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Posted 1/17/2013 by aerynkelly13 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/17/2013 12:59:38 PM
I've heard a lot about "oh, we've seen this before from so and so, just in different colours" or "it's the same patterns over and over again every CHA!" Well, it got me to thinking... GOOD! I dunno, maybe it's because I don't hoard, or keep things around for more than one CHA season, but I'm GLAD things look the same sometimes. If I loved a line, I've used it already, so it's nice to see something I can use again, but with slight differences for different pictures. Since I don't scrap in order, but I store in order, nothing looks the same, but I still get to make things with paper I like.

Like Amy Tan's Sketchbook for example. I loved it. Bought all of it. And used it all within 5 months. So... what's my options? Buy it again, or wait until Yes, Please is released after CHAW 2013 and get something similar but different! Although, it's not working for me with Dear Lizzy as Lucky Charm is a turn off when I liked Neapolitan so much!

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Posted: 1/17/2013 1:28:18 PM
I think Lucky Charm might be more to your liking as a Neapolitan fan once you start to see it in smaller doses. All together as a collection, the bolder colours in the palette look more obvious, but taken piece by piece, the softer tones can make for a different look. Just something to keep in mind. (Well, if it's the colours that make it / break it for you, anyway!)

But yes, I think Yes, Please will definitely appeal to those who liked Sketchbook. I quite like Amy's idea of a spring/summer palette and an autumn/winter palette within her colour scheme. Yes, Please is more delicate in design than Ready Set Go but some of the colours really pack a punch. And she's built in a lot of ways to customise this collection with the stitching and the pens, so if you like it really neon, you can do that, or you can pull it back to the softer shades.

I'm with you though on the idea that CHA doesn't always have to be just innovation, innovation, innovation. When people say things about 'oh, it's still just paper and stickers', I have to laugh, because paper and stickers = exactly why I'm there!

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Posted: 1/17/2013 1:42:13 PM
I was thinking I might be able to cherry pick from Lucky Charm, but the red and the navy are definitely a deal breaker. Two colours I really don't enjoy at all.

But yeah, I create so much, I enjoy the repeats, the similarities. I like when a company stays predictable. Catching new people is cool, yeah, but I get sad when a company goes off the rails with innovation and loses its old fans. Like BasicGrey. I was such a fan, now they've lost me. I think Crate may have picked me up again, I saw bits of a new line that I liked.

All in all though, I scrap and create a lot, my stash stores are nearly depleted, and I can't wait for more stuff to play with!

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Posted: 1/18/2013 9:45:56 AM
I really love how Amy & Liz's collections keep a similar feel; I have never bought a whole line of anything, but I can mix and match from all of their different lines and it works.

On the other hand, I also don't even check out Basic Grey anymore (though I did buy a bunch of the Fact & Fiction stuff at J's because it was SOOO cheap) and I haven't bought any paper from My Mind's Eye in many years because it all looks the same to me.


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Posted: 1/18/2013 10:11:54 AM
Well the "same" that people might be referring to is the brand identity or the trends. Most of us that hang here can recognize an OA product from a mile, that is what is called branding. Companies have to have a signature. They diverse their signatures into brands. We expect that recognition and establish a little of a trust that we are going to like it. That is why when Lizzy threw that navy blue most of us said "what the heck??. But then we saw Amy's and said: "yes Please!" because we are ready for more of the pastels trend. This for me was very calculated by AC. They let Lizzy and Amy stretch their creativities a bit more while still providing products that meets the consumers expectation. I think when people say products are the same, they are mostly expecting new out of the blue trends because most of the times they are not happy with the trends of the moments. I tell ya, when everything was brown and dark harvest colors I was not that happy. I remember KI memories and doodlebug starting the color party like no ones bussinnes!!

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Posted: 1/18/2013 10:29:02 AM
IMO there is a difference between "the same feel" and "the same." I like that I can count on Dear Lizzy to produce soft, girly collections, but I love some unexpected variety thrown in, like the red and navy. But some companies make an IDENTICAL pattern in a different color. That's not interesting to me. And Amy has a sheet of PP in Yes, Please! that is the same exact sheet from Sketchbook but perhaps a tinge lighter. That's weird to me. I don't expect a company to have drastically different releases each time, but it would be nice if they didn't look the same with one slight difference.

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