Crop Nightmare Stories

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Posted 7/14/2007 by daisysmom in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 10/8/2007 9:37:44 PM
Okay, ya'll....I am the petite, soft spoken polite scrapper who hosts crops but has the husband that wants to come in the room and talk to all the girls. Yep! He even came to a weekend crop at the LSS once just to pop in and say hello. He was a HIT, of course, b/c of his smashing personality, I was soooooooo embaressssssed, I was four shades of red. I just wanted him to go. He ended up being some of their basketball coaches in high school and when he left some of them said, "Oh, I had your husband in high school!"..."Oh, I had your husband too!...Tee Hee..Ha Ha ...BwaaaHaaHaaaa!!! He comes in the den to see what snacks everyone has brought...and since he is 6'8" tall and from New York with a thick accent and big biceps with tatoos (which he just happens to flex while eating those goobers) they stop scrapping and start talking to him. "Just how tall are you?', "Are you from New York or somewhere?" , "Gosh, do you play basketball?'"....then it's ALL ABOUT BOB! Seriously, that's my husband's name. And it is...ALL ABOUT BOB. I instruct him to STAY IN THE BEDROOM!!! One night his boxing match was on that he planned to watch for weeks. I thought I was home free. HIS TV WENT OUT MINUTES BEFORE!!!! HOLY CRAP. He came into the kitchen and looked at me from over the bar into the den where we were scrapping and was POUTING. I finally had to invite him to watch the fight on the tv in the den where we were. The girls were polite, of course, and said they did not mind and some were gracious enough to ask boxing questions periodically, but I felt badly that I might be creating one of those CROPPING HORROR STORIES THAT YOU READ ABOUT ON TWO PEAS....LIKE THIS THREAD...KNOW WHAT I MEAN? In all seriousness, my husband is great, and he really supports my hobby, but he is a "CROP CRASHER"....there...I said it! Bob the crop crasher.

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Posted: 10/13/2007 8:52:46 PM
Last night I had a girl somewhere between 10 and 12 decide I was her new best friend and kept coming over and interrupting what I was doing, moving my stuff around and all that sort of fun stuff. The best part of it was when her mom told me how happy she was that her daughter had me to bother so that she could get some scrapping done.

*mouth open in shock*



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Posted: 10/13/2007 11:43:39 PM
Oh my. I've been sitting here for over an hour, completely amused. I need to get to bed, but this has been so entertaining that I'm sorry to have gotten to page 8!

Have to say this made me laugh out loud:

She said in a booming voice "Can I have everyone's attention, please? I just wanted to let you all know this is NEVER what you should do with your pages. Because Jeanne put this other brand, cheap, tacky paper here, CM will not be able to replace this photo if the paper deteriorates the photo."

And this leaves me speechless!! Who does that to their friends? I would have loved to hear the outcome of that situation!

Yes, I did, but 'X' charged me 225 and said that was the fee for the retreat". Not only had the woman come for free, but she actually made 65 off her *friends*.

I luckily have no nightmare stories to share, although I did lock my friend out of our room (at 3 am, I thought I was unlocking the door) and she didn't want to wake me when she came up at 4 am, so she slept on a sofa. I now double and triple check that she has a key!

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Posted: 10/14/2007 7:46:35 AM
Well, I wanted to save this thread in my favs- but can't figure out how to do it now lol. So I will post to it. Loving these stories, but I am only half way through!
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Posted: 10/14/2007 10:40:47 AM

In all seriousness, my husband is great, and he really supports my hobby, but he is a "CROP CRASHER"....there...I said it! Bob the crop crasher.

This made me think we need to produce a series of "don't let this happen to you" crop planning videos/booklets.

Can you just hear it?

Are you a Bob? [insert examples here]

culminating in,

Don't be a Bob!


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Posted: 10/14/2007 11:49:00 AM
I just remembered my my most uncomfortable crop experience. This was in a store workroom during the day. A woman came in early and set up her stuff at the first table inside the door, positioned herself as a sort of receptionist for the room. She spoke to each one who came in (whether they knew her or not) and continued to speak to everyone as they worked throughout the morning. She also called out to shoppers who passed by her table. She did not seem to do any actual scrapbooking.

It gets worse. She uses her cellphone to call her daughter's doctor's office. And we can hear every word: about her daugher's emotional/develpmental issues, why she needs to be seen, medical history stuff. She starts crying during the call with the nurse. At this point an employee asks her if she wouldn't be more comfortable taking that call into the kitchen. She then ends the call and tells the unwitting employee what's going on with her. The rest of us are just stunned, trapped in the room for every excruciating detail. She never moved from that table. It was like watching something on stage.

Susan in Colorado


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Posted: 10/14/2007 11:32:41 PM
MORE!!! MORE!!!!

These make me want to go to a weekend crop just to see what kind of baloney I can see! I love drama as long as I dont have to be involved at any time!

Keep going Pea-Sisters!


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Posted: 10/15/2007 1:17:53 PM
Compared to many of these tales, mine is a walk in the park...but still, I'm amazed this was called a scrapbook retreat! I arrived the night before and fully expected (I'm not a retreat newbie!) to see the crop organizer/owner overseeing the tables being positioned, vendor placement, electrical hookup, etc. She was nowhere to be found. A lone vendor was trying to figure out how to set up. In addition to her dismay, the convention room at the hotel was down some steep stairs and the hotel was not about turn on the small wheelchair elevator or help the ladies with their heavy boxes and bags. Of course, this was the night before the event, so I assumed it would be straightened out by morning.

The event officially began at 10AM. I arrived on the scene at 9:45. Nothing was ready to go. I actually have a doctor's note stating I must have electricity for my light due to vision problems and I make it clear in my registration and follow up the week before to reiterate my need. There was no electricity set up. I find the maintenance man (I don't even want to start on how bad the hotel was.....they told me that the "wheelchair lift" was not operating as they didnt' know how to start it and then stood around the entrance smoking while watching women struggle trying to get their bags down the steep stairs! Several women used canes, so I'm not even sure how they can not have been breaking the law!) and he says he has just gotten back from getting the extension cords to run the electricity. He gets up on a ladder and plugs them in on these posts (high up) and they dangle down. Then he disappears. Basically, we all grab some and plug wires are running all over the room. I tell the organizer that the hotel, and ultimately her, are up for lawsuit if anybody trips. Eventually, I see a little piece of duck tape holding the cords down about every three feet. Whatever. I'm tired of trying to tell her how to run her show. I settle into scrapbooking, FINALLY. I try to tell myself to enjoy the process and stop expecting so much. I get thirsty. Oh, the hotel hasn't provided so much as a pitcher of ice water for the room. I find a vending machine. $1 for a 12 oz bottle of water. dollar later and out comes a TEN ounce bottle of water. Geez. No snacks. No goodie bags (all promised in the hype literature). I decide to cut a circle and head to the tool station.....I wander the room looking for it. Uh...where is it? I certainly don't SEE ONE...I ask the organizer...."Oh, the lady who was going to bring the tools backed out". Oh great. No snacks. No water. No tools. No computer for journaling. Nothing. At least at home I have these things! Why pay good money to sit in a hot room listening to rap music (she let her 16 year old daughter pick the music!). Oy Vey! And the trashcans in the sb room were never emptied. ever. ugh. pizza boxes, etc. ugh. Glad I wasn't near them!

The consolation is that the other scrapbookers were WONDERFUL. My roomie and I go out to buy a case of water to put in our fridge. This was the start of the fiasco called, "Please lock us out of our room"....yes, each day, they rekeyed our room to lock us out. If you use your cell phone and call them to come let you in, they are TOO must come down. I go down and they don't even check to see if you are really in that room! NO Security at all! I could get a key for any room I wanted! I felt so safe. And it happened TWICE the first day and once each day after. The joy.

Oh, then there was the page contest. The organizer didn't know how to conduct it. So, she just had us all vote for our favorite. The top number of votes got first, etc. Well, the first prize winner wasn't there, so someone went to hold up the page so we could see it. (it was cute). But the lady goes on to announce, "It has this cute kid in it and I voted for it, cuz I won't vote for a page without kids, cuz that is what scrapbooking is ALL is all about the children!". Well, I said, "I would love to be able to scrap about kids, but I was UNABLE TO HAVE ONE!". Jerk. Yes, I have to sb about my trips, cats, etc. I'm infertile. Guess I should never be allowed to scrapbook again, huh? Shoot me at the door of all LSS?

I was further surprised to find that so many of the others there didn't seem to think the crop was "that bad" and signed up for the next one! Not me! I'll stick with the ones I know are great and organized...and have real prizes (don't get me started on the prizes for the contest...I got second place and received two used stamp pads..and it really wasn't the vendor's fault, as she came to the last minute rescue as the organizer hadn't PLANNED on prizes!).


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Posted: 10/17/2007 9:57:40 AM
Hey, obviously I wasn't punished enough, cuz now I want to go to the SDV in November...but let's face it, those are totally awesome. Anybody wanna go with me?

Carolyn Peaing in VA


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Posted: 10/17/2007 2:43:51 PM

but he is a "CROP CRASHER"....there...I said it! Bob the crop crasher.

OMGOSH this made me almost wet myself. Totally sounds like something my DH would do. He's a natural flirt. He doesn't even have to try. It just happens. LOL

My first crop nightmare involves driving almost two hours to attend a CM crop that a friend of a friend was hosting. The crop was held in this person's grandmother's basement. The basement was the darkest, dankest place ever with ceilings so low I could touch them and I'm only 5'5. The smell of dog & cat pee was so overwhelming I was about to gag. The trip to the bathroom upstairs as there wasn't one in the basement involved navigating around the stuff the grama horded. The house was so dusty and coated in animal hair it literally looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in years. And let me not forget to add that there was a catbox in the corner of the carpeted bathroom. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

The second crop nightmare was two hours in the opposite direction to attend a church crop. The person running the crop apparently was new to hosting. I pre-registered to attend and when I got there discovered that not only did she do a pre-registration she also let people just show up and pay at the door never turning anyone away. There was not enough food nor beverages because of all the people that showed up. We were cropping at round tables that were so crowded I had to keep my elbows close to me for fear of bumping into other scrappers. Forget trying to get up and do ANYTHING as it involved many people having to shift in order to allow you to get through the miriad of tables. Oh yeah I almost forgot, many people also brought their children who also contributed to the lack of food and beverage. The kids actually went from table to table to scoop out the remaining crumbs from the bowls of candy that were place on each one.

These two examples are why I scrap at home.

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Posted: 10/17/2007 3:21:07 PM
Holy cow...these stories are entertaining and shocking. What were some of these people thinking!? I'd be too embarrassed to host a crop at my house if it was messy or just in no state for others to enter it. I'm surprised that some of these hostesses would allow people to come into their homes when the houses have pet dander/droppings/strong smells. I'd never want to come here and find out what the crop attendees really thought...LOL!

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Posted: 10/21/2007 4:04:50 PM

But the lady goes on to announce, "It has this cute kid in it and I voted for it, cuz I won't vote for a page without kids, cuz that is what scrapbooking is ALL is all about the children!".

As a childless scrapper myself, I find that lady's comment so ridiculous and I'm sorry you were subjected to such rudeness, Carolyn. I continue to be appauled at some scrappers' small-mindedness. If her personal belief is that LOs are only worthy if the subject is kids, then, whatever. But to blurt out her silly opinion like that was beyond inconsiderate. Shame on her.


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Posted: 10/21/2007 9:10:57 PM
Love the Pepper-dog. Mommy doesn't want to share with you honey! Now go do something cute (that doesnt involved any distruction of SB supplies) so Mom can take some photos and then she'll put you on her scrapbook stuff!


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Posted: 10/23/2007 9:26:38 AM
I've got one. I went to this amazing retreat this past weekend. It was such a great time. The only fly in the ointment was this table of ladies behind me. Most of them looked to be in their 40s, with maybe some 30-plus thrown in. They spent most of the weekend listening to Hannah Montana and other Radio Disney "stars!" And singing along loudly! I am not even kidding. I think one of them had attended the Hannah Montana concert the night before, so maybe she was just showing off how cool she was for having spent $2100 on a 14-year-old's concert.

Anyway, I'm one of those people who doesn't mind kids/teens attending crops. And I like Hannah Montana fine - I watch the show with my DD. But I draw the line at having to listen to tween music at an adult crop! I wanted so badly to say something, but I really think I was the only person it bothered. But I truly wanted to cheer when someone cranked up Led Zeppelin and drowned out the Radio Disney marathon.

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Posted: 10/23/2007 5:56:39 PM
LOL. I had a similar situation at my church crop. The lady in charge (who is in her 50s) always wanted to play Radio Disney so she could hear this one song that the kids dance to. To be fair, once she heard it, she'd turn over to classic rock, but I found myself praying to hear it soon because I can only handle 3 kiddie-bopper songs in a row before I go stark raving mad.



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Posted: 10/24/2007 2:43:13 PM
btt - these are so fun to read!


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Posted: 11/6/2007 7:50:30 AM
There's been a couple of weekends since the last "nightmare crop" story...anyone have one to share now?

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Posted: 11/6/2007 8:47:10 AM
I LOVE cropping alone, but my friend BEGGED me to take her to a crop at the LSS. Usually they fill up right away so I was thinking they would be all full. She called Saturday Morning at 10 am and the crop started at 6pm. Well it turns out someone had backed out and she took their spot. Unfortunatly her "spot" was picked already. So we get there and she moved the place cards around so she could sit next to me... I'm thinking, "Great! I'm not going to get any scrapping done..." Well, I was right. I didn't get anything done and she carpooled with me so after 3 hours of the 6 hour crop, she decides she wants to go home. I was sp desperate for her to leave so i could get SOMETHING done, I called my ex-boyfriend to have him pick her up and take her to her car! Then I got three pages done and 2 sets of cards finished! SO I guess the only nightmare was my friend.

The worst part is all throughout November we are cropping at the LSS on Sundays for an hour... That means I can get something done for the 3 hours AFTER she leaves.... I just can't tell her she dirves me cropping mad!
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Posted: 11/6/2007 10:05:17 AM

The people that have their cell phones ring the second they ended the last call, then proceed to talk to whoever like they have an invisible bubble around them. I hate cell phones.

I am so with you on this, especially at a crop!! How annoying to listen to a) phones constantly ringing and b)conversations esentially about NOTHING!!!! "Oh, I'm at a a crop. Just till midnight. The Holiday Inn. Yeah, okay, talk to you later." Ugh. NOT a fan of cell phones at crops at all.

Luckily, most of the crops I have attended have been great, with the exception of those little annoyances most have mentioned here already: too loud talkers, lots of profanity, those that ask you tons of questions thoughout the entire crop, etc. I know my CMC consultant pretty well and her crops are fantastic! She has the food catered...last time our two main meals were sub sandwiches with salad, dessert, and drinks (lunch) and zitti pasta with salad, bread sticks, dessert, and drinks (dinner). Since we were at a hotel, breakfast was the hotel's continental breakfast, but was still good. She limits the number of croppers so we have a decent amount of table space. Sometimes croppers have their spouses or kids "stop in" but not really enough to bother me.

These stories are something else, though. So sorry you have had such terrible experiences, cause crops can be a lot of fun.


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Posted: 11/6/2007 6:45:16 PM
More, More, PLEASE!

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Posted: 11/13/2007 2:11:28 AM


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Posted: 11/19/2007 12:37:41 PM
btt....surely there have been more nightmares in the last month or so....

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Posted: 11/19/2007 1:08:10 PM
I went to a four day scrapbooking retreat and their was 3 ladies that were just slapping pictures on a mat then on a piece of pattern paper. That's it!! Then they said really loud so our table could hear " I just dont get all the fuss people put onto their pages, it's about quantity not quality." We all just looked at her and sent radar beems to burn her big pile of 80 pages done in lest than two hours. We were still all working on our one layout. LOL


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Posted: 11/19/2007 1:27:53 PM
Any Christmas Season Crops tales out there? For doing gifts? for too much nog? any stories at all?



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Posted: 11/19/2007 3:33:05 PM


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Posted: 11/19/2007 4:15:35 PM
I went to a crop at my LSS (Recollections) Sunday before last... We were making little pouches and this really nice lady sitting next to me was commenting on how pretty it was with the stickles and stuff. Then she touched one of them and smeared the glitter on one of the flowers. I was thinking to myself, OK lady. It was a mistake so I just smeared the rest of the flower. I got up to shop a little while the pouches were drying and when I came back the same lady was looking at another pouch of mine and smeared that one too!

She said she didn't know it was still wet and apologized so I made a third one, but before I got up I said that I was going to shop and that the pouches wern't dry yet so to not touch them (I was polite about it!). When I came back, someone else moved my pouches over to another spot and smeared them!

I was ticked, but the ladies helping with the make and takes, gave me three free felt flowers to replace the ones that other people touched and messed up... so it turned out OK. I just remade the flowers when I got home.
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Posted: 11/19/2007 4:33:34 PM
Hmmmm, I just heard about this one at lunch today.

Two of my friends/co-workers are just getting started in scrapbooking. They went to a card-making class at an out of town scrapbooking store over the weekend and their table-partner was showing off her newly purchased ATG. Remembering that I had recently purchased my ATG off the internet, my friend (not knowing that this scrapbooking store sold them!) asked her table-mate which website she purchased hers from. Uh oh...... the LSS owner proceeded to rip her a new one, loudly telling her that SHE is the reason that scrapbook stores are going under, because it's people like HER that shop on-line instead of coming into the local stores, yada, yada, yada.

My friend was humiliated and said she just put her head down and concentrated on the card she was making all the while this owner berated EVERYONE who ever bought anything on-line. My friend is such a good, kind person that it makes me MAD that she was treated like this.

Hmmmm, that scrapbook store not only lost two potential GOOD customers but also the other five of us that were listening to the story

The sad part of this is that we work/live in a huge union community and we are all aware of how important it is to shop locally and we really DO try to buy from local stores before heading to a box-store or the internet.

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Posted: 11/21/2007 2:47:50 PM
btt...these are too funny (and some sad!).


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Posted: 11/21/2007 3:00:22 PM
I am almost afraid to read thru these
I usually do not 'do' crops bc more often than not, I *lose* something along the way, and I like having all my stuff at home..but the odd one I do do, I never have seen/heard any major problems, thankfully..usually the girls are all very respectful and helpful

I really cannot recall any 'nightmare' stories..other than some ppl complaining about this-or-that, in general, being un-grateful..


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Posted: 12/9/2007 11:03:06 AM
I'll add one. Hoping no one that is involved will see it.

I hosted a crop for myself for my birthday. I figure if you want something done, do it yourself right??!
Made totally adorable invitations. Got very few responses which wasn't unexpected but still disappointing.
Had one person show up with her little girl in tow. Love the kid but this was a big girl party.
Had another very experienced scrapper show up with nothing at all to work on. She even came early so I could help her with "inspiration" I ended up finding extra adhesive, trimmer & other tools for her.
I had covered my pool table in stuff that everyone was welcome to take. Thankfully most of it was grabbed up. But since I'd like to do a monthly crop I'm worried that I've set a precidence that I don't want to. *sigh* I just wanna hang with some cool chicks and play. Why's it gotta be complicated??!!

And I have to say, I had a great time at my event. These small annoyances weren't enough to make me never see anyone again.

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Posted: 12/9/2007 11:09:48 AM
I LOVE the idea of hosting a crop for your birthday! In fact, I might do that for my birthday in February. And I think I'll see about having it at the LSS. Thankfully none of the people I'd invite would create a "nightmare" story!! LOL

Sara B

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Posted: 12/9/2007 12:51:12 PM

" I just dont get all the fuss people put onto their pages, it's about quantity not quality."

Insert jaw-dropping smiley here. For that and the statement about scrapbooking being about and for children. Good grief. Some people just are unbelievable. Sure, I'd like to turn out more pages than I currently do, but I don't want crap! I want decent. And I'm childless and intend to stay childless except for the furry, four-legged feline variety. Does that mean I can't scrap at all? Or maybe only if I turn into a speed scrapper I can.

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Posted: 12/9/2007 3:42:33 PM
So Whats your worst Winter Holiday Scrap Story?


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Posted: 12/9/2007 6:43:58 PM
I posted these to this thread back in July but they fit right here:

It was a Christmas crop at a very upscale LSS where everyone was to provide a gift for a gift exchange in the range of $10. I think the expectation was that we buy the gift at the store but I had found a $20 set of pens elsewhere 50% off so they were $10. Anyway, someone decided we should be able to 'steal' each other's gift after it was opened if we liked it better, which I despise, so someone got my gift, and in fact, each gift I got was taken until I ended up with the last gift. I wasn't worried because all of the gifts had been nice. I opened the box and found 5 sheets of fugly oldChristmas paper and a sheet of Mrs Grossman's Christmas tree stickers. I could not believe it really. The box was nicely wrapped with a handstamped card on top. I thanked the girl and acted like I was a happy recipient.
The giver was a regular at the store and a regular at the crops. I was a bit incredulous because of all the gifts this person was the only one who didn't even try to spend $10 or get something nice. To me, if you are not able or willing to participate in the exchange fairly you should decline. Not everyone at the crop chose to be in the gift exchange.

At another Christmas gift exchange different store and people, we actually had a secret Santa sort of thing. Believe it or not, MY secret Santa didn't show up to the crop. So at gift exchange time. I had no gift. So I said to the person who had her gift, "Well how about giving me her gift since she's not here," and the girl didn't want to.
She said she had chosen the gifts just for her not for me. I was like, "You'd rather have me sit here with nothing while you all open all your gifts than give me a gift." She finally gave it to me when they got ahold of the girl's husband and he said she had gone out with her girlfriends. As it turned out it was really cool stuff, too.

Needless to say I do not do any gift exchanges of any kind anymore.


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Posted: 12/9/2007 11:48:25 PM

I do not wish to sit at a table with preteen and their moms or any other kids and their moms. I think if the store is going to allow kids 12 and over, please place them all in a special section and let non-accompanied ladies know so they can stay away!

Wow! My 13 yr old has been scrapbooking for several years. She goes to crops with me when she wants to and well, to my knowledge no one has cared. Matter of fact, I think she's more mature and more fun to scrap with than alot of "adult" women I know. It's not like she's a baby and will need to be fed sometime throughout the night. I'm kinda glad I have a 13 year old that would rather be at a crop with mom then out getting into trouble with friends (like I did when I was 13 lol)

I've attended alot of evening crops. I've never had any issues. I've had one LSS that I didn't care for so I didn't go back but instead some friends and I went to another LSS. Just preferred 1 atmosphere (and management) over another I guess you could say.

I've hosted crops before. I'm one of those former CM people. I've never told anyone what they can or can't use in their own albums. To each their own, but I expect the same respect back. I use alot of stuff in my albums but I don't get into the whole fiber thing and whatnot. It's just not me and sometimes I want to scream to some people "don't make it me when it's not me. Just b/c you use it doesn't mean I have to use it!"

I'm going to my first long crop in January. 32 hours. I'm really looking forward to it. It's hosted by a CM (my former upline). My mom and sister are going as well (they go yearly this is my first time I can go) I'm sure we'll sit near each other and be "clickish" by some peoples standards but I really dont' care!

I've always had fun at my crops I've attended. Maybe I'm just not as picky or dont' sweat the small stuff.

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Posted: 12/12/2007 10:32:38 PM

I'm going to my first long crop in January. 32 hours. I'm really looking forward to it. It's hosted by a CM (my former upline). My mom and sister are going as well (they go yearly this is my first time I can go) I'm sure we'll sit near each other and be "clickish" by some peoples standards but I really dont' care!

I've always had fun at my crops I've attended. Maybe I'm just not as picky or dont' sweat the small stuff.

Oh brother. Passive aggressive much?

Well, I am not going to let your hand slap end this fun thread. Here's another story:

A good friend and I travel a couple of times / year to attend crops. We went to one that was about 2 hours from home. We were pre-registered and pre-paid but I think that because we are not regular shoppers at the hosting LSS, the owner forgot about us.

We arrived about an hour after the crop started and there were no tables for us. The LSS owner was terribly embarrassed and really tried to be accommodating. She had to re-arrange her store to fit us in and ended up sitting us right up against the paper racks. All night we were handing paper to the other croppers and putting back the ones they didn't want, helping them to choose colors, patterns,etc. Needless to say, we really didn't get anything done.

The next morning we arrived to find that my friend and I had been re-located to an empty office building across the parking lot from the LSS. We had a lot of room to spread out but we had no access to the tools, cricut machine, snacks, drinks, etc. unless we wanted to walk across the parking lot to the store. It was just us in an empty accountants office. We had no music but the florescent lights hummed really loud so that was entertaining.

On the plus side, we had our own bathroom. The women cropping in the store had to go next door to the liquor store to use the bathroom! We also didn't spend much money because the shopping was not convenient.

We still managed to have a good time though and the LSS owner now rents a few rooms in the local college to host her crops and they are great.

Anyone else?


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Posted: 12/13/2007 4:59:26 AM
I went to a great crop organized by LSS. It wasnt the crop or the setting but one of the other scrappers on an adjacent table that made my nightmare. She talked and talked in a loud voice,even wqhen others at her table were heads down trying to scrap. partway through the first day she decided to talk about all the medical problems and surgery she'd had ,particularly plastic surgery. She proceeded to do a "show and tell" of the skin lesion /warts on her belly that she was having progressively lasered off[I am not kidding]. My friends and I didnt know whether to laugh or cry!!!!


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Posted: 12/13/2007 1:55:14 PM
bump to top

Love this thread!!

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Posted: 12/14/2007 8:46:41 PM
aw, that's it for the stories? /cry. I've spent today off and on reading through the entire thread. I do love the idea a poster mentioned about a video of things not to do.

I have only been to two crops ever. It was a CM event in a woman's home. My friend attended regularly and invited me. I didn't know one way or the other what was "contraband" since I was quite the newb to scrapbooking in general. THe CMC was so sweet and gracious and thankfully I didn't ever get the "that's entirely wrong" speech. I was about 8 months pregnant when I went and her husband literally came running out to haul my stuff in for me. Too sweet! After my son was born I just never took the chance to go out to one again. They sound awesome and even if they turn out to be a nightmare the positive spin would be I could come here and comiserate. =D

Thank you ladies for a very fun day of post reading. Keep em' coming please! =D

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Posted: 12/15/2007 7:01:17 AM
This thing keep teasing me saying there is a page 9 and when I open it there is no page 9! Loving these stories.

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Posted: 12/15/2007 10:25:30 AM
Every time I come to read this thread I find a new tale to smile over. Come on--SOMEONE must have had a whack-a-doo at a holiday crop!

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Posted: 12/15/2007 11:17:52 AM
I don't know if I have osted this before, but this woman drives me insane!

We were at an A's 12hr crop (my sister, friend, and me). There was a woman there, who owns her own sb "store".

She had every tool imaginable. and every time the poor crop hostess would get up and try to talk about a tool/make and take, this woman would offer her tool and "expertise" to help with the make and take.

The hostess was very gracious and handled it well. But this woman was also a loud talker.

And, then, she proceeded to talk about the "real" cost of every item we were buying. Yeah...thanks, ma'am. We realize is a RETAIL establishment.

Then, she passed out her own left overs from her NSD, that she had at her store.

This woman's store is in my folks town and is NEVER open. I tried to stop by there a time or 2, but never open.

When I did get in...she had CM and SU stuff for sale, on her shelves. Very uncomfortable.

I know that this isn't a nightmare, but it did seem like a bad dream.

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Posted: 12/15/2007 11:19:56 AM
Oh...and I was at an overnight crop at an independent lss. This woman, too, had her family come and share in the food.

Not a problem.

But, then her kids hung around for a long time...and would help themselves to the ice in the freezer....from a bag...with their bare, nasty, 10yo hands.

Ruined my night.

Mom of 3 beautiful dd's - Katie 16yo, Emily 12yo and Allison 7yo. Wife of Eric, for almost 20 years, who is surrounded by women and loving every minute of it!
Full time mom and part time Labor & Delivery Nurse...


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Posted: 12/15/2007 1:53:24 PM
I will ahve to come back later and read some of these posts, but for the most part most of mine have been positive.

My gfs who I ususally crop with went to one at a local church. I guess one of the consultants rbought her children. One was a baby in a playpen who literally screamed the whole day. The consulatnt basically ignored the baby and the poor child had no toys or anyhting in the playpen to keep him/her occupied. Many people left early.

Another one I went to at a lady's house. She had people at her dining room and a card table in her living room. She had several yappy dogs who were skittish. I don't have a problem with dogs, so they didn't bother me. A few ladies came later and when they came int he door the dogs kind of charged them. I really think they were harmless, but one woman was "traumatized," or so her friend told the hostess. If I was the hostess I would have locked the dogs up, but she didn't because no one else seemed to mind them. The dogs kind of went their own way, but would bark with sudden movement etc. The two ladies left.

We went to a CM sponsored large crop a few years ago. The CM lady was coming around to the tables introducing this new CM to many of the ladies. When she came to our table she said something like this,"Oh, these aren't one of us. They are one of them," and then she went onto the next table. I guess we had contraband ( NON CM stuff!)I guess we were good enought to take our $20 for the day, as well as what we purchased from her, but not good enought to be introduced.


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Posted: 12/15/2007 2:59:45 PM
It's not really a nightmare, but I want to keep this going...

I went to a Day-After-Thanksgiving-Cinderella-Crop 2 years ago at my LSS. I was with friends and other crop "regulars." Most of us had done the 5am Black Friday shopping thing and we were all exhausted but happy to be together and having fun.

One girl continued her shopping via cell-phone and was giving her fiance detailed instructions on what to buy and where to find it at Target. There were countless calls and her ring-tone had already been changed to an obnoxious "Jingle Bell Rock." You would think we'd be a little cranky about this, but we were all so punchy from lack of sleep that we just laughed at the ridiculous situation.

Someone suggested I cut out a frog from my BG pp (see the "Faces of Four" lo in my gallery for a visual). This seemed like a good idea, although it took forever and I nearly went blind cutting out the toes. Then someone else suggested that I put crystal lacquer (sp?) on the frog, which also seemed like a good idea until I dropped it, while it was still wet, sticky-side-down on my lo. I had no choice, but to put it on the lo where it landed. After that, I spelled a word wrong using rub-ons on one of the pictures and destroyed the photo when trying to undo my mistake.

Later, I said outloud that I needed a "4" for my title and my sweet, but less-than-helpful friend sitting behind me said, "A Ford? I drove one of those in high school!" Cell-phone girl chimed in with, "ME TOO! But I don't think you'll find "Ford" stickers here." WTH? After I spelled f-o-u-r (with perhaps a bit of attitude) everyone burst into fits of laughter until they cried. Uh, yeah, we were punchy alright.

That was all I could take, so I packed up and went home with my sad little messed-up frog lo. It was the only thing I made in the 5 hours I was there and it was a disaster, but it still represents one of my fondest crop memories because of all the laughter.

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Posted: 12/15/2007 4:35:27 PM
I hear you about kids at a crop--I won't scrap at the lss for that very reason.


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Posted: 12/16/2007 11:23:43 AM
It's been a while ago, probably close to two years in fact, but my friends and I were at our normal LSS and cropping and this group of college aged girls were cropping there for the first time. This is more funny than a nightmare though.

They were very rude about the store and everybody there in general. But what made us giggle uncontrollably was that one of the girls asked one of my friends for help on her page. Well she went over there and then she got this funny look on her face and recommended that the girl ask the employee for help.

So she calls the employee over and tells her what she's making a page for. This time it's loud enough for all of us to hear. She wanted to make a page about her and her boyfriends first date and what was causing her the dilema was how to properly display the hotel receipt b/c their date had ended well and they went to a hotel. Needless to say the employee was stunned absolutely speechless. Her jaw dropped and she opened it and closed it without a sound a few time, like a fish.

We had to leave the room so we could laugh and not hurt the girls feelings.


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Posted: 12/16/2007 11:47:58 AM
OKtrae: I almost bet that was a set up by those girls. They probably dared somebody to go ask for help with that page to see what their reaction was...

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Posted: 12/19/2007 1:37:03 PM
Mine will just be a synopsis but I went to a hotel crop where the coordinator would not allow "pounding' in the large (loud) conference room (this was an all-weekend crop).

We had to go out into an unheated (but fortunately enclosed) vestibule and pound eyelets and such on a rickety little cocktail table. It was glass-walled vestibule right off the roadway in the dead of a midwestern winter. Not only was it chilly (but the pounding did warm a scrapper up right?) but passing motorists had a lovely view (not!) of what must have seemed like pajama clad women assaulting a cocktail table.

Okay fine, no pounding in the main area is almost understandable right?

But apparently the SCREAMING NEWBORN that wailed throughout the weekend - he was totally acceptable.

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Posted: 12/31/2007 4:39:46 PM
Any New Years Eve crop stories?

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