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Posted 9/28/2013 by scrappyjennw in NSBR Board


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Posted: 9/28/2013 8:48:30 AM
What is your marching band doing this weekend?

My son's marching band is attending Bands of America-Toledo Regionals today. I can't wait to see them march today. Last week they took first place in their first competition of the season and they swept all captions. I have high hopes for today, but there are some good bands marching!

Good luck to all competing today!

Take care,


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Posted: 9/28/2013 10:02:37 AM
My DD's band is supposed to be marching in their first competition today, but the weather isn't looking so good...a 90% chance of rain this afternoon. This is the second year for the competition and it was a rain out last year. I feel sorry for the band boosters hosting the event.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 10:52:59 AM
Sounds like different regions start competitions sooner, maybe because of weather. Here in Southern CA, our first tournament isn't until October 12th and that's the one we host. We compete up until Thanksgiving though.

Both kids are in the high school band (8th grade DS and 11th grade DD). They had a football game last night and have practice today from 9-5. It's peaceful once they're out the door, but the mornings are rough when they do back-to-backs.

Between practices and shows, etc., we don't have a free Saturday until Thanksgiving and then still have one Saturday parade after that.

Good luck to your band today. Some of the big regional tournaments sound fun. I have a friend with a band kid in South Dakota. They are competing in Minnesota today but mentioned maybe getting rained out. We had a tournament rained out here two years ago even in Southern CA. That is hard for that school since it's a huge fundraiser for the year.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 11:05:45 AM
We are hosting today. I have to leave soon to volunteer if get to sell tickets all evening. I was prop building this morning. They are all very excited. First competition we compete in is next week a local one. In fact most of our competitions are local this year yeah!!!! literally in the next town over, like 5 miles from my house.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 11:11:02 AM
Our first one is Oct. 19. They're finishing up the show now.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 11:22:14 AM
MomsTaxiService-I hope that they don't get rained out! That would be disappointing for your daughter.

I didn't realize that other people didn't start competition until mid October. Interesting. This is an early regional for us. They are not even putting the closer onto the field today. However, it is long enough just through the ballad to count for competition.

Hop2-good luck with hosting today! It is a lot of work.

Take care,


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Posted: 9/28/2013 11:22:45 AM
We have our first competition today. I really like the show, and think they'll do well. It's a beautiful day here - perfect day for a band competition! Enjoy, everyone!


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Posted: 9/28/2013 3:16:56 PM
We have our second competition today--the top 3 schools in the state are going up against each other--us, and 2 others. It's going to be a beautiful night.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 3:31:01 PM
My High School Band student was at a 3 hour rehearsal this morning. They were supposed to go out on the field and work on their field show. The Director had them stay inside the entire time and work on music instead though because the rain is driving and intense today.

My College Band Student made the 8 hour drive (construction, congestion on a Friday) over the pass to the West side of the state yesterday with the rest of the band. They are playing are playing at Century Link field against Stanford this evening. There are two pre-game standstill performances that we are going to early to see as well as the half-time show! Super excited to see the band! (Not super excited to sit in the driving, intense rain for HOURS!! lol)

Go Cougs!!!!


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Posted: 9/28/2013 3:35:53 PM
Our band is in a competition at Greater Johnstown tonight. We won't compete again until Chapters on October 19. The administration "suggested" the band not go to as many competitions as last year...

We hosted a competition 2 weeks ago - whew!

Anyway, can't wait to see the full show tonight! The last two football games they only had time to perform one section of it since it was our homecoming and then they were at another school's homecoming last night. The weather's looking chilly but no rain!


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Posted: 9/28/2013 3:57:22 PM
We are freezing and damp at a band competition. DD, 8th grade, plays in both Jr High and Sr High bands. Our Jr High band got 1st place, 5A Parade Marching and so did the Sr High. We are waiting for field competition to start. The field is wet and it was delayed due to lightening. We will leave after field show.

Oh, the joys of being a band parent.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 4:31:34 PM
My DS is competing in Minnesota today. Dh & I couldn't make the trip :frown

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Posted: 9/28/2013 4:36:36 PM
I think maybe MomsTaxiService band is at the same one as us.
We were rained out, just 5 minutes before our show time
It was rained out last year.
It was the US Bands contest at Midlothian TX.
Some sad wet kids on their way home

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Posted: 9/28/2013 4:40:49 PM
Our first one isn't until October 12th also, and it's the one we host. After that, it's competition every other weekend up to Thanksgiving, and then they march in the Oakland Children's Christmas Parade. This is my dd's third year marching and she is burnt out, but to do drumline you have to march. *sigh*


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Posted: 9/28/2013 10:42:49 PM
Katie, we were just north of you in Mansfield at the Preview of Champions.

Our band marched one performance - they were 2nd band in their division and 1st in color guard (my DD's 1st year in color guard, she marched clarinet last year). It started pouring down rain in the middle of their performance! They skipped the finals to come home and dry themselves and instruments.

She was super excited about their performance!


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Posted: 9/28/2013 11:12:16 PM
My son's college went two hours away for a football game today...came back and leaves at 7 am tomorrow for a 6 hour one-way trip to the other side of PA for a festival.


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Posted: 9/29/2013 12:33:32 AM
Today was our first competition day too. We had a major rain delay. Kids had to be at school at 8 am this morning, supposed to compete at 4, and ended up not competing until after 9 tonight. Still waiting for them to get back.

I didn't get to go. Been home sick all day in bed.


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Posted: 9/29/2013 10:20:49 AM
We had our first competition yesterday. My boys' percussion group came in 1st place over all! So proud of them, and such a fun day!

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Posted: 9/29/2013 1:30:36 PM
My high school band son had drum corp day yesterday at his brother's university. He got to march with the college percussion corp. It was also alumni day and parent visitation day. Got to spend the day with my boys at my alma mater!

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Posted: 9/29/2013 3:08:11 PM
This weekend was Homecoming. They don't compete Homecoming weekend.

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Posted: 9/29/2013 3:30:52 PM
We had our first competition yesterday in Denver. It was a beautiful day. We weren't expecting to make finals and we did. Finished up 10th overall! Pretty good for early in the season.


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Posted: 9/29/2013 4:19:05 PM
We're already almost done with our season! Our first competition ended up raining out in the 7th. They just stood in place in the gym and played.

They won 1st place at their competition yesterday! We host next week and then our season ends on the 12th.

Our son is a freshman and we are having a blast!
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