Losing hair, tired all the time, what's wrong with me? maybe TMI..

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Posted 11/5/2008 by blue tulip in NSBR Board

blue tulip

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September 2008
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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:26:52 AM
no, i'm not pregnant. i had my second son jonah 10 months ago. with first DS, i went thru the hair-loss thing about 4-6 months after his birth, and then it stopped. but this time, it's not stopping! i'm starting to get thinner in the front! and having dreams that i wake up with all my hair on my pillow..

tried strengthening conditioner, vitamins and there wasn't any change. i'm also tired all the time, i feel like i could sleep forever. lost all my baby weight, but changed my diet and started working out and haven't lost anymore. and there's definitely more there to lose. also, NO sex drive anymore. what gives?

had a standard thyroid test done that didn't turn up anything. my DH helps out A LOT, so i don't think i'm stressed from caring for 3 kids, and working, and starting a business. is it possible for your body to be stressed out by it when you don't feel like you are? the business isn't crazy busy, but i've been supplementing with some craft shows recently.

anyway, anyone have any ideas? did this happen to you? what worked to fix it! i don't want to be bald, now that babies riuned my tummy, breastfeeding ruined my boobs, my hair is all i've got left!

hybrid pea

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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:30:17 AM
Have your iron levels checked. Anemia causes hair loss. I am going through the exact same thing. It's falling out in clumps and I haven't given birth in 7 years!

It happened every time I gave birth. But this time...I haven't. I went to the Dr. for it because when I wash my hair there is so much hair on my hands that I can barely see my hands.

He told me anemia would do it. Tested me and sure enough I am anemic. I am taking vitamins now and it's slowing down.

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Bridget in MD

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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:30:38 AM
i felt the same way 6-8 months after i had my first child, and also had the thyroid testing. it came back fine, so my dr said it was probably still from the birth of my child.

what about low iron?


Bridget =)

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Pastafarian Pea

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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:31:42 AM
Maybe someone is poisoning you with selenium.


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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:32:48 AM

It could still be your hormone levels re-adjusting. Are you still BFing? Or how long ago did you quit?

Maybe someone is poisoning you with selenium.

What ???

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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:33:00 AM
Boost your iron (and Vit C with the iron pills) and take in more protein.

I has serious hair loss after I had major surgery and it was BAD!! Now you can't tell I had that problem as it is all back to normal.

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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:43:44 AM
I would guess hormonal. BTW, I lost a TON of hair after my first kid and my hair wouldn't hold a perm. Never happened with the other 2 though.


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October 2008
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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:43:45 AM
It really does sound like Thyroid imbalance! It took me 6 months to get diagnosed after initially having those same symptoms. Finally I found a physician who ran ALL the tests for me, including checking my THYROID ANTIBODIES, which is how we discovered that I have Hashimoto's disease and resulting hypothyroidism.

Ask your doc to run a full thyroid panel- free t3, free t4 AND thyroid antibodies. (S)he may be resistant at first, but I found that if you insist your physician document in your records that they are refusing to allow the testing and ask them to initial and date it and give you a copy... well, that changes their perspective a little!

I hope everything works out for you- don't give up if it turns out it's not thyroid- request a referral to an endocrinologist to do a full workup and find out why you're having these symptoms.

Hang in there!

All the best,

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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:56:09 AM
seriously it sounds like hypothyroid. had the same symptoms -- went to dr, had the blood test, and it came back negative.

it is hereditary, and I still felt lagy, so I went back and asked for it to be run again, and I was right...I have hypothyroid. are your hands and feet cold alot of the time, or have you put on unexplained weight?

you might want to have it run one more time -- it wouldn't be the first time a blood test was read incorrectly.


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March 2006
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Posted: 11/5/2008 12:05:35 PM
Are you taking any medications?
Maybe that could be causing the hairloss.

Kickboxing Pea

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October 2004
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Posted: 11/5/2008 12:11:06 PM
Could've written your exact post....
It started right after I had ds 6 yrs. ago! I was also diagnosed as being hypothyroid and having major hormone issues. My hormones were so out of whack which is also an explanation for my hairloss. I've been on progesterone, estrogen & testosterone. Now I'm just on progesterone cream & taking meds for the thyroid. Made a huge difference in how I feel (not tired & cold all the time). Although I still have issues with my hair falling out. Dr. & I are working on that since that's my biggest complaint. I have to get full bloodwork done & a saliva test every 6 months to see what changes need to be made.

I hope you & your Dr. have good communication & that he/she will run the necessary tests to find out what's going on with you & come up with the right solution for you. Good luck!

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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January 2001
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Posted: 11/5/2008 12:14:21 PM
Thyroid!! I would bet my last dollar on it!



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January 2001
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Posted: 11/5/2008 12:18:08 PM
This thread could not have come at a better time for me. I am having hair loss, tired all the time, etc. My other symptom is that I am late for my period. I have tested and I am not pregnant. I have also been feeling quite depressed lately. I have not had my thyroid tested but knew that was one thing that could be causing it.

It was just nice to be able to read the responses to your thread and get some helpful advice of things to check and ask for when I go to the doctor.

blue tulip

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September 2008
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Posted: 11/5/2008 12:22:31 PM
thanks for all the help! i was so happy to get back from lunch and see i had replies! i'm not on any meds right now, and i quit breastfeeding about 2 months ago. i haven't noticed an increase or decrease since then, it all started before that.

i have to have a flu shot coming up here, i guess that would be a good time to suggest a full thyroid panel and an iron test. they do iron from the blood too? i'm hoping something turns up somewhere, cuz i sure don't feel normal. i appreciate knowing others have felt like this and found solutions! blush:

i'll have to ask my DH if he's poisoning me..though why he would want to be the sole caretaker for 2 crazy boys is beyond me..

blue tulip

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September 2008
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Posted: 11/5/2008 12:58:15 PM
ok, wow! just checked hypothyroidism symptoms, and of 12 they gave, i have 11! i definitely will have this checked out again..how couls it not be? i'm happy it seems like there could be an answer now. thanks again, you guys are awesome.

Dreaming of a distant island

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March 2004
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Posted: 11/5/2008 1:07:30 PM
took a while to get the weight off that I had gained -- and we eat healthy.

the one symptom I wish I could get rid is the cold hands and feet -- even in the summer!

thyroid issues can also cause mood swings, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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March 2005
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Posted: 11/5/2008 1:12:40 PM
My first thought was thyroid issues. Other than that, are you eating well and enough? I realize that it's a very personal thing but girls with anorexia lose hair and feel tired. Maybe your diet is too low in fat? Or you could be anemic. They should have tested you for that already though. Hm. Good luck to you, and I hope you get some answers and get back to feeling like yourself soon.


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March 2002
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Posted: 11/5/2008 1:25:11 PM
I was just diagnosed with PCOS, which has some similar issues, as well.


blue tulip

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September 2008
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Posted: 11/5/2008 1:30:58 PM
i have been eating a lot better, we changed our diet, though it wasn't too bad before. i don't eat a ton of veggies, but we eat lean meat, try to stay away from too many empty white starches like white potatoes (we eat red ones) eat wheat (not white) bread. we don't go overboard, and we still have some treats. i'm definitely not anorexic, though in the last few weeks i just haven't felt much like eating breakfast -i still try to make myself- or lunch. but this was all going on before. i've always had cold hands and feet, but when i think about it, i do have need a blanket on the couch now, and i rarely did that before, and sometimes i wear my coat in the office cuz i'm cold, and i've been frequantly thinking the heat is turned down in the house when it hasn't been. i've been forgetting stupid things at work, which I never do, and boy do i have mood swings! i'm starting to feel stupid for dismissing this when the test came back neg.

i looked up hashimoto's disease, and among the other hypothyroid symptoms, one was excessive/prolonged menstrual bleeding, which i've definitely had, and remarked about to the doctor. my cycle is off, which it never was before, and then when it comes it's 3 weeks long. that's WAY more than you probably wanted to know..

haven't GAINED weight, but i was on a really good streak losing all the baby weight and then continuing, but the time DS was 4 months old, that slowed down and then stopped. now, no matter what i try, i don't lose any. even the days i don't feel like eating-which used to be rare for me!- and only have 1 meal, nothing happens. sometimes i have 3 days like that in a row, you think something would happen.

i just called the doctor's assistant and asked that she call me. i know she'll dread hearing the words "i was reading on the internet.." but oh well. maybe i'll get some help! i hope you figure something out too, jodilyn!


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October 2005
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Posted: 11/6/2008 12:31:48 AM
My 13 yo DD was suffering from hair loss, exhaustion, and excessive periods, so i wasn't surprised to find out she was severely anemic.

I was surprised to find out that my hair loss, mood swings, sudden exhaustion, dizzy spells, etc, were the result of being insulin resistant. Since i started on Glucophage, my hair seems to be thicker, I've lost weight, and I feel so much better.



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October 2002
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Posted: 11/6/2008 12:43:41 AM
I would say to insist that your dr. run ALL the thyroid tests. I went to the endocrinologist, and she insisted, based on an initial test, that I had no thyroid problem. Her superior came into the examining room to talk with me and I told her that I wanted every single thyroid test run to make sure that I did not have a thyroid problem. My OB, who had original run the test, also insisted that I had no thyroid problem. The supervising endo. agreed to run the tests and guess what???!! I have a thyroid problem and am on meds now. My hair has slowly stopped falling out. This is the first symptom I am noticing improvement in. I am also not quite as exhausted as I have been. I am so thrilled to finally be feeling just a little better and that a physician finally listened to me.

The insulin resistance is another possible cause to look at. Be insistant with your physician. There is a reason that we feel the way we feel and sometimes you have to be very proactive with your own healthcare. Good luck in finding some answers. I hope you feel better soon!



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January 2005
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Posted: 11/6/2008 2:31:52 AM
I agree with the poster. get every TSh level blood test done for thyroid levels. I have thyroid issues and I take synthroid. I still was feeling tired and losing hair and very lethargic so to say. Thyroid levels would always come back normal. Then doctor did few more tests and found out I am low on Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12. Now i feel mluch much better after I started taking those suupliments.

I thought it was funny I am low on Vitamin D after moving to Phoenix .

Sunny Side Up!

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October 2002
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Posted: 11/6/2008 5:34:27 AM
Thyroid! My hair sheds like crazy when my levels are off... took a while to diagnose.

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Posted: 11/6/2008 7:29:51 AM
HEY!!!! That doctor is working for YOU!. Don't be asking his assistant if you are sick enough! Make an appointment and do as BulldoggerKitt suggested. Just because it says normal, does not mean it is normal for you. Be proactive! Your PAYING to be seen, make the most of it.

Sorry to sound mean, but I get tired of the attitude that doctor's know better. They do not know better, they know more.

blue tulip

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September 2008
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Posted: 11/6/2008 7:54:53 AM
i didn't take you as mean. in our doc's office, she is usually with a patient, so you call her assistant to pass word to the doc to call you. it's not really like 'asking permission', it's just trying to avoid pulling the doc from a patient to answer a call every 5 minutes.

she did actually call me last night (the doc, not assistant) from her home and tell me to come by today for the papers to take the the lab. she looked at my results fromthe last one, and it was actually really close to being hypERthyroidism, tho i don't have as many symtpons for that as hyPO. but she did also mention anemia from the prolonged periods and all. so we're going to do a full thyroid/TSh panel, and iron test. i did mention that i had met a lot of people online whose initial (or even second) tests had not come out positive but that it later turned out they did have it. i also brought up the hashimoto's disease, and insulin reisitance. i want it all! good thing it's the end of the year and i've pretty much met my deductible, haha! i'm going to have the blood tests done today, hopefully i'll hear back early next week!

thanks again to everyone..

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December 2003
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Posted: 11/6/2008 8:12:08 AM
I was going to say low on iron!!!

The hair loss and tired, loss of appetite, and several other things were caused by low iron, and at the same time I was diagnosed with seasonal depression.

I am glad to see that you are visiting and being tested by your doctor.

Take care of yourself, and please update when you get some answers!!!

Thinking of you during this very stressful time...


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Posted: 11/6/2008 8:33:16 AM
Ask your doctor for an ultrasound on your thyroid. In my case and with both of my sisters, our blood tests came back in normal range, but ultrasounds uncovered other things that required us to be on thyroid meds and considerably helped out problems. Interestingly enough, my sisters and I all have different thyroid problems that only showed up in ultrasound.

My sister had the same symptoms as you just months after giving birth. Blood work showed normal but she insisted on ultrasound based on my thyroid issues and it distincly showed many tiny nodules on the thyroid indicating Hashimotos. A few weeks after starting the meds, the hair grew back and everything settled back to normal.

ETA: When you have the lab work done, you can have the results sent to you as well as to the doctor. That way you have the numbers in front of you when she calls. Sometimes the labs (and docs) are not happy to have the patient get that info, but you are entitled to it. It's also VERY helpful to keep copies of these records to compare. Doctors sometimes miss things because they just glance through for obvious "ut of balance" type things and are reading lots of reports. You need to take charge! (Sorry, I've just had years of medical problems and know how important it is to take charge of your helth and not depend on the doc.)

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