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Posted 8/6/2013 by Jamie Sorenson in Announcements

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Posted: 8/6/2013 11:12:10 AM
We're so excited to offer this new mini $12 workshop! Garden Girl Jill Sprott has been working hard on the material for this class for months. Her gifting as a writer and experience as a high school English teacher, combined with her passion for memory keeping and expertise as a designer, make this self-paced class one you don't want to miss.

As scrapbookers, we do not document life as passive observers -- we have the power to make meaning, sharing what matters in ways that matter. Join Garden Girl Jill Sprott for Scrapbooking from the Soul, a workshop that explores ways to embrace the "soul scrapper" within and infuse pages with layers of meaning.

In this workshop, Jill shares a variety of approaches and strategies for how to become more invested in creating layouts that feel authentic to you as well as authentically you. The workshop emphasizes in particular the role that journaling plays in enhancing meaning and contributing to a sense of unity.

To serve as a creative springboard and to help you expand your repertoire of strategies for journaling, the workshop is based on a series of challenges, each of which serves as a key, unlocking the possibilities of a page and making the idea of scrapbooking from the soul a more accessible concept.

As a member of the class, you will enjoy:

- three chapters, including

- Chapter 1: What Do I Say? This chapter focuses on ways to generate ideas for layouts and the journaling on them, including tips for "listening" to photos, finding the "flow," moving past a feeling of wordlessness, making the ordinary extraordinary, and writing through the rough stuff.

- Chapter 2: How Do I Say It? This chapter shares strategies for structuring and presenting journaling, drawing upon techniques such as using handwritten journaling, sensory language, repetition, metaphor, a stream-of-consciousness approach, and more.

- Chapter 3: Where Do I Say It? This chapter considers ways to present journaling as a seamless aspect of the design, with advice for incorporating lengthy journaling, finding a "home" for one's words, making a bold statement, and moving beyond conventional approaches to journaling.

- three videos (40+ minutes total) including start-to-finish process-based narratives relating to the key concepts in each chapter

- 30 layouts total, including 20 from Jill and 10 from fellow "soul scrappers" and peas Ashley Calder, Stephanie Howell, Caroline Ikeji, Marie Lottermoser, and Doris Sander. These layouts not only take on the fifteen challenges in the workshop, but also feature a variety of themes and topics, including childhood and adolescence, marriage (for better or worse), family, friendship, nature, food, travel, work, and more. There are even a few self-portrait and heritage pages in the mix. It's also possible that Vanilla Ice makes an appearance (but don't let that scare you away).

- Three PDFs (60+ pages total) containing thoughts about the what, how, and where of journaling, an explanation of each challenge and how it relates to scrapbooking more meaningfully, details about each layout and the creative processes behind it, and tips and strategies to use in creating your own layouts.

- exclusive design files (and versatile) cut files (also in png format)

- badges for participating in each chapter

If you would like to adopt a more thoughtful approach to your layouts, hone your journaling skills, and seek the "soul" within your scrapbooking, then this workshop was made for you.

The content for this class will be available immediately upon purchase. The lessons enable you to work at your own pace. Upon purchase, the workshop may be accessed in the Workshops section under Classes and Events. A private message board forum will be available to ask questions of Jill and to connect with other workshop participants. Enjoy!

Cost of Class: $12 | Buy now!

~ jamie

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