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Posted: 9/28/2013 6:21:37 PM
I started this in the other thread, but decided it needed to be it's own.

I really want to eat this way (paleo) but find it almost impossible with my travel schedule. I'm gone M-F almost every week. I could be anywhere in the country. I frequently get stuck at airports and have to find food there. Sometimes I'm in a place with good grocery stores and lots of restaurant options. Sometimes I'm in a place with one grocery store that's a little iffy and mostly fast food. And of course everything in between. Sometimes I have a mini-kitchen (rare), most of the time I have a fridge and microwave, sometimes it's just the fridge, and sometimes I don't have either available to me.

Because I'm gone so much, I can't really buy a lot of food to keep in the house. I have to pretty much buy what I'm going to eat during the weekend, and if my plans change, veggies are going to go bad.

A typical week for me is:

Sunday: Getting ready for the coming week (packing, work prep)

Monday: 6 am flight (which means 3 am alarm), connection somewhere then second flight, drive to client site, work til 5-6, check into hotel

Tuesday-Wednesday: 10-12 hour days at client site. Usually take an hour for lunch. Sometimes hotel is close enough to go back and eat there, but not usually.

Thursday: Same as Wednesday, except after work I frequently have to drive to a hotel closer to the airport, could take a couple of hours.

Friday: 6 am flight, connection then second flight. Usually home by noon, but not always. Usually have conference calls and other work to do after I get home.

Saturday: Run errands, see family/friends, recover from the past week/recharge for the coming week

Roughly once every 3-4 weeks I work from home all week, so I can cook those weeks.

Sometimes I'm forward thinking enough to pack better food in my carry-on, and I always pack a small insulated bag with utensils, napkins, apple wedger, paring knife, etc. I try to eat only half of my order at restaurants and bring the other half back to the room for lunch or dinner the next day.

I just want to find a food coach to help me make good decisions and help me figure out how to plan meals. Eating out 3 meals a day is killing me.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 7:42:48 PM
DH and I always pack snacks/mini meals when we travel, though we don't travel nearly as often as you. Could you pack a smallish cooler bag with cut veggies, nuts or nut butter, hard boiled eggs and some fruit? If your hotel doesn't have a fridge, you could still refill a gallon ziploc bag with ice from the ice machine each day to keep everything cold. And then commit to eating as well as possible when you eat out - it's not hard to get decent salads these days even in most airports. Eggs or fruit and nuts/nut butter for breakfast, salad for lunch, grilled meat and veggies for dinner. If you're willing to keep some dairy in your diet you could also add in greek yogurt, cheese sticks, cottage cheese, etc. for some variety.

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Posted: 9/28/2013 8:03:26 PM
She is super-specific in terms of name brands, but Food Babe has some fabulous ideas of travel food: Food Babe

100 Days of Real Food has some good ideas as well, although she does incorporate (whole) grains into her family's diets.

Good luck!



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Posted: 9/28/2013 8:04:31 PM
Thank you!


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Posted: 9/28/2013 9:15:35 PM
Planning ahead and knowing your options is the key to any kind of adjustment to what you eat. There are lots of shelf-stable foods that fit within a Primal/Paleo/Whole 30 sort of paradigm, if you know where to look. But those are not something I would rely on, if you can figure out what works other than that. And it looks like you can pack a lunch to take with you, so if you can do that, with an ice-pack, you can do a lot. There's a bunch of ideas out there if you google Paleo Lunches or Paleo Lunch Box. Paleo Parents has a great resource intended for packing school lunches, but most of those can be scaled up and adjusted for an adult portion size.

I love to make mini egg bakes in a silicone muffin cup. Just whisk your eggs with your seasonings, pour into the pan on top of some spinach, top with meat of choice and bake. When they are cool, you can pop them out and keep them in a baggie or snap-lock container for breakfasts or whenever. Consider buying good frozen veggies so you can use them at your leisure instead of fresh. Buy herbs and chop them and freeze them in an empty plastic bottle so you can use them when you need them and they're just as good as fresh. Bacon-wrapped dates are a great treat that travels pretty well, too. Or little packets of natural almond butter you can squeeze onto apple chips? Celery sticks? Make your own kale chips with seasonings of your choice?

If you have a crock pot at home, think about doing a larger pork or beef roast and then slicing the leftovers for your travel meals? Or, if packing is just too much to wrap your brain around, then investigate your options for dining out. Most places will allow you to sub a veggie for a rice, pasta, bread option. Get a wrap and turn it into a salad. Just do the best you can, with what's available, and then use your weekends to cook more paleo meals, if that's the best option.

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Posted: 9/29/2013 7:47:11 AM
My flight attendant friend was in your situation and she finally purchased a small electric fry pan to carry in her luggage. Now she cooks in her hotel.

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Posted: 9/29/2013 11:19:40 AM
When only at home for short periods, I will still purchase fresh produce and meats, but will prepare and freeze in smaller individual portions. Anything I throw in a smoothie can be frozen in small quantities, so it won't go bad before I can use it.

I am traveling most of the time as well, but I do drive whenever remotely possible. I stay in rooms with a kitchen almost all the time. I like a "living" area as well to do my work in. (It is just me, but I don't feel as pathetic in a hotel all the time if I have more separate areas to move around in.) I travel with a blender, decent knives and zip-loc bags. Many of my friends that travel as much and fly, have a smaller travel blender. Think magic bullet. Many friends that travel and drive throw in a crockpot too.

I make it a routine to ask where the closest decent grocery is when I check in someplace new. I can get in and out of a grocery pretty quick because you are only grabbing things around the perimeter. With a kitchen, I always grab eggs; without a kitchen, I will look quickly for hard boiled eggs near a groceries deli-prepared foods area. Other things I will grab quickly are greek yogurt, grilled chicken slices (watching for additives), almond milk, cheese (especially cubes, slices, sticks), fresh produce (often paying more for the prepped ones like cut-up fruit and veggies). I have grabbed those rotisserie chickens before and torn them apart and into zip-locs. I might grab a refrigerated salad dressing because I think those generally have less additives. Often grabbing a roll of cheap paper towels as I head to the check-out. I can do a lot with that and it will fit in a small fridge.

If you can pack a soft insulated lunch box, you can take some healthy mini-meals or snacks with you. Use an extra zip-loc for ice to keep things extra chilled.

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Posted: 9/29/2013 11:59:30 AM
I don't know about this food lifestyle, but would it be possible to pack a mini-grill or skillet or something or hell, maybe even a single serve crockpot?

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Posted: 9/29/2013 12:16:07 PM
The previous post reminded me of outdoor grills. Many suite hotels with kitchens, have outdoor grills available as well. (Look for where the men are all hanging out in the evenings ) Candlewood Suites, for example, generally have grilling tools available at their front desk that you can check out.

Oh and if I have to be in a hotel without a mini-fridge even, I can make a fairly decent cooler out of a sink filled with ice, and every towel they have layered overtop. Sure, it goes through plenty of ice, but that is their problem not mine. They should have mini-fridges if they don't want me using a boatload of ice.

Places like that often have a bedspread thing that you don't want on your bed anyway. I can fold that and put it over top the towels for even better insulation. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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