Anyone dealt with pelvic/groin pain in a man? TMI alert.
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Posted: 9/28/2013 3:43:44 AM
My dh has had episodes of this pain occasionally for a couple of months, but over the last 2 weeks it has gotten significantly worse. I know he's in a considerable amount of pain as he took two sick days, and actually went to the dr.

He's not good at describing the pain, but he feels it most in his pelvis and into his scrotum. Heat and lying down help. He feels worse after eating or moving around. He does have some urinary hesitancy and slightly increased frequency.

He had an ultrasound which didn't show anything. Urine and blood are also clear. He is scheduled for a colonoscopy on Weds., but I think this sounds more like prostate trouble, even though he's only 48.

Any thoughts? Any experience with something like this? I'm hoping it's "just" an enlarged prostate, but I'm actually very worried.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 4:12:39 PM
Diverticulitis. Dh had the exact same pain location (scrotum). He ended up with a bowel resection because it ruptured. Diagnosed by ct scan.


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Posted: 9/28/2013 6:33:52 PM
Prostate Cancer is not painful. My DH was diagnosed at 50. Asymptomatic,but and elevated PSA led to biopsy, and the rest is history.

Zella, it sounds like BPH or a prostatitis. Maybe a trip to a urologist is on order?

Hope he feels better soon.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 6:40:19 PM
I know someone who had pelvic/groin pain that turned out to be a hernia, but it sounds as if their pain was higher.

I do know someone who had similar pain from diverticulitis, though, too, just as Janet said.

i hope whatever it is that you are able to find out quickly and treat it as easily as is possible.

Good thoughts for both of you.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 6:51:37 PM
My DH had pain for ages. He described it as the feeling a guy get after he has been hit in the nuts.

Dr thought it may have been a varicose vein.

Anyway he suddenly thought about how he sits all day at a computer and tends to cross his legs a lot and also has his wallet sitting in his back pocket.

So he removed the wallet, adjusted his posture and has never had the pain again.

Just anther thought process for you to think about. I truly hope it is something as simple as the solution my DH had. I know we were both worried for a while that it would be something more serious.


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Posted: 9/28/2013 7:22:24 PM
Well scrotum pain could be testicular torsion, but that pain is reported to be among the most excruciating and intolerable. Still worth knowing about.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 7:28:40 PM
I'm glad he's seeing a doctor about it. My DH had pain for ages, and it took forever to get him to a doctor. He just had varicosities that were causing his pain.

It could always be related to a lower back injury as well. The lower lumbar plexus is a huge tangle of nerves, and sometimes a bulge or herniation can cause some very obtuse pain that is hard to diagnose.

I hope his doctor figures it out and helps him get some relief!


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Posted: 9/28/2013 7:41:32 PM
Hi ladies. Thanks for the suggestions and the kind words.

A hernia was ruled out (he has an umbilical hernia, but it doesn't cause pain). At first he thought it was caused by sitting on an exercise ball for hours a day at work, but he stopped doing that a while ago.

If it's colon related, such as diverticulitis, the colonoscopy will show us that, so we should know that within a week.

He does have chronic back issues, but this pain is very different. His ultrasound showed cysts, and although they're not usually painful, this is another possibility. I think hte u/s would have showed varicosities or torsion. I think.

He is supposed to make an appt. for a prostate exam and the blood test, but hasn't done so yet.

I appreciate your comments because if the colonoscopy doesn't show anything, I now have some more ideas for things to rule out.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 9:16:45 PM
US showed cysts where??

It almost sounds like hip pain. Has he had xrays of his pelvis/hips? Most of my patients c/o groin pain before total hip surgery due to the nerve damage.


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Posted: 9/28/2013 9:26:02 PM
DH had something similar and his doctor gave him antibiotics suspecting prostatitis. They worked! Hope he feels better soon.


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Posted: 9/29/2013 12:42:54 PM
Both pain from a lumbar radiculopathy (pinched nerve in the low back) and kidney stones can radiate pain into the groin region as well. An enlarged prostate (BPH) doesn't cause pain, although prostatitis or epididymitis could potentially cause the symptoms he's describing (although none of those should be made worse after eating). Could be diverticulitis, as others have mentioned as well.


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Posted: 9/29/2013 3:26:21 PM
In the meantime, as it is worse after eating, maybe cut out nuts and anything with small seeds (sunflower seeds, strawberries, tomatoes, popcorn, poppyseed muffins, sesame seeds) from his diet. I have relatives who've had diverticulitis; small things get trapped in the folds of the intestines (diverticula) and become inflamed (itis). Post-diagnosis, these were the main foods they had to avoid, because it's those little bitty pieces that are the big culprits.

Of course, maybe none of that is in his diet anyhow, but I thought I'd throw it out there.



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Posted: 9/29/2013 8:39:49 PM
Interestingly, he has developed pretty bad diarrhea this weekend. His pain has been less, though. But at least now it feels as though there's a good reason to do the colonoscopy.

I'm not sure where the cysts were located. In his scrotum, I think.

I just hope the docs figure something out, and soon.

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