need travel bag for dslr & 5 lenses any suggestions?

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Posted 12/6/2012 by becjovi67 in General Photography


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Posted: 12/6/2012 8:06:15 AM
Hi Peas~ Looking for any suggestions on a backpack style(sling) bag to carry my camera & 5 lenses ( cannon rebel xsi-2 kit lenses-1 small lens 1 70-300 tamron lens & 10-24 wa tamron lens)...(Plus accessories) ie: tripod and hopefully water bottle... I'm short 5' only and my neck & Shoulders hurt after carrying heavy things .. I've looked online at so many bags I'm lost..Anyone know of a good bag that puts most of weight on hip area and can carry everything I need and still be comfortable after long day walks? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


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Posted: 12/6/2012 11:18:01 AM
Try going to REI and find a good backpack that fits and see if it can be modified to hold your stuff. Since they specialize in outdoor stuff they probably would have the best, most comfortable selection of backpacks for you.
Good luck.


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Posted: 12/6/2012 11:21:02 AM
Leslie~ That's a great idea... I haven't thought to just check out reg. backpacks..and modifying if needed..Been stuck on just "Camera" bags.. Thank you for the suggestion.!


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Posted: 12/6/2012 8:26:32 PM
Lowpro has some excellent bags. They even have a "bag finder" where you can enter what gear you have, what style of bag you want and it will tell you which one is right for you.

bag finder (nearly forgot to link it)

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Posted: 12/6/2012 9:10:50 PM
I am taller - 5'9" and have yet to find a bag that fits well- they are made for a man and not a woman with, uh, well, breasts.

I just got a case logic sling that I like - but it still does not fit the best. Still, I can carry my camera, extra lenses and I like the how the monopod/tripod attaches plus room for stuff up top.

I am more minimalist though - just cannot carry that many lenses when I am out all day - I use the 28-300 for a walkaround and carry either my 12-24 OR 28-75 2.8 OR 50 1.8 depending on where I am and what I am wanting for the day.

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Posted: 12/7/2012 9:04:42 PM
When I went to Tanzania last year I knew I wanted to find a carry on for my camera gear. So I bought a Lowe Pro camera backpack. It fit everything I needed to bring-2 camera bodies, 5 lenses, a few magazines and my wallet, passport, etc. I hauled it around for 10 days thinking I was all that and actually blew out both of my shoulders. After 4 months of PT twice a week and a cortisone injection, I am 60% better.
So, my point?
Would you consider a bag that you can carry and also pull with a handle like a small piece of luggage? One of the other photographers on the trip had one. I can't remember the brand, but in retrospect, I really wish I had that bag!

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