Welcome to our CHA Winter '13 Online Social! *Chat Schedule Inside*

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Posted 1/11/2013 by Jamie Sorenson in Announcements

Jamie Sorenson

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November 2007
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Posted: 1/11/2013 9:02:15 PM

We're so glad you're here!

You'll find links to all the fun we've got going on from our event page here. We hope you'll check out the photos we'll be snapping from the tradeshow floor, play along with our creative challenges and enter our product video giveaways. Don't miss the extras we're presenting this year on the blog like interviews with the designers behind the lines you're loving, and the return of "Kristina's Diaries." Join in on the Garden Girl-led chats for additional opportunities to win prizes! You'll find the schedule below (all times are in CST):

10 am - Marcy Penner & Lexi Bridges
1 pm - Wilna Furstenberg & Corrie Jones
3 pm - Lilith Eeckels & Anna-Maria Wolniak

11 am - Paige Evans
3 pm - Jill Sprott

12 pm - Shannon Tidwell

2 pm - Melissa Stinson & Lisa Dickinson
7 pm - Shimelle Laine

Finally, collect badges when you participate in all the fun, and acquire points toward our Customer Loyalty Program:

Thanks for joining us!

~ jamie

two peas community + education manager

keep updated on all things two peas + inspiration on our blog!

likes shiny things

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November 2003
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Posted: 1/12/2013 12:15:34 AM
Ooh! Fun!
Love the 1-10 challenge theme!
Can't wait to see photos!
Amazing colour way/design on the badges as always!

See things that shine on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

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December 2009
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Posted: 1/12/2013 12:38:52 AM
Yeah! I love that CHA-W is right after Christmas, makes January a lot more tolerable
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Posted: 1/12/2013 12:54:24 AM

For those in EST Australia (sydney), here are the adjusted Chat times:
3 am - Marcy Penner & Lexi Bridges
6 am - Wilna Furstenberg & Corrie Jones
8 am - Lilith Eeckels & Anna-Maria Wolniak

4 am - Paige Evans
8 am - Jill Sprott

5 am - Shannon Tidwell

7 am - Melissa Stinson & Lisa Dickinson
12 noon - Shimelle Laine

you can find me at http://scrapmachine.com/

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December 2011
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Posted: 1/12/2013 12:55:28 AM
I can't wait to see all the new products!
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December 2011
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Posted: 1/12/2013 2:13:24 AM
So excited

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March 2010
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Posted: 1/12/2013 3:53:39 AM
I am so looking forward to CHA Winter 2013. OH is out most of today, so I can indulge without interruption, perfect.

Who says playing with paper and glue is not for grown ups?
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Will I ever get to Buckethead?!

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September 2008
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Posted: 1/12/2013 4:13:43 AM
Yay so excited! I'm off to look at those videos! Thanks 2peas!

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April 2002
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Posted: 1/12/2013 4:28:59 AM
I've never uploaded a layout on this site, but I'm going to give it a go this time around. I'll be starting my PL album this weekend and will use the challenges on it.

Excited to be in a position to participate this time around.

I agree with biochemipea, the badges look fantastic! Well done as always 2 peas on the design.

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January 2008
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Posted: 1/12/2013 6:34:42 AM
Very excited!!!

my blog
Stamping Blog
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June 2012
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Posted: 1/12/2013 6:55:27 AM
So excited for my first CHA social! I didn't realize the forum would be open before 10 - that and all the blog goodies were an awesome surprise this morning!

My birthday is tomorrow so I am hoping DH gives me some good crafty time

Does anyone know if cards count for the challenges that would apply, or if it is just layouts? I do PL but am not much of a traditional scrapper
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March 2005
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Posted: 1/12/2013 7:18:04 AM
Looks like a fun weekend!

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Going Up

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May 2008
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Posted: 1/12/2013 8:15:57 AM
Yay! Love CHA time! So excited!

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Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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May 2011
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Posted: 1/12/2013 9:08:02 AM
Yay! Looking forward to some scrappy chat and play time with everyone

Child of God, follower of Jesus, and so thankful for His presence in my life <><
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September 2005
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Posted: 1/12/2013 9:55:32 AM
Happy CHA! Hoping to get some challenges done after my homework

Kirsten mom to~
Alexandria 20
Ethan 10
Owen 8 CFC syndrome,cp 29.5 wk preemie
Expecting my first grandbaby May 2013!
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