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Posted 1/3/2013 by mobrien207 in Digital Scrapbooking


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Posted: 1/3/2013 8:33:31 AM
I've not done any digital scrapping, but just saw this software on sale for $20, a 67% savings. If you are familiar with it, I'd love to hear your feedback on it before I buy. I use a MAC, but don't have the time or inclination to try and learn Photoshop.

Also, how do you print your pages out? I don't have anywhere within 70 miles that can print a 12x12.



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Posted: 1/3/2013 6:15:11 PM
I am not familiar with that program. I do have my digital studio from Stampin Up and love it. It works on a Mac. It is so easy to use. Pricier that that one is though. It comes with a ton of digital content and is worth the money. Good luck. I save my layouts as jpeg's and then upload them to Shutterfly and print photo books. Have printed some pages at home. I plant to try out Costco as others have had good luck with them. Good luck.
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January 2005
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Posted: 1/3/2013 6:20:39 PM
Thanks. How much is the SU one? I wish I had enough friends to have a party and get some hostess rewards. Do you/ can you make cards with it? Just curioius.


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Posted: 1/10/2013 2:21:48 PM
I have used Memory Mixer 3 for a few years now. I make a book each year to give to my kids and the grandparents at Christmas of the previous years' photos. I use it on a pc, but just bought version 4 for the mac. I like the software because it is easy to use. They have many more features in the newer versions.

I purchase the books from them. I buy an 8x8 hardbound book and I have been very happy with the quality and their customer service. You can also save the pages as jpegs if you want to have another company print them. They run sales every so often and I have been lucky enough to catch them when I need a book. You can buy more paper packs, embellishments, etc from their site or even use ones you buy from another site.

I am a graphic designer and use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements on a daily basis; this program is user friendly for a beginner - I could show someone how to get started with this program in a matter of minutes. It was easy for me to just click around and learn how everything works when I first got it.

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