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Posted 12/30/2012 by amybaby in Digital Scrapbooking


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Posted: 12/30/2012 10:30:17 PM
I did a traditional PL album for 2012 and am considering digital for 2013. I've done digital pages before, so I know how to do them, but these are my questions about a PL album:

* Do you print out each LO as you go, and add it to a physical album? -or-
* Do you save up your LOs and put them in a digital album (Shutterfly, etc.) at the end of the year?

* What is the most economical way to do it?

* Do you use a template for each week to keep things simplified?

* How do you incorporate mementos (ie: ticket stubs, invitations, etc.)?

Thanks for any help you can give!!!


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Posted: 12/31/2012 11:33:43 AM
I plan to do 2013 digitally. I made my own templates, and have the full set of PL templates from Jessica Sprague. I don't typically incorporate physical 'stuff' but I have taken iPhone photos of tickets and other things that I want to include in my album. If you have a scanner, you can always scan items to include in your LO. For example, I have my DS school photos that I'll scan to include in the book.

I did just order my 2012 book from Shutterfly and they gave me an option to include a pocket in the back of the book.


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Posted: 12/31/2012 12:51:01 PM
I have scanned some memorabilia and incorporated it right onto the page, but there are some things for which you want to keep the real deal item. For those I sometimes make a little pocket on the back of the lo and make a tag that sticks out so it will be obvious there is something behind the lo. I also just ordered some Doodlebug plastic sleeves that come in different combinations of pockets and plan to use those for bulkier memorabilia. I have no problem mixing in IRL stuff with my digi lo's, and I am much more likely to find the memorabilia again if it's with a related lo!

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Posted: 1/2/2013 1:19:07 AM
I am all about the physical album- that way I can add as I go. There are pockets for movie tickets, notes from the kids, strands of hair- what have you!

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Posted: 1/3/2013 8:45:45 AM
I'm doing PL as a photo a day for one month on a 12x12 print. Then, my journaling will be another 12x12 print.

If I want to scrap more, I'll scrap a few photos from my photo a day or additional photos on 12x12.


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Posted: 1/4/2013 6:33:32 AM
i go the more expensive route and print each 12x12 as an individual page to put into an album. i have included 6x12 page protectors as well as 8x10 and 5x7 to be able to add in those 'real life' memorabilia things that i want to keep together. i also use the 6x12 format for smaller layouts for birthdays or special outings that i want to highlight.

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Posted: 1/4/2013 9:29:38 PM
Hi Amy!

I just completed a blog post on how I print my digital weekly layouts as a bound book through Blurb.

You can read it here:

Also on my blog I have sample pages and other info that might help a newbie to Project Life

Good luck! You'll be so happy that you did it! It's such an amazing experience!

Take care!

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