How to upload digi layouts on 2 PS?

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Posted 12/10/2012 by FLCindy in Digital Scrapbooking

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Posted: 12/10/2012 7:52:26 AM
I've never uploaded a layout on 2 PS.
Are there step by step instructions?

2Ps Digital Creative Team

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Posted: 12/10/2012 9:09:14 AM
Click on either Digital or Gallery above and then the upload project option.

Follow the steps
- select the project from your pc;
- add your title, any info then select scrapbooking (or other project type) and digital from the check boxes;
- add any tags from the lists supplied (need to add at least one I think, this just helps your projects turn up in any gallery searches members may carry out on certain keywords);
- check the relevant tick box if it applies to a challenge;
- add related products (if you like, not compulsory it is mainly CT's who do this, but it does mean that if you do add a product to your project, when someone views that product in store they will see your project as an example of how to use it)
- submit!

Think that's about it, it's quite straight forward now as you are guided along, but all the different pages can seem overwhelming.

2Ps Digital Creative Team

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Posted: 12/10/2012 7:34:48 PM
If you make a mistake you can edit and fix it right up. Don't ask me how I know.
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