Announcing: Camille Terranova and Bailey Roedl

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Posted 2/6/2014 by KristinaNicolaiWhite in Announcements


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Posted: 2/6/2014 10:48:34 AM
Our new Content Manager Camille Terranova and our new Graphic Designer Bailey Roedl. Each of these awesome girls started in the last 2 months, filling positions that had been vacated last November. It was welcome relief that they joined our team. We are incredibly glad to have them on board. We introduced them on our Instagram and Twitter accounts this week:

Meet Camille, our new Content Manager. We've known Camille for years and knew she was perfect for the job! She's only started in January, and has made herself a special place in our hearts. She is fiercely loyal, driven and has what it takes! Not only do we covet her beautiful hair, we also want to have make up lessons as her application is the work of mastery! Camille has a beautiful smile, a great laugh and has a design aesthetic to beat us all. She is quickly falling in love with all of the beautiful products around here and we are all falling in love with her.

Meet Bailey, our Graphic Designer. Bailey started just before Christmas and has quickly made herself a vital part of Two Peas. She uses a lot of funny slang, abbreviates words all the time, has us laughing with stories of her volleyball team and eats what we affectionately call "unicorn food". She is as bright and colorful as the food she eats. She's fast, witty and so incredibly talented. We are so happy she is here.

While we did know that these 2 had a previous acquaintance when we hired each of them, we didn't know they would become fast friends. Within a week of sharing an office, they were heard sharing laughs, secrets as well as wedding plans. They are a breath of fresh air in our office. They've quickly fallen into the usual Two Peas shenanigans of pranks, nicknames, afternoon Starbucks runs and loud laughter filled lunches.
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