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Posted 11/28/2012 by lovepug2 in General Stamping


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Posted: 11/28/2012 8:44:45 AM
Hey guys, yesterday I started a thread about doing a monthly tag swap. I got some good feedback so far so I thought I would go ahead and start the sign up!

Here's the details for this challenge

Your project must be a tag. See this thread for more info regarding tags/sizes.

tag swap thoughts

You must have some stamping on your project. Whether it be directly onto the tag or some homeade stamped embellishments.

Your tag for the month of January MUST have a snowflake image on it.
Whether it be stamped, a stencil, sticker, metal embellishment or even hand drawn.

You must include the description of your tag details when you send it out to your swap mate as well as when you upload it here on 2P's. Do not upload your project until you know your partner has received it.That way they are surprised! If you are unable to upload please let me know so I can pair you with someone who can do it for you.

The deadline for signing up is Dec 2nd at midnight. I will announce swap partners on Monday December 3rd and the deadline will be that you need to have the project out to your swap mate by January 5th.

I was going to do a blog post so everyone will be able to link their projects to this challenge there but I was having site issues with the blog today. I will try it again later.

Alright I think I've touched base on everything for the January tag swap. Any other questions just let me know! If you want to participate just comment below! Have a great morning

I am also going to start a blog post for this challenge so you can link your project but I was having site issues with that today.



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January 2012
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Posted: 11/28/2012 9:07:49 AM
I'm in!!

Thank you LeighAnn!


The Craft Curmudgeon

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Posted: 11/28/2012 10:25:56 AM
Me, too!

Daniel R. Boone

Oh For Peas Sake

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January 2012
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Posted: 11/28/2012 10:36:43 AM
I will be in for the first swap! TY LeighAnn


Far North

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January 2005
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Posted: 11/28/2012 11:12:09 AM
Yes, I would like to be included.
Thanks for hosting LeighAnn!

Blog: http://farnorthdesigns.blogspot.com/


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February 2011
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Posted: 11/28/2012 12:40:32 PM
I'm in.



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March 2012
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Posted: 11/28/2012 3:48:36 PM
Me too!

Kathy in WI

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December 2011
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Posted: 11/29/2012 12:01:00 AM
Yay, what fun! I'd like to take part! And I'm glad there's such a long time-frame, cause I think I'll have to put this in the "after Christmas" basket!

Thanks LeighAnn!

(BTW, if you'd prefer not to post internationally, please let LeighAnn know)

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SWEETly Made

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Posted: 11/29/2012 5:26:41 PM
I'm in! Thanks!
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Just one more post!

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November 2012
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Posted: 12/1/2012 10:21:47 PM
I would love to participate in the swap. I do not mind sending things internationally, but I do need help with the uploading (newbie here!).

This sounds like a great way to end the old year and start the new with some crafty goodness. ~Tara


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Posted: 12/2/2012 9:15:28 AM
Please include me. Phew,I nearly misssed the deadline!

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The Craft Curmudgeon

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April 2006
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Posted: 12/2/2012 10:13:02 AM
WTG! Several 'regulars' and 'newbies'!

By my count we have 11 players (including PUG)--just shy of a dozen, but I'm betting we'll have other StamPeas joining us for Feb.

Looking forward to seeing who I make January for!

Daniel R. Boone


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Posted: 12/2/2012 11:48:57 AM
Last day to sign up!!! Glad to see some regulars and some newbies too! The sign up ends at midnight so you still have time to join. And as Daniel made a good point you don't have to sign on to do each month but hopefully we all can! This swap will be a great way to learn and expand our paper crafting. I've participated in several challenges here and already have learned so much!

Tomorrow I will draw up swap mates and post a final list in this thread of the details of the swap. I will also start a challenge blog for this so we can all link our projects up when the time comes.

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January 2008
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Posted: 12/3/2012 12:03:47 PM
Alright, the sign ups are closed! Im very pleased with the turn out. I created a new thread for the January Swap, please check there for all the details and your swap mate!

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