So much going that I have to organize myself to do everything

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Posted 1/13/2013 by garlandandrea in General Scrappin'

Make a Wish!

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Posted: 1/13/2013 1:20:14 PM
Sometimes I get so much excited with the Cha event here at two peas that I don't know where to begin hahaha. Watch the videos, chat in all the posts, start to make projects for the challenges, make my wish list.

How do you start? Do you do all the things or do you do some?


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Posted: 1/13/2013 7:43:30 PM
I started yesterday with the videos then popped over here to chat about them. Today it was about getting a LO done for one of the challenges. I think this is the first year I've been able to do that.

Long story short hop in where ever and just start having fun.


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Posted: 1/14/2013 12:13:53 AM
Chat first - preferably late at night when some peas are in bed and the board is moving a little slower.

Wish list last - I have to wait until I see it all! before I know for sure what I want.

Everything else somewhere in between

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Make a Wish!

PeaNut 481,199
September 2010
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Posted: 1/17/2013 5:43:50 PM
You are right, I breathed and organized haha and could make all the things some chats, now all the comments on the videos and while I'm doing that I'm taking note of what I wish and I'm pinning that here:

So after all I have my wish list very clear.

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Posted: 1/17/2013 6:15:53 PM
Chats first with wish lists in between, then I concentrate on the challenges!

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