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Posted 7/25/2013 by zoeybug in NSBR Board
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June 2009
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Posted: 7/25/2013 11:18:34 PM
What's the WORST book you've read in the past year or two? I just finished "Y: A Novel" by Marjorie Celona" and just despised it . I read a great review about it when it first came out and it had great reviews on Good Reads so when it was $2.99 on amazon last week I snapped at it. Very much a downer .
So what books have you read that just turned out to be stinkers?
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A Complicated Lady

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September 2009
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Posted: 7/25/2013 11:25:23 PM
Love In The Time of Cholera and Wicked are the first two that come to mind.


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November 2002
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Posted: 7/25/2013 11:32:31 PM
I could not finish "The Marriage Plot."

The only happy ending will be mine

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October 2003
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Posted: 7/25/2013 11:45:19 PM
On the Island.
Stupidest collection of words ever.
I read about it here and will never understand why people raved about it, the author writes like a love struck 12 year old.

They are going away for 2 weeks, the plane crashes and they stranded on an island, yet the bottles of shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste for the two week holiday miraculously last for over 3 years!!
They also survive various bouts of poisoning, jelly fish stings, hemorrhagic fever and broken bones all with a couple Tylenol and some benadryl.
Tampons in a case submerged at the bottom of the ocean for over a week float to the surface and are perfectly usable for the next few years too.
Then there's masturbation and panty sniffing thrown in for good measure.
Let's not forget the chicken they find and keep as a pet, and call it...(wait for it)...chicken.

Most of the "book" is like this:
Today we sat on the beach and ate 3 breadfruit.
Today it rained so we washed our socks and ate 5 breadfruit, then went for a walk and ate 3 more breadfruit.
Went swimming then walked along the beach and ate 4 breadfruit.

GAH...I wish I was kidding.
I was ready to poke my eyes out with a fork by the end of it.


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August 2003
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Posted: 7/26/2013 1:17:55 AM
It took me two years to get through the first Mortal Instruments Y.A.novel due to horrible grammar, bland characterization and over-descriptive text. In the end, J.K. Rowling should really comb through the story because it is recycled Harry Potter fan fiction.

Might I add it is not very flattering fan fiction. I cannot read anymore of this series.

Hiedi Townsley


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May 2002
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Posted: 7/26/2013 4:08:25 AM
I am having a hard time with Guilty Wives by James Patterson. Usually I love his stuff.



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July 2008
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Posted: 7/26/2013 6:12:48 AM
life after life by kate atkinson
was excited to read it, great reviews and when it started, it had a great premise.
but it just kinda meandered around with little to no direction.
by the end i was completely disappointed. that was it???

i have another of her books already loaded on my kobo.
i have low expectations now. maybe that will make a difference?


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January 2011
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Posted: 7/26/2013 6:25:59 AM
So much For That by Lionel Shriver, it was just so depressing and the sub plot about the dodgy penis enlargement just made me want to gag

If I really dislike a book now after fifty or so pages I don't carry on with it, life it too short to read something you hate.

I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear.


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July 1999
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Posted: 7/26/2013 6:29:58 AM
It's a toss up between "Gone Girl" and "Inferno". I finished both ... then berated myself for the waste of time.


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February 2002
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Posted: 7/26/2013 6:53:02 AM

Love In The Time of Cholera

One of my funniest memories from my book club was the friend who said she solely came to the discussion to give it a "1" (we rate from 1-4) and that she would have given it a zero if possible.

I also have to agree with pjaye, On the Island was pretty bad--writing style as well as the totally unbelievable plot line. It was almost as if it was written by an adolescent male. (Wouldn't it be great if I got stranded with my hot tutor...)

I joke and say that I've never met a book that I didn't like, but I really didn't enjoy Gone, Girl. I didn't find any of the characters likable, much of the plotline was farfetched and I felt jerked around as a reader.


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January 2005
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:07:34 AM
Firefly Lane - what a waste of my time, I dont' typically read this kind of stuff and now I remember why. I put this right there with Danielle Steele - I can't read this sappy crap.


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March 2001
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Loc: iowa

Posted: 7/26/2013 7:18:08 AM
I could not finish Wolf Hall. It gets rave reviews and I couldn't get past the first few chapters.

mother of four great reasons to scrapbook!


PeaNut 425,771
June 2009
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Loc: Dallas

Posted: 7/26/2013 7:29:14 AM
Oh my gosh, I forgot about Wolf Hall- I couldn't finish that either. I have Bring Up the Bodies ( the sequel) on my Kindle but I don't know if I can even attempt it .

Yes, Firefly Lane was so sweet it made my teeth hurt! I like to read Chic Lit after I read something heavy but this wasn't a great read for me.

I'm glad to hear about Love in the Time of Cholera. I
Thought that would be a decent read but now I'll second guess that.
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The only happy ending will be mine

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October 2003
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:29:58 AM

It was almost as if it was written by an adolescent male. (Wouldn't it be great if I got stranded with my hot tutor...)

I hadn't thought of that...but it's entirely possible.


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February 2003
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:33:09 AM
my latest book not to finish was Where'd You Go Bernadette. I stuck with it for almost 1/3 of the way through, but just thought it was a waste of time.


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September 2002
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:38:06 AM
I'm with Pjaye. I read On the Island and hated it. It was the dumbest book I've ever read.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and will sing it back to you when you forget the words.

Author Unknown

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June 2011
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:38:55 AM
I had to abort The Marriage Plot too.

"People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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back to *pea*ality

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June 2010
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:40:04 AM
After I finished grad school I gave myself permission to not finish a book that I did not enjoy. There are too many good books to be read to waste time on one you just can't get in to.

...And now it's time for a breakdown

PeaNut 96,097
July 2003
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:48:01 AM
For me, it's a toss up between Gone Girl and Ms. Peregrin's home for unusual children

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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August 2000
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:48:30 AM
Wicked is by far the very worst book I have ever read in my life. I hated it!

The Banana Under the Couch Pea

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February 2007
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:53:59 AM
Recently, it was Kristin Hannah's "Fly Away". Holy hell that was a depressing book... I gave up about half way through it.

I tried to read "Wicked" years ago. There's no way I would have ever finished it. Awful!


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July 2001
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Posted: 7/26/2013 7:54:43 AM

I am also going to agree with pjaye and say "On the Island". This one got lots of rave reviews on the weekly Pea reading thread, otherwise I wouldn't have finished it. Absolutely the worst book I have read in several years. It was like a poorly written Harlequin romance.


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April 2012
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Posted: 7/26/2013 8:09:09 AM
A Prayer for Owen Meany. Could not read it. Also Angela's Ashes. And I agree with those of you who listed Love in them Time of Cholera.


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March 2005
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Posted: 7/26/2013 8:26:34 AM
50 Shades of Grey. I read the first chapter and that's as far as I got. Total drivel.



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April 2003
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Posted: 7/26/2013 8:32:21 AM
Fifty Shades of Grey. We read not only it, but the entire series, for book club. I hated every single minute. Horrible writing. HORRIBLE!

I'm an English teacher and became one because I love to read. Unfortunately, I rarely get to during the school year because I'm always correcting papers. I was so angry that I had to spend my precious reading time on that garbage.


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January 2009
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Posted: 7/26/2013 8:38:43 AM
Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. The dullest book I've ever read. I couldn't even force myself to read the last 4 chapters.

You know what grinds my gears?

PeaNut 242,768
January 2006
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Loc: Where the rabbits roam free....

Posted: 7/26/2013 8:43:49 AM
right now I can't finish Shine Shine Shine, it's just BORING. I hated Gone Girl too. I can't think of how many library books I returned unread based on recommendations from the Peas, there's been a LOT. unfortunately my library doesn't keep track of what I have checked out, and I chose to forget them as soon as they were out of the house.


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November 2002
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Loc: Cumming, Georgia

Posted: 7/26/2013 9:06:42 AM
I just couldn't finish Atonement. I like Ian McEwan, just couldn't stand this one. I also hated and I do mean hated We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.

I use the 70 page rule. If I don't like or can't get into a book by page 70, then I give up on it. There are too many good books our there and my reading time is too precious to waste on bad books.


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January 2004
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Loc: McKinney, TX

Posted: 7/26/2013 9:08:03 AM
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake was one of the worst books I have ever read. It was pointless and such a waste of time. I really dont know why I forced myself to finfish it.


PeaNut 208,737
June 2005
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:08:36 AM
I know everyone loved it, but I hated Night Circus, and put it down half way through.

I live for the applause applause applause...

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October 2011
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Loc: Illinois

Posted: 7/26/2013 9:20:30 AM
If they are that bad I don't finish them, honestly.

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Hier encore j'avais 20 ans

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June 2004
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:38:11 AM
This wasn't so recent but, "The story of Edgar Sawtelle", from Oprah's book club, has got to be the worst book I've ever finished. Had I known the story would be so long winded, and boring, I never would have wasted my time reading it in the first place.



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November 2002
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:57:36 AM
I have been trying to read Outlander and just can't get into it. I am maybe 20% into it (on my Kindle so not sure) and can't figure out what is going to come that will really hold my interest?? What I do want to know is what does her husband think happened and what is he doing? I'm worried that is never addressed.

The book On The Island I swear is a Twilight fan fiction. I haven't read On The Island but everything I hear about it sounds a lot like a fanfiction story I read several years back.

Donna in GA
Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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January 2003
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Posted: 7/26/2013 10:53:25 AM
Two books I could never finish are We Are the Mulvaneys and Wicked. Let me amend that, I have only finished two of Oprah's book club books. They were Cane River and East of Eden. If Oprah picks it, I now almost always stay away from it.

Typical Liberal Pea

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November 2002
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Posted: 7/26/2013 10:55:09 AM
I'm still working on "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" which I started months ago, but I'll get bored with it and read something, then come back to it....read a bit of it...then I'll read something else. Who knows when I'll finally finish it.


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February 2009
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Posted: 7/26/2013 11:06:05 AM
Bridges of Madison County.

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August 2002
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Posted: 7/26/2013 11:09:00 AM
So have to agree with Love in the Time of Cholera. If I'm still struggling by page 100, it's gone!



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July 2007
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Posted: 7/26/2013 11:13:14 AM
It's so funny to me how different people's tastes are.

I loved "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake" and liked "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest." And "Wicked" was one of my favorites for a long time.

Now, for the ones that I read all the way through and hated? Every sequel to "Wicked." They just got progressively worse. "A Lion Among Men" was beyond awful, and I was so disappointed with the end of "Out of Oz" that I actually threw the book across the room. I absolutely loathed "100 Years of Solitude," and in spite of being a huge fan of the TV series Dexter, I read the book that the show is based on and wondered how such a great show was born out of such absolutely awful writing.

Most recently, in spite of being really beautifully written, I couldn't get more than a few chapters into "The Corrections" because I just hated every character in it.

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December 2006
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Posted: 7/26/2013 11:13:47 AM
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

I wish I would have stopped reading it when my instincts told me too but I forced myself to finish it. What a very weird ending that had.


PeaNut 402,475
December 2008
Posts: 708
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:35:10 PM
I couldn't read the girl who stopped swimming, ugh!

However, I loved 50 shades, total just fun love story. Of course I'm not an English teacher, hated English class and had teachers all thru HS that were really not encouraging. And I'm now an avid reader and have read over 100 books in the last year.

Hugs, Joyce

Passion for Paper


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February 2001
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:42:50 PM
The very worst book I ever read is "The Shack". I really, really wanted to like this book and join the throngs who raved about it. It just didn't happen.


Granny's Score: Boys 5 ~ Girls 2

And yes, with my background, my opinion is worth more than that of a middle school teacher who can't get her facts straight.~ Batya

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February 2004
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:53:01 PM
Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes

The irritating and frustrating far outweighed the fascinating. And, the ending was stupid.

It's not the worst book I've ever read. But, it's the worst book this year.

I'm not the most picky of readers. I enjoyed the Twilight series. LOL!

The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits. ~Albert Einstein


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August 2007
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:56:02 PM
I also read On The Island because it was recommended here and have to agree 100% that it was really dumb.

The worst part for me was when the hotel they stayed in after being rescued...the hotel in the middle of nowhere Maldives happened to stock Slim Jim's in the gift shop......yeah riiiight!!

I don't even think hotel gift shops in the US sell Slim Jim's -- isn't that more of a gas station item???

Or how about that the Woolite lasted for years too ....as if!!!!


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June 2004
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Posted: 7/26/2013 9:56:33 PM
I'm in the middle of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel by Rachel Joyce and it's unlikely I'll finish it. I'm about 55% of the way through, and I think my library check out ends tomorrow on my Kindle. It's super easy to renew books, but I doubt I'll bother with this one. Nothing happens. He's whining about walking. He's completely unprepared and not properly outfitted, and his feet hurt. This is not remarkable. In a journey of some 500 miles, he's gone like 45 or something. And I just don't really care if he gets there, or if Queenie dies or is already dead, or his wife deals with him abandoning her. I don't care what caused Queenie to vanish 20 years ago. I just don't care.

Full of faith pea

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April 2003
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Posted: 7/26/2013 11:37:05 PM
A Prayer for Owen Meany was one of my favorite books I read this year.

The worst book I read this year, by far, was Shutter Island. I. hated. it.

The best book I read this year was The Given Day.

Interestingly enough, both books are by Dennis LeHane.

I am still SMH on that!



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January 2011
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Loc: Cork Ireland

Posted: 7/26/2013 11:50:41 PM
I wanted to add Room as the worst book I've ever read in my life not just the last year. I bought it based on fantastic reviews and absolutely hated it. I actually threw it in the bin it was so bad.

I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear.

A Complicated Lady

PeaNut 438,379
September 2009
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Posted: 7/27/2013 6:12:12 AM

Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes

I'm stunned that this book is on this list-- let alone twice. I absolutely adore Frank McCourt. To each their own though....I guess that's what makes the world go 'round! Plus, someone had to enjoy Wicked, right?


One persons profound utterance is anothers undecipherable word salad...
--CraftChickaPowPow 7/13/13


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June 2009
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Posted: 7/27/2013 6:20:07 AM
"It's so funny to me how different people's tastes are. "
ITA! I loved some of these books mentioned but some of the books that people rave about on the Sunday reading thread I just want to burn! I think I'm the only person who hated "The Language of Flowers" but "A prayer for Owen Meany" is one of my favorites.
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January 2005
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Posted: 7/27/2013 6:27:56 AM
"I'm in the middle of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel by Rachel Joyce and it's unlikely I'll finish it. I'm about 55% of the way through, and I think my library check out ends tomorrow on my Kindle. It's super easy to renew books, but I doubt I'll bother with this one. Nothing happens."

-Betsy- it is worth finishing. The end totally changes the way you view the novel. The languid pace has a reason but I don't want to add spoilers. We did this for our book club and everyone rated it highly which is unusual as we have diverse tastes.

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August 2002
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Posted: 7/27/2013 7:39:03 AM
Fifty Shades...I read half of it and deleted it off my kindle. I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that a twenty something year old couldn't use a cell phone or email.

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