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Posted 7/27/2013 by KittenOnTheKeys in NSBR Board


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February 2011
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:29:00 PM
It is hot and humid here today. Obese neighbor kid is being made to run around the block in big brothers (trim and fit) football gear. Dad can be heard yelling at kid (not in a positive way) from a block away. Kid is crying and keeps stumbling.

Would the Peas ignore or do something?

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July 2004
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:30:25 PM
Honestly, I don't know what you could do.

What would happen if you intervened? How would you intervene?


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January 2008
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:37:49 PM
If you think it's abusive, call DYFS. I don't know how hot it is, how humiliating it is, etc., but I do know that if I was uncomfortable about a kid's safety and well being, I'd either say something directly or, if that didn't seem like a smart idea, I'd call DYFS.

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December 2006
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:43:09 PM
I would call someone. I think it was last summer where a girl had to run for punishment. She ended up dying.

ETA: It was 2/12 and in Alabama.


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June 2011
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:45:41 PM
I would call the police.

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March 2003
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:46:00 PM
Do you know the family well? I doubt someone like that would respond in a positive way if you were to say something. It might be worth a call to the non emergency line of your police department and ask them if they can do anything about it. Maybe them having a talk with the father would help.

What bothers me, if the father is like this in public, how is that boy being treated when he is in the house?

What is the temp there?


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August 2003
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:54:03 PM
I guess it depends on how hot it is, and if the kid is drinking water ... Are you worried he's going to pass out?

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September 2009
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Posted: 7/27/2013 12:58:02 PM
Oh god, how awful. I'd probably stand in my front yard and cry.

It would depend on the dad I guess - if he wasn't terrifying, I'd probably try to talk to him. If he was, I'd call non-emergency police dispatch and ask them what they thought.

I'm not sure either idea is the right thing or super appropriate, but it would be difficult to do nothing.

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October 2005
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Posted: 7/27/2013 1:07:36 PM
How hot and how humid? As long as it's under 100 degrees, I don't think the physical exercise is that big of a deal. I regularly jog in heat up to about 95 in the summer. (That's the hottest it gets here.)

The dad does seem emotionally abusive, but we don't know what conspired for things to get to this point.

I think I'd keep tabs on it and see how long it lasts. Over 30 mins, I'd call the police. Under 30 mins, eh, just exercise.

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August 2006
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Posted: 7/27/2013 1:10:14 PM
That dad is a dick.

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I sense impending mayhem.

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October 2002
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Posted: 7/27/2013 1:12:38 PM
I would think the dad is a cruel idiot who is probably trying to teach his son some kind of lesson the only way he knows how...probably how he was treated when he was younger. Weird twisted "make a man of him" logic. I don't think I would actually *do* anything. If the dad was an aquaintance I might go out there and say something like "you sure he's OK in this heat?" maybe to make him second guess his tactics, but I doubt it would help.

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November 2012
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Posted: 7/27/2013 2:22:25 PM
I would call the police.
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February 2011
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Posted: 7/27/2013 2:23:13 PM
These are new people on the block and we do not know them at all.

For us, the weather is pretty draining. We are used to humidity in single digits but it is in the 40-50 percent range this morning. That doesn't sound like much if you are used to humidity but we are not.

On one of his trips around the block, DH finally asked him if he would like for him to help him somehow. The kid just wailed louder and kept walking. Shortly afterwards, everyone disappeared.

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June 2003
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Posted: 7/27/2013 3:28:44 PM
What exactly was the dad yelling?

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April 2004
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Posted: 7/27/2013 3:48:16 PM
I would call someone. I think it was last summer where a girl had to run for punishment. She ended up dying.

ETA: It was 2/12 and in Alabama.

I would do this, too and remember this case.

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