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Posted 9/30/2013 by sophiespal in General Photography


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Posted: 9/30/2013 3:56:02 PM
I am part of a corporate team at my workplace that helps organize our company's children's Christmas party. It has been suggested that we ask one of our staff if they would be interested in taking photos of children with Santa (Santa comes to our party).

We have a few staff in the past who have graciously volunteered for the photos and it has been fine - but very much snap shot quality. I am wondering if you think it makes sense to ask for a volunteer again, but maybe provide a small honorarium (e.g. $100 or so) and some general guidelines? For example, photos need to be uploaded to a disc or emailed to families following the party, no fancy photoshop editing is required, but red eye elimination would be appreciated, etc.

Again, we are grateful for the volunteer staff member who is able to take photos, but maybe raising the bar a little bit would be okay?


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Posted: 9/30/2013 6:52:11 PM
I think putting out an expectation (fixing red eye and preparing a cd) is a good idea whether or not you pay an honorarium. I wouldn't ask a volunteer to create a cd per child/family unless the company is providing the cds since that can get to be costly depending on how many children/families are involved. (our children's Christmas party is going to have 500 kids)

If you are willing to pay $100 you might look outside the corporation for an upstart photo business that can handle it (ask to see a portfolio to make sure they can handle it!) Or call a local college with a photography section and see if any upper level students would be willing to shoot it for you for that price. But I wouldn't expect them to email families or provide a cd per family. Just the cds it would take to get the images back to you. Pay when you get the cd that way they will be quicker to get it finished.

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