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Posted 8/29/2003 by Lambie in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 8/29/2003 11:08:33 AM
Topic #1

The first topic for our albums is what's called a dedication page (from
Simple Scrapbooks). Though this will probably be the second page in your
doesn't inconvenience those of you who can't really move your pages around.
This page will explain why you are doing this album and dedicate it to those
who will someday read it. You might want to include why you are creating the
album. This page might be hard to match with photos. You could, of course,
include a photo of yourself, but it might be a journaling layout. If you
have no photos you'd like to include, perhaps have some fun with patterned
paper and embellishments.

Topic #2

· Part One: YOUR BEGINNING Example LO
Include the info. from the day you were born. What do you know about the
day? Include your stats, if you know them. If possible, you may want the
perspective of others on the day of your birth. I'm sure there are websites
where you can find out information about the day you were born--like a time
capsule. Maybe you even have a newborn photo!

· Part Two: YOUR CAR Example LO
If you drive, what kind of car do you have? What are its stats (mileage,
price, etc.)? When did you get it? And--this is the fun part--what's inside
it? What radio station do you have on? Cds? Carseats? Food wrappers? How
does your car reflect your life? (This is based on articles in CK about our
purses and closets). I thought of this as I was driving home from school and
thinking of what a mess my car is!

Topic #3

· Part One: FOOD Example LO
What are your favorite foods? What do you like to indulge in? What do you
eat if given the chance? Do you like to cook? Do you like to go out to eat?
Do you have any special recipes that you love to make?

· Part Two: FRIENDSHIP Example LO
What do you value in a friend? Do you find it easy to make friends? Are you
outgoing or shy? How has the Internet changed your view of friendship? Do
you have a best friend? Who is your oldest friend? Do you think having
friends is important? How close are you to your friends?

Topic #4

· Part One: K-12 YEARS Example LO
The first part of this week's challenge is to do a layout about your K-12
school years. What was a typical day like? What did you accomplish that you
were proud of? What schools did you go to? What was your opinion of school?
Were you involved in any activities? Who were your friends? What value do
you place on education?

· Part Two: HABITS Example LO
For fun this week, do a layout about your quirky/bad/good habits. I was
eating Chex mix in the faculty room recently, and my friends started making
fun of me for separating the different "things" into piles before eating
them. Do you have any quirky, bad, good habits? Do a layout about them. Talk
about a fun aspect for future generations to learn about you!

Topic #5

· Part One: SOMEONE SPECIAL Example LO
Do a layout about someone who has had a big impact on your life in some way.
Who was it? How did they affect you? How are you better for knowing them?

· Part Two: FOOTWEAR Example LO
On the lighter side, how about a layout about your footwear? Do you have
favorite shoes? What kinds of shoes to you wear to work? How many pairs of
shoes do you have? What do they cost? Are shoes a big deal for you or are
they more just a necessity.

Topic #6

· Part One: GRANDPARENT Example LO
What are your fondest memories of spending time with your grandparents (or
other older people very close to you). What types of things did you do? What
did you learn from them?

· Part Two: TV Example LO
Do you like to watch TV? What are some of your favorite shows? Why do you
like them? Do you have any favorite actors? How much TV do you watch? How
many do you own? If you don't watch TV, why? Do you allow your children to
watch TV? How much? What are the guidelines?

Topic #7

· Part One: YOUR JOB Example LO
What do you do for a living? Do you like your job? What's a typical day like
for you? What would your dream job be if you could do anything you wanted?
SAHMs--don't even thing this doesn't apply to you. I don't have to tell you
how much work you do. Write about your day and how your choice has affected
your life and the lives of your children.

· Part Two: DRINKS Example LO
When you're thirsty, what do you like to drink? I thought of this while
guzzling lemonade the other day. I'm a seasonal --lemonade in the summer,
cider in the fall, hot chocolate in the winter, etc. Do you have any
favorite drinks?

Topic #8

· Part One: POLITICS
What is your political affiliation? Do you get very involved in politics?
What do you value in a leader? Do you vote? Why or why not?

· Part Two: SUMMER Example LO
What are your favorite summer treats and things to do? How do you spend your
summer days?

Topic #9

· Part One: THINGS I LOVE Example LO
Things I love: list 50-100 things that you love. Including the small things
(cookies, the smell of winter, taking a walk). Guess we'll have to thank
Rebecca Sower for this too! She did a great page in her new book, and she
had 100.

· Part Two: DAILY SCHEDULE Example LO
What is a typical day like in your life? Don't forget to add the time you
spend at Two Peas!!! Although, I don't know if I want to put that in

Topic #10

I'm inspired by two things for the first topic: Stacey Julian's layout about
her grandmother's new stove and my new refrigerator! What types of modern
conveniences do you enjoy? What makes your life easier? Palm Pilot?
Computer? Microwave? X-box? Imagine future generations thinking, "You had to
use a remote to change the channel?"

· Part Two: MOVIES Example LO
What kinds of movies do you like to watch? Do you go to the movies? Do you
prefer to rent them? Do you watch on DVD or VCR? Any movie traditions? Ever
see a premiere? Do you buy movies? What makes you watch movies more than

Topic #11

· Topic One: TRAVEL Example LO
Like to travel? Where do you like to go? Why? With whom do you travel? Where
do you want to go in the future? Why? If you don't travel, why not? What
mode of transportation do/did you use to travel?

· Topics Two: SEASONS
Do you have a favorite season? Which one? Why? What types of things do you
like to do in each season?

Topic #12

· Part One: THE FUTURE Example LO
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10? 15? What are your hopes,
dreams, and goals?

We all have them! Describe a time when you are most embarrassed. Can you
look back and laugh now? What did you learn?

Topic #13

I am sure in your day there have been the good, and not so good hairstyles!
Pull out some pictures and create a layout that describes your how your hair
changed through time. Why did you choose certain hairstyles? Did you follow
the trend? Or did you do what you wanted with your style? What style did you
enjoy the most? Here is an example of a layout I just completed on my latest
hairstyle. I was getting highlights for the first time! Example LO
I have an idea for another layout to show my hair through time. Just need to
find some supporting pictures!

· Topic Two: DECISIONS Example LO
Think about important decisions you have made in your life. (Getting
Married. Having Children. Buying a Home.) What process did you go through to
make these decisions? How is your life different now that you have made
these decisions? Would you change anything about the decisions you made?
What decisions were hardest for you to make?
Topic #14

· Part One: Example LO
This week's serious topic is one I came across on another board. I don't
remember the poster, but I do know that it came from a Christmas book of
some sort. Anyway, it is a question to think about and answer:
What is one gift that you have always wanted, but never received?
This can be a deep answer, or a simple answer, but spend some time thinking
about it before you decide on your answer. When you have your answer, write
about it and explain why you have always wanted it. Is there a reason you
have never gotten this gift? Do you think you ever will? Is this gift
something you can give yourself, or is it something that will be given to
you? Obviously, you won't have any pictures to show the gift since you
haven't received it. In that case, you may want to make this layout be a
journaling only layout. Or you may be able to find a picture or two that
will relate to how you feel about the answer to the question.

· Part Two:
Since the above topic can be very serious, I tried to come up with something
that will be really fun! If you could be anyone person in this world - movie
star, musician, cartoon character, etc. - who would it be, and why? Have fun
with this topic! I have my answer all ready, and can't wait to put my layout
together and share it with you. And, I can't wait to see what everyone else
wants to be either. Don't forget to include a picture of who it is you want
to be on your layout!

Topic 15
· Part One: First Job Example LO
Sticking with this month's garden theme, create a layout about the first job
you ever had. Where was it? How much did you make? How often did you work?
What did you like/dislike about your job?

· Part Two: School Starting Example LO
With the return of school rapidly approaching, I thought this would be a fun
topic! When you were a child, what did you do to prepare for a new school
year? New clothes? New supplies? Meet your teacher? Were you excited to
return to school, or did you wish you could just have an endless summer?

Topic 16

· Part One: I WANT TO BE...
When you were a child, what was your dream career? Did you dream career
change often? Why did you want to grow up to be a ___? Does your current
career reflect your childhood dreams?

Think back to your high school years...the clothes, hair, slang words, etc.
Did you follow the trends or do your own thing? If you could do it again
would you change anything?

Topic 17
· Part One: WHY I SCRAPBOOK Example LO
Take a look at why you scrapbook. What or who got you started? Who do you
scrap for? What do you want to accomplish with your scrapbooking? Really
stop and take a look at the reasons you scrapbook. Look at the serious side
of scrapbooking, leaving behind all the frills of publication, shopping,
perfect embellishments, etc. Just focus on the WHY.

Example LO
Now, take a look at the really fun side of scrapbooking! Do you have any
dreams.getting published, the perfect scraproom, your own paper-line, being
caught-up, etc. Do you search for embellishments in crazy places? Do you
walk around Michaels, coupon in hand, determined to find something to buy?
Do you stalk 2peas for new products to arrive so you can be the first to
fill your bucket?

Topic 18

· Topic: One Year Later
This is a tough topic. It can be very emotional, but I think it is a very
important topic to include in our All About Me scrapbooks. I encourage you
to sit down and at least journal about your feelings. If you can't complete
a layout, that is okay, but your perspective changes as time goes on. So,
find some quiet time tomorrow and write about how you feel. Think about just
'your' feelings. How have 'you' changed because of the events? How are
'your' feelings about life different today than they were on September 10th,
2001? I encourage you to also get the perspectives of those close to you.
You may want to create a layout about how other members of your family feel
at this time. I am going to leave you with a quote. I really debated about
including it because I didn't know what the reaction would be. But, when I
read it, I immediately thought about September 11th, and all the important
things that happened because of those events.

Topic 19 familyhistorians last
Here is my list of other topics I have been collecting over time. Thanks
again for letting me share my ideas with you. Enjoy, and happy scrappin!

1. If you could trade places with any one person, who would that be? A movie
star? A musician? A friend?
2. If you were trapped on a deserted island (with your family of course!),
what would you miss most? Modern conveniences like
stoves & microwaves? The entertainment of a radio or TV?
3. What do you think are the 5 best qualities or characteristics that you
4. What do you think are the 5 worst qualities or characteristics that you
possess? What could/would you do to improve upon
them? Do you plan to?
5. Make a list of 25 things you want to do before you die. Which do you want
to do the most? Why? Do you have plans to
complete any of them in the near future? Are you making plans to complete
any of them in the next 5-10 years?
6. What was the most romantic date you have ever been on? Is there anything
that could have made that date more romantic?
7. Are you a sports fan? Which sport? Have you always been a fan? Do you
have a favorite team you root for win or lose? Do you share this with anyone
close to you?
8. If you won a million dollars, what would you do FIRST?
9. Create a layout based on this quote: "If you could tell the story of your
life by taking someone to a half dozen places, where
would you go?" - John Kotre
10. What is the most fun day you have had without spending any money?
11. How do you pamper yourself?
12. What failures have you had in life that you have become a better person
because of?
13. What are you fears? What would you do if you could live one day without
any fear?
14. What are your favorite brands of food? Clothing? Cleaning Supplies? What
can you buy without worrying what brand you are picking up?
15. Do you have any nicknames? Did you as a child? Are you still called by
these names today?
16. What was your favorite board game as a child? Is it still your favorite
today? If not, what is?
17. If you could only save ONE memory forever, what would it be? This is a
tough one!!!
18. What five people would you do anything to meet?
19. What are your top 10 favorite movies of ALL time? Think of the movies
that you can watch over and over and over and over!
20. When you go shopping, do you tend to buy the same colors of clothing all
the time? Or do you choose your colors based upon the season of the year?

Topic #20
· Part One: Where are you from?
Where did you grow up? Did you move around a lot as a child, or did you live
in the same town all through childhood? What said "home" to you? Was it the
town, was it the house, was it the state?
Example LO
Example LO

· Part Two: What is your favorite quote? Example LO
It can be a Bible verse, a song, a saying or phrase. Don't limit yourself to
finding the perfect quote that somebody else has said. Quote yourself! You
know, the one you heard your kids saying the other day while they were
playing house. Use the tag line from your e-mail or on the boards. What do
you like about the quote? Why does it speak to you? And, don't feel limited
to one quote either. You could do a whole page of quotes!

Topic #21

· Part One - Siblings
Example LO
Write about your brothers and sisters growing up. Older, younger, how many,
etc. Did you like them? What did you do together? Are you still as close as
you were as kids? Are you closer? Are you an only child? Don't feel left
out!! How did you feel about being an only child? Did you want brothers and
sisters? Did you make believe some? Or were you glad you were an only child?

· Part Two - Your Special Place
Example LO
Example LO
Do you have a special place where you go to relax? The room in your house
that is off limits to the kids. A nice hot bath. The scrapping corner. A
nearby park. The candy store. The mall. Where ever it is, have some one take
your picture there while you are relaxing! Yes, an up to date picture of
yourself!! Journal about why you find that place so relaxing. What do you do
there to relax? Do you have a routine that you follow there? If you don't
have one, consider your challenge this week to find one!! But, I bet if you
think about it, you do have one, even if it is your own bed at night.

Topic #22

· Part One - Childhood Activities
Example LO
What activities were you involved in as a child? Scouting, 4-H, lessons,
baseball, soccer, etc. Did you enjoy participating, or were you forced into
it? How long did you do it? Were you any good at it? How do you think
participating in this activity influences your life today?

· Part Two - How to Scrap
Example LO
How do you scrap? For this one you will need to take a picture of your scrap
area with a work in progress on the table. What tools do you use when you
scrap? What resources do you use to get ideas from? How long does it take to
make a page? Can't you just see future scrappers looking at this page and
saying "she used THAT?" or "so THAT'S how she did that".

Topic #23

· Part One - Birthday Traditions Birthday LO
My birthday is this week. Makes me sentimental. I have certain things that I
do every year on my birthday that I've done since I
was a little girl. Do you do special things on your birthday? How did those
traditions start? How does your family make your day
special for you? Have you always had a party? Have you never had a party? Is
your birthday just another day, or do you treat it
like a holiday?

· Part Two - Daily Uniform Uniform LO
What is your uniform? No, not the uniform you are required to wear to work.
I mean the outfit you wear everyday. Whether you
realize it or not, we end up wearing the same things on a daily basis. What
is your favorite outfit? Why do you like it? Look in
your closet and in your dresser. Is it filled with blue jeans and tee
shirts? Do you have an over abundance of sweats? Is your
closet overflowing with dresses? What are you wearing right now? Find a
picture of yourself in your uniform. Really, you probably
have a few. Write what you usually wear, and why you do.

Topic #24

· Part One - Favorite Toy
Example LO
Example LO
What was your favorite toy as a child? Where did you get it? What do you
remember about it? What did you like about it? Where
is it now?

· Part Two - Books
Example LO
What are your favorite books? Who is your favorite author? Do you read a
certain type of books? (i.e. Romance, Horror,
Suspense, Biographies) How often do you read? Do you reread a certain book
over and over? Why?
Topic #25

· Part One - Fall Traditions
Example LO
Whether it's picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, bobbing for apples, or
trick-or-treating, we all have fall traditions. Journal about where you go,
what you do,
and why you enjoy it. How did your tradition get started? What's your
favorite part? How long have you been doing it?

· Part Two - Cooking
(check back a little later and I'll have my LO up. I'm fighting with my
computer right now)
Most of you do it everyday, but have you ever done a LO of it? Do you enjoy
cooking? What recipe is your favorite? Are you known for bringing a
particular dish to
every family gathering? Include those recipes on this page. You can put one
recipe card, or several in a little book on the page. How did you learn to
cook? Who
taught you? Do you have stories that people tell about your cooking? Your
family has warm memories of you cooking in the kitchen, but do you have any
pictures?? This can be all journaling, but for extra credit, have some one
take a picture of you at work.
Topic #26

· Part One - Favorite Trip
Look at all the vacation pages!
What has been your favorite vacation trip? What made it special? Was it the
place, the activities, or the people you were with? Have you gone back
since? Do you plan to go again?

· Part Two - Collections
DVD Collection
(Thank you Paula (Paulan) for today's topic!)
What do you collect? Why do you collect it? How do you display your
collection? How did you get started collecting? Which piece is your favorite
and why? Where do you get the pieces for your collection? How does your
family feel about your collection?

Topic #27

· Part One - Memories of Your Parents
Example LO
What do you remember about your parents from your childhood? When you think
of your Mom or Dad, what specific thing comes to mind? Do you remember your
Mom cooking in the kitchen? Do you picture your Dad in his fishing boat?
Close your eyes and picture them. What are they doing? Is it something they
did a lot, or just a happy time that you spent with them? Journal about that
memory and why it is special to you.

· Part Two - Nicknames
Do you have a nickname? What is it and how did you get it? Do you have more
than one? Have you always had the same nickname or has it changed?

Topic #28

· Part One - Favorite Picture
Stolen Kisses
What is your favorite picture of yourself? Why do you like it? Is your
Mother's favorite picture of you different than the one you would pick? What
does she like about it? Does it evoke a special memory?

· Part Two - Christmas Timeline
Christmas is coming! Now is the time to start keeping track of how you
prepare for the season. Some of you have already started shopping. Pictures
are being taken and Christmas cards are being prepared. Start jotting down
what you do to prepare for the holidays. Write what you do on your calendar.
Then in January, when things quiet down, you can go back and make your
timeline showing what you did during the season.

Topic #29

· Part One - People You Are Thankful For
Who are the people in your life that you are glad you knew? Some one that
you are thankful you had a relationship with. It could be a relative, a
spouse, or a really good friend. Somebody that has impacted your life in a
positive way. Some one that this Thanksgiving you can say I'm thankful that
I knew.

· Part Two - Little Things
Little Things Make Me Happy
What are the little things in life that make you happy? I'm so glad that
little things can make me happy, I wanted a whole page to remind me. This is
similar to the 100 things I love LO, but different. These are the little
things that when I see or do, put a huge smile on my face. Like opening
mail, window shopping, reading a good book, or a happy meal. The little
things in life are wonderful!

Topic #30

· Part One - What Are You Known For?
Sunny Funny Face
What about you do people remember after they have met you? What do people
comment on when they meet you for the first time? Is it your sparkling
personality? Is it your great wit? Is it your purple hair? Is it your great
laugh? Document this for the future generations who will long to met you.

· Part Two - Christmas Card List
It's that time of year. As you are getting your Christmas cards in the mail,
look at the list of people that you are sending them too. I'm sure there are
the obvious relatives, but what about the other people? Who do you send
cards to that people wouldn't think of? That old friend from college. The
neighbor from two houses down when you were 5. Why are these people special
to you? Journal about how you came to know them, how long you have been
exchanging cards, and how the exchange between you got started.

Topic #31

· Part One - Christmas Ornaments
As you put up the tree this year, look at the ornaments you are putting on.
What is your favorite ornament? Where did it come from? Why is it special?
There have been several LO's posted with Christmas ornaments. People have
done entire albums of pictures of their ornaments. Ornaments hold special
memories of past Christmases and family. Record the significance for your

· Part Two - Joy
What gives you joy? Where do you find it? Time you spend with your family or
friends? Your work? Your hobby? Your faith? Joy is all around us this season
just waiting to be found in the next snow drift or smile on your child's
face. As you enjoy this busy month, don't forget to stop and look for joy.

Topic #32

· Part One - The House You Grew Up In
Example LO
What was the house like that you grew up in? Was it big or small? Did you
have your own room? How long did you live there? What color was it? Where
was your favorite hiding place? How many rooms did it have? How many people
lived with you? What room did you spend most of your time in? What room was
your favorite?

· Part Two - The Computer
Example LO
Obviously you have a computer if you are reading this. What do you do with
your computer? Computer journaling? Computer generated LO's? Computer games?
Surfing the net? What are your favorite websites? (hehe I bet I know this
one! ) Keep track of what you do on-line on an average day and how much time
you spend on the computer. You might be surprised. Another thing you might
be interested in looking at is your history folder on your browser. This
shows all the websites you have been to. That might give you a good idea of
what you spend your time on.

Topic #33
· Interview Your Family and Friends
This time of year we are with friends and relatives that we normally aren't
around very often. We also are in a relaxed environment where it is easier
to talk to them than it would be in the office. Stuff a notepad in your
purse and start asking questions. Your family is a great resource for pages
for your album. Ask them to tell you a funny story from your childhood. What
is the orneriest thing you did as a child? Give them your notebook and have
them write a short paragraph about their memories of you for your scrapbook.
Now is also a great time to fill in gaps in your memory from previous
challenges. Your friends can provide a wonderful resource too. Ask them what
they enjoy doing with you, what the like about you, ect. It might be easier
to just hand them the notebook and ask them to write things down.

Topic #34

Part One - Greatest Accomplishments
My Greatest Accomplishments
Looking back on your life this far, what do you consider your greatest
accomplishment? If you lived your life over, what is one thing that you
would make sure you did again?

Part Two - New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
Scrap your resolutions this year! I really tend to forget mine and not
follow through. With a tangible reminder of my resolutions I hope to do
better. I am planning on framing mine and hanging it in my bathroom as a
daily reminder. Consider making space or pockets so you can add progress
reports on your resolutions throughout the year.

Topic #35

. Part One - The Untaken Picture
The Best Picture I Never Took
You know what I'm talking about. The picture you wanted to take, but forgot
the camera. Or, the film was lost or destroyed. What picture do you wish you
had? Journal the story behind the picture. Why wasn't it taken? Who should
have taken it? What would be in the picture? You can use stickers or die
cuts to make a fake picture, or just use a box with a red x in it.

. Part Two - Getting Sick
When Mommy Gets Sick
What do you do when you get sick? For Mommies this can be a particularly
challenging time. Daddies learn how to cook. The house has a tendency to
fall apart. What do you like when you are sick? Do you have to have 7-up and
pepto? Do you lay in bed all day, or run around desperately trying to
pretend that nothing is wrong? Think about what it will be like to look back
on this page 50 years from now. Will they be surprised that we still used
pepto-bismal? It wasn't all that long ago that people were using leaches and
cod liver oil.

Topic #36

. Part One - Defining Moment
What do you consider to be the defining moment in your life? What event
brought you to this place in your life? Is this where you planned to be at
this age? How did your plans change? Was it a sudden realization, or an
event that changed your life forever?

. Part Two - Your Talent
Each of us has our own special talent, what is yours? How did you discover
your talent? How has your talent grown over time? What level do you consider
yourself at now? Are you an expert, or a novice? How do you practice your
talent? Yes, I firmly believe that everyone has a talent. Think about it
this way, you are going to enter a contest. Think about that a second. Now,
what contest did you enter? Obviously you think you are talented enough at
that to enter a contest. See, you are talented! Do others in your family
share your talent? Did you inherit your talent from someone in your family?
Do you hope to pass it on to your children or grandchildren?

Topic #37

. Part One - What is that picture?
Sweeter Than Candy (a LO that I have no journaling on because I know nothing
about the picture)
You know what I'm talking about. That picture that you have no clue who's in
it, or why it was taken. Or maybe it's one of yourself as a young child and
you don't remember what it is you are doing. Make it your mission to find
out. Take the picture to family and friends and ask! They'll love telling
stories about it and remembering. And then when you find out, make sure to
write it down. You forgot once, you can easily forget again. You don't want
to flip through your stack of pictures and say "what is that?" again.

. Part Two - Role model
Role Model
Are you a role model? I know many of us would like to be considered one.
What qualities do you think make you a good role model? What ideals do you
want to pass on to your children? Journal about these ideals and why they
are important to you.

Topic #38

. Part One - First Memory
Second Birthday by imazeta
What is your first memory? Who is in it? What objects do you remember in it?
Is it a special event, or just an average day? Journal everything you can
remember. Then come back to it an hour or so later and see if you can
remember more.

. Part Two - Doodling
Don't you love to doodle? You do it when you are stuck on hold on the phone,
or in class. I drew some master pieces in English Lit. Doodling can be very
revealing of your inner thoughts. So this week, put a sheet of cardstock by
the phone and doodle all over it. Doodle the title and draw fun things all
over it. Then go here to find out what they mean! Journal about the inner
thoughts your doodling reveals.

Topic #39

. Part One - Theme Song
Example LO by yazbelle
What is your theme song? It could be your favorite song, but not
necessarily. What song describes your attitude towards life? What song
describes your life? Is it the lyrics that speak to you or the tempo? Do you
own the song on CD or tape? How often do you listen to it? When did you
first hear it? Describe your thoughts and feelings from the first time you
heard it and the last. Have your thoughts about the song changed?

. Part Two - If I were a world leader.
What would you do if you were in the same situation as the President is
today? Would you make the same decisions? Could you make the same decisions?
What goals would you have for your presidency? Journal your State of the
Union address.

Topic #40

. Part One - Top Ten Things That Annoy You
Example LO by michaym
Write a list of things that drive you up the wall. Annoying habits, things
that go wrong, those whiney kids, that song, ect. You know what I'm talking
about. Vent it all out on the page, and make sure you show DH after it's
done so he stops leaving the toilet seat up.

. Part Two - How has scrapbooking enriched your life?
You know you love to scrapbook. For many of us it has completely taken over
our lives. Think of all the changes you have made to your everyday
activities. Would you have gone to the pumpkin patch and picked a pumpkin if
you weren't going to scrap the pictures? Would you have built that snowman
if you didn't need to use the Jolee's stickers you bought? How has
scrapbooking enriched your life?

Topic #41

. Part One - Laughter
Laugh, Love
What makes you laugh? Is there a certain person who always makes you laugh?
Do you tell great jokes? What do you do to make you laugh?

. Part Two - First Romance
First Love by AmyG
Who was your first love? Where did you go on your first date? How long did
your relationship last? What did you learn from this experience?

Topic #42

. Things I've learned about life.
Example LO
Only one topic this week because I think this one is a pretty time intensive
one. You've been alive for awhile now and you are a pretty smart cookie.
What have you learned about life? What invaluable advice can you pass on to
people about life? No, I'm not talking about some complex theory that's
going to win you the noble prize. Simple things. You've probably seen the
book or the posters "All I really need to know, I learned in Kindergarten"
by Robert Fulghum. Link to poster. They are simple things, but have real
meaning. Go read the poster. Back? Okay. No, I'm not saying you want to
write about what you learned in Kindergarten. Mr. Fulghum did a pretty
decent job of that. How about joy? What have you learned about joy?
Patience? Kindness? Goodness? Faithfulness? Love? Peace? Gentleness? Self
control? Try doing a page about each. You could end up with an entire album.
No, I'm not saying that you HAVE to do a whole entire album. I'm just
challenging you to do one page in your All About Me album. Just think if
your mother had written out a page of advice on patience for you for when
your kids got on your nerves. How invaluable would that be?

Topic #43

. Part One - Where Were You When.
Example LO by Elendae
This is a great idea from another Pea's DH. Jen's (MsJoker) DH original
thread It really is a neat idea and definitely deserves revisiting. Where
were you when the Challenger blew up? Where were you when JFK was
assassinated? Where were you 9-11? These types of questions get asked every
now and again at various functions and I always love hearing the answers.
Make up a time line of events and write down all your answers. Not only does
this describe you, but it also describes the feelings of the events and
makes them more real for our children who will only read about them in their
history books. Here is a listing of events you might want to include.
Definitely not a complete list by any means, but something to get you
started. A search on the web would get you exact dates and times and
pictures that could be printed out and included on your page.

JFK being shot
Martin Luther King being assassinated
Lunar landing
end of Viet Nam war
Nixon resignation
John Lennon being killed
Falklands War (Brit Peas, especially)
Challenger disaster
Invasion of Panama
Gulf War
Waco Texas Branch Davidian standoff
OJ Simpson chase
Mother Teresa's death
Princess Diana's death

Clinton scandal and impeachment
September 11
Anthrax scare
East coast sniper
Columbia disaster

. Part Two - Totally Useless Trivia
We all have this stuff stuck in our heads waiting for Who Wants to Be a
Millionaire, or one of the other countless game shows. Okay, other than
winning us a million dollars it's probably not going to get us much. But it'
s a whole lot of fun! Game shows like that are really popular because we are
all fascinated by trivia tidbits. Write down some interesting ones that are
floating around in your head on a page. Other people will be totally
fascinated by your vast knowledge!

Topic #44

. Part One - Becoming an Adult
When did you realize you were an adult? Was it one moment of clarity?
Sitting at the adult table for the first time at a family dinner? A gradual
realization? How did you react? Where you excited and happy that you finally
grew up, or scared at all the responsibility?
. Part Two - Warning!
If you came with a warning label what would it say? For inspiration, look at
the warning labels on cleaning supplies and prescriptions. Think about your
family. What warning labels would you put on your husband, children, mother?

Topic #45

. Part One - April Fools
How do you celebrate April Fools Day? What is the best prank you have ever
pulled? What is the best joke ever done to you? It's a fun day, make a wild
fun page!

. Part Two - What makes you cry?
Example LO by Elendae
Do adults cry? Yes. Most definitely. What makes you cry? A sad book? A sappy
movie? That picture of your baby who is now 17? When was the last time you
cried? How often do you cry?

Topic #46

. Part One - Military Service
Have any of your family members or ancestors served in the military? What do
you know about their service? If called upon, do you think you could make
the same sacrifices for your country?

. Part Two - Dream Vacation
If you could go on a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Why would you want to go there? What would you want to do there? Do you
think you will ever get the chance to go there? How can you work towards
fulfilling your dream?

Topic #47

. Part One - Telephone
Do you remember the first time you used a phone by yourself? Who did you
call? What did you talk about? What kind of phone did you use? (rotary,

. Part Two - Three Wishes
Example LO by Elendae
If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Why? How do you think your
life would be changed if your wishes were granted?

Topic #48

. Part One - Hopeless?
Have you ever found yourself in a situation you thought was hopeless? When
you thought there was just no way out of this situation? How did you find
your way out of it? What lessons have you learned from being in a hopeless
situation? I think it is very important to journal the valleys of our lives.
Not only can writing about it be very therapeutic, but it can also encourage
others who may be in a similar situation.

. Part Two - Back in Time
If you could go back in time and change one historical event, would you?
What would you change and why?

Topic #49

. Part One - Amusement Parks
Riding on the rides, seeing all the characters, standing in the long
lines... What amusement parks have you gone too? What ones to you plan to go
to? What are your favorite parks and rides?

. Part Two - Helping Hand
How do you volunteer and help out in your community? Do you spend regular
time helping a particular organization? Why did you choose that and what
have you learned while doing it? How have other people benefited from your
service? How have you benefited from doing it? It doesn't have to be
something huge. Maybe just recycling, or babysitting for friends, or little
random acts of kindness for strangers.

Topic #50

. Your Autobiography
Have you ever thought about writing an autobiography? Seems like a daunting
task, and who would want to read it? Well, your family would for one. I'm
sure that you all have interesting things that have happened in your life
that you want to share, things that you have learned about life that other
people can gain from reading about. Maybe you do want to write one, but you
aren't really sure where to start, and you aren't really a writer. Guess
what? Your All About Me album is an autobiography! You are recording your
life, past and present, thoughts and events. Look through your album and
think about it as an autobiography. What would the title be? (Without using
your name!) What are the important chapters of your life? Have you included
all of these in your album? Make an index page for your album recording the
chapters of your life recorded in the album and using the title of your
autobiography. Not only will this help organize your album, but will also
help give you ideas for filling your album out more.

Topic #51
. Part 1 - Family Fun
What's your favorite family memory? I could be from when you were little and
the things you did with your parents and sisters. It could be from the
family you have now, with your husband and children. I could be one special
event, or a yearly ritual. What do you enjoy most about your family?

. Part 2 - Charity
If you won $100,000 in a contest, but must give it all to charity, who would
you give it to? Why would you choose that particular charity? Have you
donated to this charity before? Why do you feel this one is worthwhile?


Part 1:

~Pets: Do you have a family pet? Did you ever really want a pet? Write what
having a pet has done for you, or what you feel life would be like if you
had a pet to care for. I know many peas are animal lovers and hope this is a
topic we'll enjoy. (Remember the garden for Pets/Animals...there is a BUNCH
of inspiration there!)

Example LO's: Puppy Love by Stidwell Pawsitively Purrfect by BuffySummers

Part 2:

~Inspiration: Recently I was told to succeed in life I needed to find my
personal inspiration. I really hope I phrase this correctly...I'm hoping
each of you can look deep and find what helps you live, create and be. The
inspiration that made famous painters paint, that makes people move outside
of themselves and change things in their world. What is your inspiration??
(It can be people, events, a feeling...really it can be anything!)

Topic # 53

Topic One: MUSIC!
What does music do for you? What do you love about it? Does it give you
confidence? Is there a song that brings memories into the open? Find a song,
a lyric, an instrument or even an artist...or anything in music that means a
lot to you? Let your page tell what music or playing says to you!

Song Lyric Pages by Juliekins

Music is the language of the Soul by Debbie T

Topic 2:

If you could have lived in any era, would you choose the one you are in?
Where would you place yourself in the years before us? I've often felt I
would have loved to live in the the ways my ancestors did. Where
would you like to be? How would you dress? What do you think life would be
like on your chosen timeline?

Topic #54

Topic # 1:

Have you seen the cute little pages that tell you everything that was
happening the year you were born? For this challenge, I think this is a
peice of history your children and family will love in your all about me
album! Journal, buy one of the pre made pages? Write about the president, or
some other interesting event that happened the month you arrived. A year is
fine and with the power of the internet I think you can go further! Don't
forget to include famous people who may share a birthday! Or that song that
made the top of the chart!

Topic #2:

Do you remember that friend from long ago you spent a lot of time with? You
shared ice cream and dreams? Always called her/him when things were good or
bad? Make a page about that person and what they meant to you! Maybe you are
still friends? Maybe you aren't...maybe you miss them, maybe you don't.
Whatever you choose making this page will hopefully fill your life with
memories of the wonderful people in your past. Those you want to remember
and those you possibly don't...

Topic #55

Part 1:

What is your sign? I don't fully believe in Astrology, but I love that some
of the things written do fit! And I thought it was an interesting topic
Does your sign fit you? If it doesn't why do you think it doesn't?

This is a little bit of fluff for some...but I thought some of the pages are

Aries by Roseymom

I Gemini by Just G

Gemini by Celticfish

Topic #2:

I am...

Each of has a specific role that others may feel define who we,
wife, job related, the calm child...etc.

But who do you feel YOU are? Are you silly? Fun loving, easy going,
tempermental, a risk taker...pick something you feel defines you and who you
are that someone else might not pick! Your imagination is your guide on this
one I couldn't seem to find a pic in the gallery.

Topic #56

Topics #56:

Topic #1:

If you had to give ONE word on what it takes to live successfully what would it be? Happiness? Serenity? Peace? Flexibility? Yep, if you haven't ever created a Moments LO, here is your chance to jump on the bandwagon

Topic #2

We had a topic not long ago on where you are from...but this time I'd like to take that one step further. If you could design your house from the bottom up what would it look like? What would your DREAM house have in it? How many rooms? (Amanda's dream car page really brought this one to me...thank you Queteypie!)

Topic #57

Topic #1:

A memory topic...What do you remember of learning to drive? Did someone teach you, do you remember the driver's ed car? What are your memories associated with learning to drive?

Topic #2:

Shopping! We all love to shop for scrappin' supplies right?? Well...with school here and we all invariably either had to buy a ton or were a part of the irritated crowd at the long lines...but do you remember shopping with a certain family member? Grandma? Grandpa...your parents? How do you feel now that you are the shopper instead of the child? What are some of your favorite memories of shopping!

Topic #58

Topic #1:

What was it like the first time you spent the night away from home? When you were a child and went to your first sleepover? As an adult leaving your children behind while you had something to do overnight? Pictures aren't required on this page! This is a memory jogger...I remember my VERY first sleepover at 10 and it wasn't the most favorite of my memories!

Topic #2:

What are some memories you have of your Cousins?? Time to remember those people who were related (or maybe NOT!) to you. They could be the older cousin that babysat you, the cousin that was your age and you hung out with or the one younger than you that drove you completely NUTS! Whichever you choose...I hope this brings back those memories of time shared in fun. ( doesn't have to be blood relative cousins. We had friends who weren't cousins, but felt like it!)

Topic 59

Topic #1:

Were you ever forced to wear something you hated? You know that sweater Grandma gave you? Or for myself those dresses I ripped the hem out of before my Mom even got pigtails in my hair...if you were ever forced to wear something that you just didn't like and have posted a LO in the gallery, please feel free to link your page here!

Topic #2:

If you could relive ONE day, what would you choose? I looked over the list to make sure this wasn't a prior topic...and didn't see it. I really think this is a journaling topic...something to think about and post on. I didn't find a gallery LO, so I worked on my own over the weekend. (Not as easy as I thought!)

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Thanks for taking the time to post these. I've saved this thread to my BOS ... I would love to do soomething like this one day.

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BTT to add Topic 58 to this


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Posted: 9/8/2003 9:08:58 PM
Is this list of topics the same as what's in the book "The Book of Me"?


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Posted: 9/8/2003 9:46:15 PM
I believe some of the topics are the same as in the book of me...however the ones I have been posting I don't believe are!

I actually didn't compile this list completely. Manderly had it in her siggy line for soooo long, I just kept adding the new topics to the bottom and reposting it

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Thanks, I needed these again as somehow I had deleted it!!!


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I would LOVE to do something like this ... once I finish with my wedding scrapbook, this will be my next project!

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Thanks for posting this!!


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Posted: 9/11/2003 8:25:51 AM
Incredible and inspiring. I mostly scrap about my kids and vacations. It sure would be fun to throw in some pages about me, myself and I!

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BTT For update topic #59 Sept 15th.


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Fantastic ideas! can't wait to start!


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Posted: 10/13/2003 12:38:46 PM
Thank you so much. Having them all in one place is great.

I have made it my goal for 2004 to get started on this and to make a good dent into the topics. I can hardly wait to get started.

Thanks again.


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Thanks for posting these. I wish I could have taken this class.

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Thanks for the list!



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Oh my that's alot of typing! Thanks for posting this!

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Lambie I want to thank you for your list which I saved to my PC and printed off after I asked for help about starting my album. I have FINALLY started some layouts -- in my gallery there are a few if you want a peek
Thanks for all the inspiration.


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Posted: 1/8/2004 1:20:21 AM
Susan - Thanks so much for doing this! {{hugs}}

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btt for those interested in starting an All About me album.


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I want to add this thread to my BOS. I know I've added posts before, but I don't see a link to do so. Can anyone help?


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When you open the thread, click on the green plus sign next to the thread's title. hth

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--to prevent it from being deleted with Geek's maintenance!


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Posted: 5/4/2005 8:40:16 AM
This is a great thread!! Thanks for BTT'ing it!


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Posted: 5/16/2005 8:27:37 PM


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Posted: 5/16/2005 9:59:02 PM
BTT for anyone who hasn't had the chance to see this great thread.

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Posted: 6/21/2005 3:43:14 PM

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Posted: 7/11/2005 4:56:25 PM
thansk so much to the original poster. I decided at the end of the school year that this would be my "summer Project" I have some very helpful guidelines & stuff.

here we go



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Posted: 7/11/2005 5:37:24 PM

Is this list of topics the same as what's in the book "The Book of Me"?
Nope! Well, Lambie was right -- some of the topics are the same, but they weren't taken from the actual Book. Manderly put her own spin on topics, and came up with the challenges on her own. I offered to help (as the author of BoM), but she obviously didn't need me!

Like I said, the topics are similar, but the way the material is presented is different. Just a different kind of angle. Hopefully the end result is the same, though -- getting people to scrap themselves!


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Posted: 8/24/2005 7:45:10 PM
Thanks so much for this post! I really can't wait to get going on it!

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Posted: 1/26/2006 12:00:40 PM
BTT for new peas.



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Posted: 1/26/2006 12:16:32 PM
thankyou so much

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Posted: 5/7/2006 2:24:17 AM
these are great! I lost this thread and wanting to do some pages! Thanks so much for posting!



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Posted: 5/7/2006 8:40:08 AM
Thanks . . . into my BOS!


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Posted: 5/7/2006 12:22:08 PM
I just finished reading The Book of Me (thanks Angie!) and was thinking I had a great list started. Oh man, now I have even mroe topics to complete!

I am thinking I will need to do the BOM ones first (along with the ones I thought of while I read that book), then add these, or I will NEVER finish! LOL


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It's been over a year, so BTT so it doesn't get eliminated.



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Posted: 7/16/2007 4:25:32 PM
Thanks for the BTT!! I'm interested in doing a BOM and this will be of great help

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Posted: 8/7/2007 9:06:32 PM


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Going thru my BOS and saw it's been almost a year. BTT to save.


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thank you so much - this is awesome!!!

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Posted: 5/20/2012 10:03:59 PM
Great list of prompts!

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awesome! thanks!

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Posted: 5/23/2012 6:52:55 PM
THANKS!!! These ideas are great! I just completed sorting my 4000 some photos in iPhoto... I made a smart album named me-myself and i... your post will inspire me to forge ahead!


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Posted: 5/23/2012 7:43:06 PM
Thanks .I guess I need to get busy

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Posted: 9/20/2013 1:13:17 AM
I'm just starting a Book about me. These topics are great starting points. Thankyou



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Posted: 9/20/2013 1:35:18 AM
how do you save this thread?
would love to do some pages using these ideas
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