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Posted 1/23/2012 by prospurring in General Stamping

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Posted: 1/23/2012 12:35:56 PM
Welcome to the Stamping Board at Two Peas!

We have three regular "homegrown" Stamping Events each year - which are basically challenges by Stamping Peas for Stamping Peas. These events are in addition to the fabulous events hosted by Two Peas and their sponsors.

Our "homegrown" events are spaced once every four months:
  • Winterfest (WF) in February,
  • Worldwide Stamping Week (WSW) in June, and
  • Stamptoberfest (SOF) in October.

We have decided to standardize our events so they always start on the 2nd Saturday of the appropriate month, and always last 10 days, to include two full weekends - and the Monday after the 2nd weekend.

After most events, there is sometimes a "hangover week" for those who still want to play, or who weren't able to play during the regular event.
We hope you will stop by during our next event to play along!

We also hope you will join us NOW in the General Stamping message board (where you are right now) and the Stamping Gallery. Please feel free to ask questions, post cards and projects, leave PeaPraise on cards and projects made by others, reply to threads or start new threads in the forums, and maybe even host a challenge! We'd love to hear from you!

Here are some links to help you get started!

If you find a good resource thread that isn't listed here, please PeaMail me, so that I can add it to the list!

About stamping
Many of these have links to lots more threads - especially the Classic ones:

Hosting challenges

Card Sketches (also called recipes):

Inspiration/Past free classes


General TwoPeas stuff

Past Stamping Events for Inspiration

Many old links don't work anymore, because for a while, the word "kaboose" was part of the URL and those links are no longer recognized.
  • For old Message Board links, copy and paste the URL, then simply remove "kaboose" plus the extra dot and hit enter, and that should take you to the correct Message Board thread.
  • Daria (djc) shared this tip from Matt in the Two Peas Service Center: If the link to a gallery project/post is no longer working, hover over the link to see the URL; for example: The project ID is the number right at the end, 441935. Simply go to the gallery home page, and enter that number into the search field. The project should come right up! (Thanks, Daria, for sharing this great tip! And thanks to Matt too!)

{NOTE: Because this post is "sticky" you can't post replies. If you think something could be added, changed, or updated - or if you have questions - please PeaMail me!}

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