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Two Peas is Closing
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Posted 1/8/2009 by mellypea in For Sale or Trade

miz mellypea

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Posted: 1/8/2009 8:38:45 AM
- this board is ONLY for items that could be deemed related to two peas, specifically scrapbooking and photography products. all other posts will be removed.

- please do NOT use the two peas gallery to host photos of the item you are selling. please use an alternate photo hosting site for this purpose.

- if the items you've listed are pending - pleased edit your post to read : PENDING : your original post title

- if the items you've listed have sold and are no longer available - please edit your post to read : SOLD : your original post title

- please limit the number of threads you start on this board to THREE per day.

- please limit the number of times you btt a single thread to ONCE per day - and only AFTER it has not been replied to for more than 48 hours. community members are able to search this forum for items they are searching for so there is no need to bring it to the top each day.

not adhering to these guidelines will likely cause your thread to be removed. please follow them so that everyone has an enjoyable experience on this board.

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