do it again. They said it was pretty easy.


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Posted: 5/1/2013 9:35:30 AM
Yes. You're talking wood, not the click together Pergo type, right?

While it is very doable you really need to consider cupping of the wood after installation. I've seen this happen when the installer is not careful. And I think it really detracts from the floor.

Buy quality wood, consider the humidity of the room and the area you live, be sure to install during the appropriate time of year (contraction and swelling of wood), make sure wood sits in the room for some time to "acclimate".

If we did it again, I'd pay someone. While doable and not hard, it's hard work, hard on the back, and it's easy to screw up. But we're also not in our 20's anymore and that's a consideration for us.

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Posted: 5/1/2013 9:35:53 AM
Dh did it in our entryway, hall, powder room & kitchen. We rented a professional nail gun & had the air compressor for it.

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Posted: 5/1/2013 9:41:14 AM

If we did it again, I'd pay someone. While doable and not hard, it's hard work, hard on the back, and it's easy to screw up. But we're also not in our 20's anymore and that's a consideration for us.

ITA... we did ours a couple of years ago and it was HELL on the knees and back... and we are not in our 20s

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Posted: 5/1/2013 11:29:33 AM
My parents did it and it was awful. It took forever. They found out when they ripped up the carpeting that they had the wrong type of subfloor to put the wood on. My dad had to rip out the subfloor a section at a time and put down the new subfloor. My mom had to walk around holes into their basement for weeks. My dad had all the right tools and it would have gone quickly if they didn't have to redo the subflooring. My mom said she would never do that again.



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Posted: 5/1/2013 12:07:16 PM
We did 2000 sf of glue down wood. We saved $5000 (cheapest quote some were as high as $8000) doing it ourselves but we both decided we would never do it again. It was very hard on the back and knees and was time consuming. We could only get 150 sf done each day so it took about 2 weeks of working from 8am to 7-8pm. I'm sure nail down wouldn't take as long because there's no dry time. We do love our floors though and feel a sense of pride knowing we did it all ourselves.


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Posted: 5/1/2013 1:45:06 PM
Yep...pretty easy with the right tools!

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Posted: 5/1/2013 1:51:05 PM
DH did an area of our old house as well as a room in our new house. In the old house, he was going from the entry down a long, wide hall to the back of the house. He said the hardest part was getting the first line of wood down and knowing it was straight. It would have been VERY noticeable if it had not been perfectly straight. Since it is rare that walls are straight, he couldn't just start at a wall. In our new house, he did the dining room. This was much smaller area and went much faster for him.

I was lucky when he did the first house. That was a wreck trying to get that done but I had a work/fun trip and was going to be gone for close to a month so he did it while I was gone.

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Posted: 5/1/2013 2:08:58 PM
Yep. Same answer as above. We are now in our 60's and did our entire house minus kitchen and bathrooms ourselves about 4 years ago. Easy - yes. Would we do it again? Oh hell no. Like to have killed us both!

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Posted: 5/1/2013 7:25:32 PM
DD installed DGDs laminate when she was 9 months pregnant by herself

It was fairly easy and took about a day and a half from start to finish. The room is 10x11

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Posted: 5/1/2013 10:16:20 PM
I put in a Lumber Liquidator floor in one bedroom. Buy their tools and it's easy to do, but it is time consuming. There is a lot of up and down to measure and then cut so it was hard on my knees. All that disappeared when I was finished.

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Posted: 5/1/2013 10:18:16 PM

There is a lot of up and down to measure and then cut so it was hard on my knees. All that disappeared when I was finished.

Yep. It is a easy enough project, but as you said, the up and down is a killer on the knees and back.

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Posted: 5/1/2013 10:34:55 PM
I helped some friends -- to do it.

Have FOUR adults at least that are comfortable with power tools.

Do the measure twice and cut once.

Do ONE row of flooring at a time.

With more people can have someone cutting while others are laying, and someone else going back and forth.

We did an area 14' by 10' in one day. They already had the room cleared out, the old carpet and padding gone, and the subfloor prep and ready to go.

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Posted: 5/1/2013 11:25:57 PM
DH and I have done it twice successfully on a main level floor that was over a basement both times and had to be nailed down. Sure there was a lot of up and downs and a few bad cuts that had to be redone but it wasn't bad at all.

So we moved to our third house two years ago and decided this spring that we wanted wood in our walk out basement. The flooring had to be glued down because it was sitting on concrete. We managed to do about 300 sq ft of the 1300 sq ft we wanted installed and it took us three days to get that done. It was a disaaster. We had glue all over the floor, all over the walls, all over our selves and all over our four year old. Finally we threw in the towel, called the store we bought the flooring from and had their guy finish the remaining 1000 ft. The installation cost $2200 and was worth every penny.

I would definitely do a nail down floor again but there is no way I would ever do a glue down one again.

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