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Posted 4/9/2014 by freecharlie in NSBR Board

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Posted: 4/9/2014 6:44:01 PM
One of the questions on my application is

"Explain your educational philosophy in two sentences"

I can come up with one sentence, but narrowing it down to a second is difficult.

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Posted: 4/9/2014 8:07:12 PM

Rank them and pick your number 1.

Compare any two--which is better. Then another 2. Then another 2. Until you pick 1.

Pick the one you think they most want to see for your second one.

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Posted: 4/9/2014 11:17:58 PM
Think about how you would answer this if a colleague asked you.

Pick what is most important to you and convey that in your two sentences.

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