Jinger Adams Craft Armoire

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Posted 1/12/2013 by Leashah in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/12/2013 6:32:51 PM
I've seen it posted on FB by Moxie Fab World and PC mag but I can't find anything about it using google!

I would love to use the doors in my room for storage, well, better than the hanging shoe organizer I'm already using.

- Leashah
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Posted: 1/12/2013 6:39:43 PM
Do you have a link? I'm glad she's still in the industry after Provo Craft let her go.

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Posted: 1/12/2013 6:41:50 PM
I saw this on CK Facebook post. It looks very cool! I would love some more info.

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Posted: 1/12/2013 6:43:30 PM
Hadn't heard of it but would love to see her do well after PC let her go.

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Posted: 1/12/2013 6:57:18 PM
Jinger has a picture on her Facebook page now. It's really nice!

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Posted: 1/12/2013 7:04:41 PM
Off to take a peek.


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Posted: 1/12/2013 7:42:45 PM
Over the door Craft Armoire- genius!


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Posted: 1/12/2013 7:51:33 PM
does anyone have a picture?

Lisa DV
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Posted: 1/12/2013 7:58:51 PM
It's posted on the Moxie Fab World Facebook page. I can't get a link from my phone, sorry!

- Leashah
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Posted: 1/12/2013 8:46:14 PM
Very interested! here is the picture on facebook:

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Posted: 1/12/2013 8:51:26 PM
Is it wall mounted? Looks like you could fit a good amount of product in a relatively small space. Wonder how much it will cost?

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Posted: 1/12/2013 8:59:15 PM
That's pretty cool!

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Posted: 1/12/2013 9:01:45 PM
Saw that on facebook too, I think it hangs over the door.


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Posted: 1/12/2013 9:02:31 PM
that is so very cool now if only i had a door to put it on... mine is a slider...

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Posted: 1/12/2013 9:09:00 PM
That little thing would hold lots of goodies! Hopefully we'll see more of it.


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Posted: 1/13/2013 12:36:59 AM
That's a great idea... I love seeing stuff like this


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August 2011
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Posted: 1/13/2013 12:52:48 AM
Wow, that looks fantastic!


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Posted: 1/13/2013 10:30:57 AM
That's awesome!

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Posted: 1/13/2013 10:34:16 AM
It's a great idea. I wonder how heavy the armoire itself is.


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July 2012
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Posted: 1/13/2013 10:42:48 AM
Fabulous idea! I am going to keep a lookout.


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Posted: 1/13/2013 10:44:48 AM
Hmmmm, I am really liking that for keeping a bit of supplies in another room besides my studio. Or even for dd's room, for her own supplies on the back of her door.

Sort of loving that!


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May 2007
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Posted: 1/13/2013 11:03:09 AM
Jinger's booth is definitely on my list of places to visit today! I'll be taking photos and will definitely check out the armoire for you!

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Posted: 1/13/2013 12:51:06 PM
Looking forward to seeing the price point on this one.

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Posted: 1/13/2013 1:04:01 PM
This looks great!!!!



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Posted: 1/13/2013 2:14:09 PM
She mentioned on FB that she will be posting a video soon.

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Posted: 1/13/2013 2:19:37 PM
That looks really cool, I don't have a door I could hang it on, but I would absolutely mount it on the wall. Love all the little cube drawers and the paper storage would be great for solid colors.


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October 2004
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Posted: 1/13/2013 4:02:00 PM
Thanks for the pic. It does look pretty good. Love shopping storage almost as much as supplies.

Lisa DV
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August 2000
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Posted: 1/13/2013 6:21:04 PM
I can't wait to find out the price!


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September 2005
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Posted: 1/13/2013 6:21:16 PM
Very interesting. Looks like it might be quite useful. love to see it in action.


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November 2002
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Posted: 1/13/2013 6:23:25 PM
I can't wait to see the video on this. So happy that Ginger is back (still?)in the craft world

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Posted: 1/13/2013 7:16:42 PM
Hello everyone I am Jinger Adams Social Media & Design Team Coordinator and
I see all your interest in Jinger Adams Crafty Armiore that she released at CHA Winter 2013
This over the door craft organizer is perfect for everyone who does any type of crafting whether it be paper crafts or scrapbooking layouts.
The suggested retail is only $250.00 and is shipping is to start in April.
This has been a huge hit at that show and we are glad that so many people like the Crafty Armiore too.
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Posted: 1/20/2013 8:03:18 AM
I'm finally getting through post-processing and sharing my CHA photos, and I just put the Jinger Adams booth photos up last night if you guys want to check it out!



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Posted: 1/20/2013 10:06:37 AM
definitely check out Melissa's post! Only one more question...does anyone know the dimensions? I have a small scrapbook closet, so I need to know if it will fit...

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Posted: 1/20/2013 10:11:10 AM
I'm extremely excited about this... I wish it would come out right now! When I pulled all the older stuff out of stash to use up, I put it in neat piles in the closet, but the embellishments are going all over. This would be perfect!


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September 2012
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Posted: 1/21/2013 6:59:46 AM
Ooooh, I'd be curious on dimensions too...this looks very, very cool. While it wouldn't hold all my paper, it would hold a good amount, or those collections I'm working with at the moment.

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Posted: 1/21/2013 8:08:29 AM
Wow! That's cool. I wish I could find it right now. I showed it to DH and he told me to buy it. He *never* says stuff like that!
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