woooohoooo I am finished with my craft studio!!!!
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April 2003
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Posted: 10/17/2008 6:51:15 PM
WOW! I love it! I love the colors, the chandilier, the stickles in a little cake plate! It's beautiful!!!



Kristie D.

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October 2008
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Posted: 10/17/2008 11:25:25 PM
Thank you!!!!

Cathrine, the dress form is pretty AND functional!! I use it to store my ribbons and when I need one I pull it off!!

Kristie D.
My crafting blog


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Posted: 10/18/2008 3:13:11 PM
I am so copying the dress form thing. Great room!! I have so much ribbon and it looks like it will hold ton! love everything!! Congrats!!


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September 2006
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Posted: 10/18/2008 3:46:13 PM
WOW. Just wow. This is a gorgeous room! I think my favorite thing are the birdcages on the wall. Thanks for sharing!


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July 2006
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Posted: 10/18/2008 7:30:46 PM
Beautiful! I had to burst out laughing when you said the large image of your son scared you for awhile. I was thinking the same thing before you said it. I love the color and the dress form thing. You should be able to be quite creative in there!

Karen Holman

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May 2005
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Posted: 10/18/2008 9:17:07 PM
I am sooooooo jealous! I love the whole room, but old window and the birdcage decals are my favorite. I love the style in your room. I thinks its a great idea how you have goodies on the cake plates. Thanks for sharing your space.


Kristie D.

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October 2008
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Posted: 10/18/2008 10:41:43 PM
Thank you all so much!!!!! I have been working in my room for most of the day.. It's the very first day I have played in here!!!!
mom2dutchboys, LOL.. I had it in my old house and moved it here to the new house and in my old house it was in a small hallway right as you opened my bedroom door you would see it and I swear the first month after I put that up I would literally jump when I would walk out my bedroom door!! LOL

Kristie D.
My crafting blog


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Posted: 10/18/2008 11:02:28 PM
Wow! That's a beautiful room! My favorite scrappy thing is the wire dress form for the ribbons, but I love, love, love the life-size pic of your son!!!



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September 2004
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Posted: 10/19/2008 9:06:53 AM
Your room is FANTASTIC!!!
LOVE the birdcages and the dressform.
I NEED one!
Did you get it online?


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August 2007
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Posted: 10/20/2008 2:01:31 PM
I love all the elements in your room! Have fun creating in there.
I love the old door and have a suggestion-how about putting chicken wire in where the window used to be and using it to either hang craft items, LOs or inspiration?


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August 2001
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Posted: 10/20/2008 2:58:30 PM
your studio is beyond amazing! love it!
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