Crop Nightmare Stories

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Posted 7/14/2007 by daisysmom in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 7/14/2007 8:03:18 PM
I thought this might be a fun thread...

My bf and I went to a crop at an aquaintance's house. We knew the gal, but had never been to her house to scrap. WELL, there wasn't enough room at the table for us in the kitchen, so she set up a card table in the family room for us (within shouting distance of the kitchen). The family room was occupied by 6 teenagers (2 of them her kids)--two were making out, and the other 4 were playing a video game at top volume. And every time one of them made a mistake playing, they screamed the "F" word at the top of their lungs!!! My friend and I just sat there stunned--at first we thought they were playing a joke on us.

Long story short, my friend text messaged her husband to call back with a "Timmy fell down the well" story. He called, she pretended her dd was sick with a fever, and we packed up and left! We laughed the entire way home. Although we felt badly we lied, we realized quickly that we weren't going to get much scrapping done there.

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Posted: 7/14/2007 8:35:52 PM
Ha! That's funny! I wonder about people know, are they for real?


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Posted: 7/14/2007 9:37:26 PM
Mine is not so funny, but I once paid a lot of money for an all day crop, and still managed to forget to bring along my tool holder! I had absolutely nothing I needed- no adhesive, scissors, paper trimmer, nothing! I called my hubby to see if he could bring it to me, but he had to go to work and could only meet me half-way to the crop to drop it off. We met at a dollar store on a main road, at which point my girlfriends who were with me decided to shop there! I paid money to run around getting my tools and shop at a dollar store, and do it in the pouring rain, too! I hate having my scrap stuff out when it's raining! Other than enjoying being out with my girlfriends, that crop really stunk!


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Posted: 7/14/2007 9:44:53 PM
That first story sound like some akward expierences I had at a high school party! LOL! I have to admit you were nicer then me. I think I would have just told them this is to much. No thanks. I guess that is what hubby's are for! I have been lucky and have all good expierences thus far.


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Posted: 7/14/2007 10:04:52 PM
I got attacked under the table by a cat........and I did not know the hostess. Left early and never saw them again.

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Posted: 7/14/2007 10:19:53 PM
i drove two hours to visit a friend and go to a crop with her. (another 30 mins drive from her house.) We get all the way out there and I realize I left my photos AT HOME! And I'm the kind of SB'er that needs her photos. I did do some layouts w/o photos but I wasn't thrilled with the way they came out. They were just "ok" and it was such a long drive home the next day and I was exhausted since it was a night time crop and I got sleep deprived and cranky... no more all night crops for me! Not until my kids are older anyway! And when I leave for crops now, I always double check for my photos!!

Other than that I've been lucky except for some ladies with foul mouths but nothing so bad I felt I had to leave...

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Posted: 7/14/2007 11:10:06 PM
I've left my photos at home before....had to go back and get them.

I've found out the hard way that I have to be extra careful about cropping at people's houses. Once I was invited to crop on a pool table. Very uncomfortable. I have a great desk...why would I want to hunch over a pool table?

I'd have been out of there after the first F word and I would have told the hostess why. That was pretty rude of them to put you in another room and let kids curse!!! I also hate it when women talk about their sex lives at a crop. G-R-O-S-S. I get a mental picture and it's usually not pretty. I don't mean to - I just have a very vivid imagination. I hate it.


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Posted: 7/15/2007 3:23:25 AM
I'm with Tracie, I do NOT tollerate the "F" word at all. I would have packed up right then and there and I would have told the hostess exactally why. No need to make excuses for their rude behavior.

But I have such a nice set up at home that I never go to scraps, not even the cool National Scrapbook Day event my LSS holds. Even the lure of drawings and make-n-takes can't pull me away from my own home workshop. And I never really get anything done in a group setting because I talk too much, LOL.


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Posted: 7/15/2007 8:29:53 AM
I'm with you, I rarely go to crops. I have a job that requires me to interact with people all day. It is nice to be alone doing what I love. Lately, I have been tempted because I'm constantly interrupted my DH and kids. I swear I never get more than an hour of scrapping done before I have to play taxi to one of my boys.


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June 2003
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Posted: 7/15/2007 8:31:10 AM
I forgot, I once went to a crop and the rabbit kept hopping around pooping and the dog kept running under the table. Children and pets need to be out of the way.

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Posted: 7/15/2007 8:40:21 AM
No really bad horror stories here, thank goodness.

Just personal pet peeves. Ya know, like clique-ness, sex talk, showing me every stinking picture they have, asking me questions every minute of what to do next.

Stuff like that.

Last crop I went to, the sex talk was BAD. It was one VERY clique-ish group. Most of them were pub'd scrappers.

But hey, at least the "F" bomb was never used.

Oh, and it kinda creeped me out that the hubby's would come in with their children and just "hang out". WTH? Don't they see each other at home every day? Sheesh.

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Posted: 7/15/2007 9:38:12 AM
Oh my, WOW! I bet you didn't know you were going to get a show with your scrappin time.


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Posted: 7/15/2007 9:44:47 AM
That's hilarious! I would have probably left too. I don't scrap well with my own family distractions, let alone someone else's!

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Posted: 7/15/2007 9:47:20 AM
This girl and I hosted a crop at my office. She invited friends and so did I. One of her friends (Whom I had never met) walked around to all the tables and took peoples personal items to use without asking. I find that totally rude, and was more than happy when she left. I don't mind people using my stuff if they ask, but I don't even think this girl brought any adhesive. Hello, bring your own stuff to use.

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Posted: 7/15/2007 10:00:04 AM
I went to a crop at one of those conventions with 300 other women. The only problem was the chairs. They were ancient saggy folding chairs. WHen you sat in one, the talbe was at armpit level. Now who can scrap that way?? So everyone had to stand the whole time. The only women who were comfortable sitting were the ones in those driving scooters.

Otherwise it was fun. I had a nice group of women. We ALMOST won the scavenger hunt and I finished a lot of pages...but my feet hurt.


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July 2004
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Posted: 7/15/2007 10:08:48 AM
WHen I was in Columbus, oh last year I heard on the news that a woman was raped at a hotel at 3 am on her way back to her room while she was at a large crop there - that is a true nightmare story!! Other than that my only nightmare is being used as a bad example at a CM crop for using metals (brads) on my page - I was pretty embarressed and needless to say I didn't show the hostess my stuff anyone - of course lots of the women fell in love with all my goodies and everyone wanted to know where I had gotten this or that! lol


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Posted: 7/15/2007 10:26:18 AM
I was just at a FREE crop 2 weeks ago at my lss. The owners sold the store and wanted to hold the crop as a thank you to their customers. It started at 5pm and they served pizza at 6:30pm. The women who sat directly across from me didn't show up until 5 minutes before the food arrived. When the owners started serving the pizza, the ladies across from me began taking out their own food--then proceeded to make bruschetta! They had basil and fresh parmesean and tomatoes and bread! (Honestly, is it really all that different from pizza?) They had a look of disdain on their face as they watched the rest of us eat our pizza. I have no idea why they didn't eat at home before they came, just wanted to be fancy I guess, and wanted the rest of us to know it.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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Posted: 7/15/2007 10:34:36 AM
What a nightmare you had!

I've attended too many bad crops to list them all, but I'll share a few with you: I was invited to a crop at a home where the hostess sold scrapbooking supplies. I was stuck in the middle of a room that was pretty tightly packed with tables. There were two rectangular tables on the ends of mine which was round! I had no room to spread out and a lot of children interruptions from the Hostess' children wanting something to eat. One kid came in and started drawing pictures on my half of the table (the other tables were empty at the time. The hostess never said a word to him. Her Dh interrupted a lot and complained too. and there were many late arrivals. The Scrapbook store was set up on the couch, coffee tables and floor in the livingroom, you had to climb over stuff to look at the items. The people were friendly but, I left my room to pay for this! I couldn't wait to leave.

Here's another one: The crop said they'd would have dinner for us, so I drove in a snow storm with a friend who refused to cancel. She refused to cancel and drive, though she had promised to drive in the bad weather, because I did not want to go once the storm hit. When I arrived at her house, she jumped into my car as I was parking and refused to drive. Stuck with the driving I began the long drive due to the weather everything took forever. We passed hundreds of restaurants up, because the listing said dinner would be served. We got there and found out all they had were sugary snacks. The listing was old they told us and they no longer offered dinner for the Friday night portion of the crop. I was starving for most of the evening and couldn't run out to get food because of the weather. I ate every apple off the snack table. Their goodie bags had really old stuff in them and ( I checked the bottom of some of the stickers and they had 1990's dates on them). I just threw the stuff in the garbage. My friend kept talking during the crop and asking for advice on her LOs. It was very disruptive. It took me 4hrs to get home when and we finally left after 2:00 a.m. because the friend wanted her money's worth! I remember staggering into the house after 6:00 a.m. Saying never again!

The worst crop was a CM crop that I attended where I only vaguely knew the hostess. The room was so junky you could barely move without knocking something down upon yourself! It was tight. She even had alot of stuff on the table you were supposed to scrap at! The snacks were 3 items that were placed on the mess behind you. Her friends were unfriendly and didn't like me showing up with my non CM supplies. They complainted to my face about the pounding sounds of my eyelet setter (Pre-Cropodile days)and told me I was distracting them with my use of different products.

The children kept interrupting me to ask me if I could show them how to use this or that in my supplies. They'd pick up something of mine and start handling it. They said they had never seen their Mom use any of this stuff before. Her dog was everywhere and he was pretty hyper. He was a big yellow lab and he was all over our stuff. She was supposed to charge for attending, but as I was leaving the hostess said she wouldn't charge me since her kids interrrupted me so often and her other friends didn't show up. I told her that was fine since I would have had a problem with her, if I had had to pay for that crop! I never attended anything else of hers.

So I feel your pain. Sometimes we need to ask more questions before we venture out. I'm glad you guys left. I always made the mistake of sticking them out.


Coffee-Fueled Pea

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Posted: 7/15/2007 1:48:31 PM
Thanks for sharing your stories! Glad to know I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience.

Alma-Marie--You have my sympathies! Four hours in snow to a crop is a lot to ask from a friend--you were a gem to go.


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Posted: 7/15/2007 3:23:38 PM
I love weekend crops and attend them often. I love the ones I go to in CT, never any nightmares there (unless they are self-induced like pounding my finger with the hammer!!)

I attended a different weekend crop once alone. My friends couldn't attend but I wanted to go so I went ahead anyway. The hotel was nasty/dirty, a bellhop ran into me with a luggage cart as he went quickly down the hallway, and the food was cold. Since I was alone, I was excited to meet new people. The women at my table were sort of clique-ish. They asked about my husband and kids, and when I told them I as single with no kids, one of the women had the nerve to ask me in a not so pleasant manner--"then why do you even scrapbook?? What could you possibly have to show?"



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January 2005
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Posted: 7/15/2007 3:40:27 PM
I will appologize now because its going to be long! Well!!! I thought I had some stories!! You guys have some great ones to tell!! I know it seems horrible at the time ...but they always make for a good laugh later!

The first crop I went to was at a hotel and it was an all nighter .We arrived 15 min before the crop actually started to get a good seat and the CM consultants were ready and sitting at the door but they wouldn' t let us in to the room until EXACTLY 6:00. We stood there with about 25 other women with all of our stuff and waited patiently. There were 92 ladies there and it was simply packed!! You could not even move. If I wanted to get up , I had to warn the lady behind me , so I wouldn't bump her and if I wanted to get out a piece of paper from my bag under the table I had to get up and then actually crawl on the floor to get it out.
The head cm consultant was really into the 'games' part of it , so we all had a bingo card of things to achieve throughout the night. she also had a drawing EVERY 30 minutes( and not a moment sooner--very very anal!) for pages completed. Which was nice and she was giving away some good stuff ,BUT...EVERY TIME she drew a name out she blew a whistle to get our attention!! Not a little whistle , a Playground whistle. It was SO LOUD! Not very good for the creative mojo! That got old real quick!!

Then at the end of the evening she gave away a prize to the person who did the most pages and two ladies had a tie. I think they both did a complete album and 30 some pages each . The only problem was that one of the albums was an 8x8 CM album with a few stickers here and there and the other was a 12x15 CM album completely embellished and journaled!! The lady with the 8x8 thought that she should win the big prize(which I think was a big album some pages and a basket of supplies), the other lady was just furious that she thought she should win!! I thought for sure there was goimg to be a catfight!! It was getting bad and then finally I think the consultant decided to give something to both ladies . I felt so bad for the consultant I think she was about to cry! I couldnt and still cant believe that lady seriuosly thought she should win over the larger more embellished album. I would have been so embarrased if she was in my group!!
Some other wierd things happened that night of the hotel guests came down and yelled at us for being too loud and actually unplugged our cd player from the wall!
Even with all of these things I still go to the crops( now things are better , NO WHISTLE! ) and I do enjoy them ! Can't wait to see more stories! Joan

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Posted: 7/15/2007 3:52:43 PM
Went to a crop at a store in Brighton that has now was a free crop my friend and I had won somehow.

I thought the owner was nice, but we sat by these 2 sisters that talked about sex, some type of Christian child raising and religion all night....then they got mad when we politely tried to ignore them

basket of peas

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Posted: 7/15/2007 6:18:58 PM
there's nothing quite like going to a crop being held in a home of someone that is an acquaintance...the house smelled like something had died in the next room and the table had stuck on food at just about every place there was a chair. The room where the crop was held had so much junk piled high on the floor there was no place to set your crop bag. I got up to use the rest room and about died when I saw a Pent House magazine opened up to a picture of something that I won't describe and the bathroom was just plain NASTY dirty! I made a quick excuse and left! I was invited a couple more times to attend crops there, I never returned the phone calls...some people just take the cake!


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January 2007
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Posted: 7/15/2007 6:28:28 PM
My BF and I went to a weekend crop....and when we checked in and got our key...we loaded everything up and went to our room 1st....I put the key in .... pushed open the door...and inside stood a naked man...LOL....we got to laughing so the time we got back down to the desk....he had already called and said that 2 women had broken into his room....that was not a very hansome picture to have in your head to start our weekend off.....but we still get a good laugh about it...and are very slow to open doors to our rooms when we go now!!

basket of peas

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Posted: 7/15/2007 6:31:09 PM
I would have laughed so hard they'd have to pick me up off of the floor!


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July 2007
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Posted: 7/15/2007 8:16:24 PM
Since I usually crop at home I have no good stories but I love reading yours! Thanks for sharing and making me giggle!



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Posted: 7/15/2007 10:42:24 PM
I can't think of anything to add, but I'm btting this because I think it's so funny.

Coffee-Fueled Pea

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Posted: 7/19/2007 2:27:21 AM

Just content to be ME pea...

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Posted: 7/19/2007 8:42:34 AM
I guess my worst crop nightmares involved cliquey women being bitchy and petty.

I was at a very large crop (held in a convention center auditorium) and this big group of "gal pals" dragged a few tables away from everybody else and set up their own little area off in a corner. They were also making fun of other people at the crop, doing the whole, point, stare, whisper, and giggle thing when somebody would walk past their table on the way to the restroom or refreshment table. Badmouthing the refreshments, badmouthing the area the crop was held in (It was *ghetto* to them). Just being snarky petty bitches all night and drawing a lot of attention to themselves. When doorprizes were being given out, one won a doorprize but said loudly enough for the crop sponsors and half the auditorium to hear "That's not even worth getting out of my chair for". So, the crop sponsor brought the prize to her table and she made a show of handling it like it was a turd or something, with her nose in the air and a sneer on her face. She even shoved it to the edge of the table. When the "galsy palsies" packed up and left (making a LOT of noise and fuss and talking about how lame the crop was) they made a big show to leave the prize behind, in the center of the tables they shoved together. Which, to be honest, it was a fairly nice prize, I would have been happy to win it. The crop sponsor just put it in with the box of things people were donating for a youth fellowship cropping stash. They also ran down the goody bags and cherry picked the few things they wanted out of them and made a big show of throwing them into the trash on their way out the door. The crop sponsor rescued them and put them in the donation box as well.

Frankly, I was embarassed for them, as were some other women there. I guess they thought they were cool and special and all, but they came across as pre-teens who never managed to hack it in the adult world.


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Posted: 7/19/2007 8:55:35 AM
Oh Tracyarts - I don't know if I could've stand being around those ppl.

How rude. I hope some of those women are peas and see this thread and figure out it was one of them being so childish.

I haven't been to a convention crop yet, but your story makes me hold back on trying one even more.

Nicole in TX
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Posted: 7/19/2007 9:51:34 AM
No naked men, F-words, or Penthouse involved but I did meet someone online who happened to live in my same small town. She invited me over to crop, I packed up all my stuff, headed over and when I got there she wasn't there and her kids didn't know when she would be back.

She never called?


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February 2005
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Posted: 7/19/2007 10:02:06 AM
I don't have any nightmare stories - yet...but I am reading this thread with great interest. I am hosting a crop at my house next week...this is definitely helping me see what NOT to do.


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September 2006
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Posted: 7/19/2007 10:52:27 AM


wouldn't it have been great if the rest of ya'll started to applaud as these women left...I think I would have been tempted to do that.

my crop nightmare was a recent one...
seems organizers' entire extended family showed up, (this was at a hotel)(I'm okay w/kids at a home crop, but not when I pay for a hotel/convention crop)..not just kids, but husband and inlaws and...parents...

and the crop room was set in the middle of the hotel, between of course, during the night, guests complained. (hotel's design not organizers)

oh and the lighting was bad, and the games were constant..and difficult
and not fun.

so, I ended up leaving early and setting up in my hotel room.

don't get me wrong, I liked the organizer and event overall, just not the crop portion


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May 2007
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Posted: 7/19/2007 12:07:19 PM
These posts crack me up, but it also saddens me that they reinforce people's ideas that crops can go very, very badly. I crop outside my home by necessity and have attended several really fun, really well run crops where I got a lot done and met some great people. I encourage all of you who are interested to try one out - they can be a lot of fun.

Ok, back to the nightmares. By no means do I want to discourage these stories, they really do make me laugh.


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August 2006
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Posted: 7/19/2007 12:53:22 PM
I go to a lot of crops, and there seems to always be one person who is loud/rude/needy/snobby something. But fortunately I don't let things bother me too much. However, we went to a crop recently at a big hotel in the middle of no whwere, very nice hotel, but obviously the only thing around. There were a lot of events going on, and it was amazing the # of outside people who walked into the crop room and looked around! There was a large group of obnoxious women - as my friend put it "they never got to go to college and belong to a sorority so now they come to crops and act like teenagers". They got the folks to play the entire CD of "High School Musical". My friends who have pre-teen girls recognized what it was. But the worst part was that the high school prom was held next door on Sat nite, and the walls were just not made to hold back all that loud base music. It almost made our tables and chairs bounce around!! We had to go to bed early that nite But fortunately I have had mostly great experiences with crops.


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February 2004
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Posted: 7/19/2007 12:56:00 PM
I go away for a weekend with friends a few times a year. We rent a house with five bedrooms and it's a blast. This place is about 2 1/2 hours away from our homes.

Well, the last time we went on our weekend, I went a day early with another friend. Mind you, we had so much "crap" packed up that we took two cars. Yes, this was just our "own" stuff.

Anyway, when we arrive, we unpacked all our stuff and low and behold.....I forgot my bag with my clothes in it! I had every imaginable scrapbook tool, rubons, stickers, quikutz, paper, cardstock, you name it!!! But I forgot my clothing, undies, and toothbrush! LOL.

Thankfully, another friend was coming up that same day and she stopped by my house and picked up my bag of clothes for me!

Oh well, what can I say...I only had one thing on my mind...scrapping!


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April 2004
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Posted: 7/19/2007 1:13:37 PM
I would love it if just once, the "gal pal" types would show up here and share their side of things. Or the Bruschetta chicks. I would definitely love to hear from them. How about the scrappers whose dh's don't seem to be able to stay home alone. Can you imagine a guy bringing the little wifey to the poker game?! And you know its the wives who make them come hang out, sometimes the dh's just look so darn sheepish.

C' know who you've read these stories, not just here but in other threads, you must recognize yourself...I don't even care if you post anon....I'd just love to hear your thoughts!


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Posted: 7/19/2007 1:46:52 PM
Yipes I've never been to a crop but these stories are making me laugh!

Once I was invited to one - but only after it was made clear that this was an exclusive event and I was very lucky to be getting an invite (hosted by the wife of one of DH's acquaintances). They wanted to know how long I had been scrapping and if I was any "good". She wouldn't even call or email me to talk about it, she communicated through her husband, who emailed my husband. I swear it felt like I was trying to get a job interview -forget that!

Bring me that horizon!

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Posted: 7/19/2007 2:06:11 PM
Well, my husband won't show up but I will admit he stopped by at an all-weekend crop I went to last winter. I paid for the hotel room so he brought the kids swimming and they stopped in to say hi and get the key. They didn't stay to chat though!

It was at this same crop we had a group of very obnxious people sitting at the table near us. Loud talkers, even louder laughers, inappropriate conversation, and they cut in line in every single make and take - they just pushed their way right to the front. It was very distracting and frustrating.

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Posted: 7/19/2007 2:10:22 PM

I once went to a crop and the rabbit kept hopping around pooping

What tickled me about this line was "the" rabbit. As if, you know, every crop has a rabbit right?

I'm cool with animals (we have a goat for gosh sakes!) but I'm not so into livestock in the main cropping area. I think that should be a 'no' ;0

Mine pales - it was at a CM sponsored crop a few years ago (and my CMC is very cool about "contraband" but .. there were complaints about the "pounding" of eyelets, etc. so they set up a table in an unheated entry way outside the crop room. So, you had to go out there in your PJs (it was an all-nighter) in this chilly, badly lit room to pound eyelets. Meanwhile, you are standing in front of a glass wall with the traffic going by right outside the windows. I often wonder what those drivers thought "there appear to be these crazed, pajama clad women hammering something in there ..."

Meanwhile, INSIDE the "sacred quiet crop space" a newborn baby had been toted along and cried from time to time while mom received a back/neck massage (for an additional fee) at the back of the room.

Truthfully, I can totally tune out a baby - but it seemed rather ironic after the "great eyelet pounding incident" sent all the scofflaws into a cold, dark hall

I'm Alive!

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Posted: 7/19/2007 2:26:33 PM
I don't get a chance to scrap at home so crops are important to me.

The people that have their cell phones ring the second they ended the last call, then proceed to talk to whoever like they have an invisible bubble around them. I hate cell phones.

The person who thought she should be able to bring her dog to a crop at the LSS. WTH. a little bed the whole works, dog also liked to lift leg and spot IYKWIM glad I was at far end of table, hate the smell of dog urine ewwwwww

Getting put outside the crop room at the LSS because they overbooked, and sharing a table with someone that needed had held the entire time.

Showing up for a "beach Boy" themed crop at LSS in February, that was supposed to be complete with music, food, goodies etc. They couldn't get the CD to play, the pizza was two hours late and they ordered two small for over twenty women, no goodie bag, no make and take, and not one single door prize. The fact that there was a howling cold blizzard that night just made me grumpier.

I so want my own space to crop so I don't have to deal with all that.


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Posted: 7/19/2007 2:28:40 PM
Well, I guess I can confess to maybe being an obnoxious crop person. Our CK University group met at an Archiver's and we were having a good time together and laughing and making noise. I went around to other tables and talked to people and ooohed and ahhhed at their work. I suppose some people could call that loud, rude, and obnoxious behavior, but I certainly wasn't thinking that is the only crop I have ever attended.


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Posted: 7/19/2007 2:49:49 PM
I had a new friend who invited me over to crop in her craft room. She had something like a sunroom on the backside of her house, great light, long tables. Well it started raining really hard outside and one of the doors leaked so the floor flooded. I moved my stuff before it got wet but she just shook it off and said it happens all the time and went sloshing around in the water like it was no big deal. Then her daughter comes downstairs, fresh from a shower in her towel, then has an argument with her mom about not being allowed to go somewhere. Totally awkward for me. I was trying to be nice since we had mutual friends in common and some of them said that this lady really needed some friends. She told me before I came over that she would provide dinner, I told her she didn't have to, I would eat before I came but she insisted. She has a crockpot with chicken in it on the counter, I thought that was what we would be eating, instead she served me a salad, like side salad size and she puts some sort of cheese chunks on top. I figure I will roll with it and as I have about ate half of the salad she asks me if the cheese tastes funny because she had left it out on the counter the other day and wasn't real sure about it. I finally feigned being tired and told her I had to leave, she walks me out to my car and says that she's enjoyed my coming over to crop and wants me to come back in a few days and maybe we could start cropping 2 or 3 times a week and make up projects for each other to do. I told her I would have to see what my schedule was like and never called her again. We never really got much cropping done as she just wanted to go through my stuff to see what I had. Anyway, will never do that again.


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Posted: 7/19/2007 3:37:17 PM
Oooo, I forgot my other crappy crop!...Yeah, I know, lucky me, huh?

I went to a certain LSS crop for the first time. It was advertised as a crop from 6pm - midnight, with food provided. (The other LSS in town had provided a full meal and dessert, so I assumed that's what food meant.) So I arrive at 6pm sharp, and there are only 2 people in the crop room, neither one of which can be bothered to speak to me. I was almost thinking maybe I have the wrong date? I start in on my project and figure out that the "hostess" is giving a private class to the other gal in the room.

After awhile I wanted to purchase something and asked how. She handed me a piece of paper and said write it all down. Well, crap, I wanted to but there were no prices (or signs up) on any of their papers! I had to interrupt her and the other gal several times to figure it out.

Then my food came, with no drink. It was a bag of potato chips that I hate, and a container of dip I hate! I choked down a few chips to be polite, but they were very thick, and stuck in my braces-- Ugh!!

About 7:30pm the other gal leaves, and I finally figure out I am the ONLY ONE who showed for this "crop"! I felt so awkward, but I was determined to relax and enjoy my time away from the family. I worked on a 12x12 clipboard that said "Homework" along the bottom, and enjoyed myself....until around 9:00 when my hostess starts telling me how tired she is, and yawning, and starts putting away the things she was working on, and bugging me! And I start getting really thirsty! (Although she was very admiring of my project.) By 9:30pm she made me so annoyed and uncomfortable I packed up and went home.

The kicker... 2 weeks later I went back to shop at the store. One of their upcoming classes was ... a 12x12 clipboard that says homework on the bottom, using the exact same papers I had used!!! That woman totally stole my project idea without even asking or telling me!

Luckily, the store was shortly sold to new owners and moved to a new location. I think she still works there, but I haven't seen her again. And I won't ever crop there, of course!


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August 2006
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Posted: 7/19/2007 3:41:07 PM
I have been seriously ROFLMAO at these stories!!! Some of them are too funny for words!!!

Ok, now my own bad stories -

Let's see, there's the crop where the hostess ran out of food and then fell asleep on us. We weren't sure if we should stay or wake her so she could go to bed. We ended up just leaving.

Then there was my crop where a lady showed up with her kid at 11 p.m.; my kids were already in bed so her kid whined for 2 hours about how she was bored and wanted to watch tv, etc. Mind you that the kid was only 3. Then the lady (who never, ever brought snacks to the crops she attended and always managed to eat first and take food home) made her kid a plate of food that she didn't eat but left sitting on the kitchen table when she left. How rude!

My last store crop (about 2 years ago now) was full of cliques, loud talkers (no cursers, thankfully) and the people who seemed to do more scouting out other's pages & supplies than actually scrapbooking themselves. Constant interruptions - never again!!!

I will not attend store crops unless they are private events and I either crop alone or with one of my crop groups these days. Not worth it otherwise.

Keep the stories coming!!!!

~ Darvi


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Posted: 7/19/2007 4:24:10 PM
I just relaized that I am an obnoxious cropper! I cut up and make jokes and try to make everyone laugh...guess I should tone it down....


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February 2007
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Posted: 7/19/2007 4:25:24 PM
Thank you so much for making me smile. I was having a bit of a rough day but you all made me laugh!

I was at a CM crop several years back and at the time I use mostly CM products but I was starting to realize there was a whole other scrapbooking world. So I pulled out some non-CM stuff and the demonstrator stood over my shoulder the entire time I use my non-CM stuff (20 minutes at least) and she kept making comments about my page. And then she had a bunch of other people come and look at my page so she could tell them it wasn' t CM product. I left shortly afterward, never spoke to her again and never placed another order again.



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February 2007
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Loc: With my own Mr. Darcy...

Posted: 7/19/2007 4:25:26 PM
Thank you so much for making me smile. I was having a bit of a rough day but you all made me laugh!

I was at a CM crop several years back and at the time I use mostly CM products but I was starting to realize there was a whole other scrapbooking world. So I pulled out some non-CM stuff and the demonstrator stood over my shoulder the entire time I use my non-CM stuff (20 minutes at least) and she kept making comments about my page. And then she had a bunch of other people come and look at my page so she could tell them it wasn' t CM product. I left shortly afterward, never spoke to her again and never placed another order again.



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Posted: 7/19/2007 4:30:14 PM
This is the funniest thread I've read in a while!!!

(Un)fortunately, I don't have any bad stories to add...

Keep em' coming!


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Posted: 7/19/2007 4:32:44 PM
A few years ago I went to a big crop in Madison WI. I drove up from Chicago and met a friend there. She and I had a great time cropping together, but the event itself was awful.

First, the advertising implied that there would be lunch included, but when we went back and checked it merely said lunch available or something like that. Well the crop was held at this huge convention center that was mostly closed for the weekend. There was one snackbar open right outside the crop room and they started selling out of the most popular lunch items with only a couple of junk food items and some brats available for purchase. My friend and I had decided to crop through the lunch crush and eat a bit later and there was nothing available when we stopped to eat at about 1:30.

Second, there was a sale section that was supposed to have all kinds of great stuff available and they really played up the vendors that were supposed to be in attendence. Well, it was a big expo and there were a lot of vendors there, but most of what was available was clearance stuff.

third, back on the food topic. The advertising clearly stated that snacks and drinks were included and would be available all day. "Drinks" turned out to be water. no coffee, no soda, no anything, just water. "Snacks" consisted mainly of a huge bowl of pretzels. Three, or maybe four times over the course of the day a platter of cookies was put out - with maybe 50 cookies on the tray, but there were over 200 people at the crop, so those cookies disappeared awfully quickly.

Finally, the organizers were a tight group. The periodic announcements were laced with inside jokes and many of the games required knowledge that only people very familar with the group would know. As outsiders to the group my friend and I had very little chance of winning any of the prizes, except for those that were straight up raffles (which to be honest, my friend did win a very cool prize)

So, $40 for a crop with little in the way of food or drinks, limited opportunity to purchase tasteless, low quality food, clearance rack products for sale and a cliquish attitude among the organizers who did very little to make newbies to the group feel welcome.
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