so I have to have surgery Tuesday and Inspired doesn't give emergency medical refunds *UPDATE #4*

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Posted 5/1/2009 by pe@ce in NSBR Board
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Will trade mosquitoes for cookies.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 1:15:12 AM

And, OMG! Donna types in lowercase! Seriously? You're grasping at straws just to bash with that one.

LLE82 is right.

All of the money that was charged for the Inspired event..... all of the money that is charged for products that scrapbookers buy..... the people who actually pay that money take it pretty darn seriously. It's a terrible business owner who doesn't recognise that and take it seriously too.

Your response was not only unprofessional, it was petty.

Not only did the OP deserve better, all of us who have ever bought any of your products deserved better too.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 1:27:03 AM
First off, I'm glad that Sharon got her refund. It was the kind thing to do.

But I can't resist commenting on a few things from Kandi's post.

I find it pathetic that you people have sat here all day and bashed the reputation of an individual that you don't even know.

I find it pathetic that the right thing was done only after hours of emails and posts from outraged peas.

The individual didn't wait to receive a response or speak with Donna personally before she posted the original message on this website when she needed to vent.

IIRC, Sharon only posted here after speaking to a representative from the event. Wait a minute...wasn't it YOU? Did you ever indicate that despite the cancellation policy in place, Sharon should contact Donna personally?

You have added more stress into the life of an individual who needs to focus on her health and family;

I believe *you* added more stress into the life of an individual who needs to focus on her health and family. The end result of your actions was Sharon breaking down crying and then coming here to vent. The end result of the peas actions was a refund of over $600. I wonder who stressed Sharon out more? Hmm...

And about this:

It's not like we (DD, LLC) sit around our computers all day just waiting for the next comment to be posted. We have work to do and families to care for.

and this:

And, I will add one in there for you people too who are a little too "busybody" to respect another human being and their feelings.

Wow...I can't even think of a good response to this one. These comments make me think that your post was NOT approved by Donna. And, really, you should've had her approve it before you jumped into the fray, for the very reason that this company is her baby, and by speaking as a representative of the company, you essentially spoke for Donna. Based on what you said, I'm pretty sure she wishes you didn't take that liberty.

Early in the post, you said you are a friend of Donna's. You did her no favors with that post.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 1:43:27 AM
I really was away from my computer all day, and missed all this.

Sharon, I am so sorry for the stress you have been going through. Now you know you are going to kick this terrible disease cause you have a thousand peas in your corner!!! We will all be thinking of you.

As for Donna---oy. It has all been said already more eloquently than I can muster up right now. I am disappointed in you and I am very proud of my fellow Peas. And I scrapbook and I spend money. Wisely.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:02:53 AM
I'll pray for you and your family as you go to to surgery and for a quick recovery. Don't let this get you down. I know thats a lot of money, and I know I'd be pissed off as heck because they are being so insincere about this. I want this to be over for you too. I'm sure it doesn't help that we get you all riled up again. But we do want to support you and find that it is unfair of them. Anyway, again, you all will be in my prayers!

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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:08:24 AM
I think she's morphed Kathy and Sharon into one new person: Karen. She's referred to each of them as "Karen".

Silly rabbit.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:17:27 AM

I find it pathetic that the right thing was done only after hours of emails and posts from outraged peas.

Yeah, that.

I am so disgusted. Yet I am sooooooooooooooo proud of the Peas! Once again we tell it like it is. People don't like it, they can kiss our collective ass.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:23:01 AM
First & most important to the OP: I am so sorry that you are dealing with ALL this crap - you (& your family) will be in my prayers.

I have to say - I am stunned at DD's responses to this situation. I can not fathom the words that have come out of her keyboard. I don't think she'll EVER be able to repair the damage done to her reputation by HER own actions & those of Kandi. I still scrap and BELIEVE THIS - her company will NEVER receive a single dime of my scrappy funds.

So there!!!

Will trade mosquitoes for cookies.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:25:22 AM
Since Donna has said that she is reading this thread and I posted it on another thread that she may not read, I am pasting it here also.... just for Donna.

It is ridiculous for her as a business person to not have something in place to handle this better from the moment her business was first contacted by anyone under difficult circumstances. ESPECIALLY since the tickets are bought so far in advance.

LIFE HAPPENS. Really. It does. A year in advance, and a certain percentage of those ticket buyers will develop special situations and need special relief.

She never even had to be involved. It should have been a matter of policy.

Bad business is bad business.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:26:12 AM
OP- I'm sorry you had to deal with this!! Good luck to you and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Miss Jen....BRAVO!!

What chaps my hide most is that Ms. Downey keeps using language like "hurt" and "offended" and relating that we're personally insulting her, hurting her feelings, etc. She says she's not the person we make her out to be and throws around personal, emotive language. However, had she started out treating the OP like a PERSON, rather than a business transaction, this whole mess could have been avoided. You can't have it both ways, Ms. Downey. You can't treat your customer like dirt and little more than a business transaction, yet be all hurt and offended and call foul that this is a personal attack on you. Either it's business or it's personal. You can't dole it out one way, but respond the other. IMO, you lost the right to be "hurt and offended" personally the second you decided to treat the poor OP like a line in your checkbook register rather than a person in need to whom you could have showed a little compassion.

Everything else you've said and done is too little, too late, in my opinion. You've showed your true colors. You only finally did the right thing because you were called out on it by hundreds of people. And even then only after essentially saying you wish she hadn't told people how badly you'd behaved.

Pam in CA

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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:28:56 AM
Sharon, I hope that your surgery goes smoothly & that your healing is quick. I'm so sorry that you're going through this.

This is a sad situation all around. I'm glad to hear that Sharon's money was refunded but I find it sad that it's become a blame the customer game.

Apologizing in a timely fashion is really big for me. I've found that when I've done business with people & companies who own up to their mistakes in a timely fashion & then fix their mistakes quickly, I'm far more likely continue to do business with them (& speak their praises to other people). There was a problem with an order I made from See Jane Run. I called them & they sent me a new order that same day (that I believe I received the following day). I WILL return to them as a result & I do tell others that I'm impressed with their policies & products.

Will I purchase DD products? If things are handled with regard to Kandi, maybe. Had Kandi not come back to stir the pot, it would have been more likely. I like some of the new DD fabric stuff I saw at the LSS last week.

Inspired looks like an absolute blast but there is absolutely no way I would attend with policies of that nature. I read policies before making decisions.

I get that sometimes it takes a little while to figure out how to respond to something that requires a change in policy. In this case, it really should have happened more quickly than it did. Sharon should never have had to turn to the Peas to vent in the first place.

I know that I don't know everything about this situation. I just hate seeing someone obviously reeling from a cancer diagnosis in a situation that looks like it could easily repaired take so darn long. I hadn't even been aware of Sharon until this thread.

By the way, if it's not completely evident, Kandi could really use some training in customer service.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:36:55 AM
Sharon, you will be in my thoughts this weekend and on Tuesday. I hope that you can find some peaceful, quiet moments and I hope the surgery is a complete success.

As for the poor business decisions made by DD, LLC.-they will be remembered by so many and it really didn't have to be this way at all.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:41:55 AM
Just went back and reread the thread.

I too emailed and got the cut and paste response. My answer was to just refund Sharon's money. That was hours ago. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the right thing. Just someone with compassion and a fricken heart.

Scrapbooking is a dying industry. This kind of lousy customer service is killing it all the way around.

I think that it is absolutely stupid to assume this board is just some message board. Haven't we been #1 for years now? Kinda dumb to piss off this many women.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 2:55:01 AM

Peas have an uncanny ability to respect the words "I'm sorry. I screwed up." followed by a plan to make it right. (There was no actual apology issued here...did any one else note that?)
Yes, I sure did notice! I even reread DD's posts to see if I missed that.

And, in the meantime, the individual this involves feels horrible about the behavior of her 2peas friends and has apologized to Donna for starting all of this before reaching a resolution with her. You have added more stress into the life of an individual who needs to focus on her health and family; not to be concerned that she just helped with starting to damaged someone's career - way to go!
I can't believe you went there Kandi/Donna! YOU are the one (two?) who inflicted pain on someone who is already down and did not need to be kicked around! YOU are the one who jumpstarted your career's downfall by refusing to act professionally and compassionately in the beginning of this situation.

I also can not believe that 2 Peas has allowed this type of slander to exist on their message board.
No, libel is intentionally written falsehood; slander is verbal. Truth is an absolute defense for both. Clearly what has been written and quoted throughout this thread is not falsehood and lies because people were posting from your own emails and reposting your posts on this thread. Their reactions/outrage are opinions, not libel (and not slander). Their vows to boycott your products and also tell others about your behavior today are statements of intention based upon their opinions of you/your company's behavior.

Are you sure you're not Donna "Kandi" Downey? Has anyone met Kandi?
My opinion is that Donna=Kandi. How many other Peas have we seen create false usernames/accounts just to stand up and vouch for their "friend" who is being unfairly "attacked" by the Big, Bad, Mean Peas?

I have a corporate communications/PR background. I think I will start my own company teaching scrapbook "celebs" appropriate PR, email, and business writing (grammar and punctuation) and management skills. My consultant fee will be $500 per hour per "celeb" unless my skills are requested on an emergency basis. Those fees will vary depending upon how deep the *&^% is.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 3:02:46 AM
I have not read all 100 pages of this thread, but from what I did get...


P.S. ~ Do I get some sort of badge for posting here too???


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Posted: 5/2/2009 3:02:54 AM
If Donna really does = Kandi ... this will be a doozy of a 25 pager

That's all I gotta say about the whole situation. I wish we had a DJO thumbs DOWN smiley!


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Posted: 5/2/2009 3:32:30 AM
Holy crap. Ten pages of flaming train wreckage. I think dd needs three things:

1. A clue
2. Business school. Throw in some math classes so you can understand how $600 multiplied into thousands.
3. A conscience

Not necessarily in that order. OP, I hope all goes well with your recovery.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 3:36:32 AM

To Donna D.
Wow, the lack of good business sense is completely shocking to me. As another poster said, what exactly has been slanderous? Nothing. Did the OP say anything, but no they aren't refunding my money?

DD saying that she doesn't care if we buy her products? Oh, really then why is she in business. You are in business to make money. Thanks Business 101, but it seems pretty clear that DD has taken that first class.

An attack on your( DD's) character? No, a justified attack on your unability to make it right.
(1) Ok, don't refund her money, but let her sell her ticket. What was the harm in that? How did that possibily hurt your business?
(2) Don't refund the money, but offer her the class kits and the remainder in product of her choosing? What did you lose there?
(3) Ok, don't refund her money, but allow her to transfer her "ticket" to the next class.
(4) Refund her money and send her something for her troubles.

So many choices and all you could think of was, so sorry no refunds.

I haven't bought your products, but I don't think I ever well. You did not deal well with the situation. Geesh and calling Sharon (Karen) shows you don't even see her as a person.

Sharon, may God bless you and heal you. May God bring you peace, health, and joy. You DID nothing WRONG!!! It's not your fault, DD didn't have the common sense to deal with this appropriately.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 4:12:52 AM
First my thoughts and prays are with you and your family.

I emailed DD and i will NEVER purchase any of her products.

Will trade mosquitoes for cookies.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 4:17:11 AM
Happy Scrapbooking Day


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Posted: 5/2/2009 4:28:59 AM
I was here!

And, WhirledPeas said "assholiness" on Page 8. Love it! Nice, almost as good as her previous 'assholian', which is formally part of my language now.

Hugs and prayers going out to you, Sharon!


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Posted: 5/2/2009 5:06:29 AM
I'd like my benefit of doubt back because it appears that Donna is going to continue to play the "poor me" victim in all of this and her guard dog Kandi is going to continue to be the fine representative of her company that she has apparently been right from the start of this.

Oh, and another thing Kandi - you really don't want to come onto a scrapbooking board and say "Inspired is not a scrapbooking event" with your nose in the air as if something smells bad. I can guarantee that DD is only where she is today . . . correction, where she was two days ago . . . BECAUSE of scrapbookers.

She's where she is today because of people like you.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 5:19:26 AM
Sharon: I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and you have a full, and rapid recovery!!

Now, I have read this entire thread.

some women really should just be "creating art or expressing themselves" for their own pleasure and not working a business.

This is the winning line in the entire 10 pages, and it summarizes the reason most LSS's fail - people who enjoy or are good at a hobby think they can run a business 'selling' the hobby. Most cannot. It has nothing to do with how compassionate or kind they are, or how "nice" they are. It has everything to do with a lack of business acumen.

What a train wreck, and a heck of a way to get my NSD badge today huh?


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Posted: 5/2/2009 5:23:51 AM
This is too weird for words. I thought someone was trying to troll as DD for a minute there but I guess it's really her. Remember the last 2008 NSD scandal? It was about that scrapper on house arrest for stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise from the sb store she worked at and had nerve to flaunt her goods on her blog.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 5:58:22 AM

THis IS quite the way to celebrate National Scrapbook Day! If Donna's seminars and business isn't about scrapbooking, can someone clue me in on what it IS about?


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Posted: 5/2/2009 6:02:39 AM
Wow. Go to an evening crop, & look what I miss.

Another product line to cross off my list (not that I ever used her stuff, but ya know, I never will now).

Can't wait to hear all 10 pages recounted at my LSS 12 hour crop later today. Betcha DD's products don't sell at all today & end up in the clearance bins soon....

Wow. Just Wow. How not to do business DD LLC.


edd to correct spelling


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Posted: 5/2/2009 6:52:21 AM
Sharon, I will praying for you on Tuesday, and hope you recover quickly!

DD and Kandi.......the peas have said it all. This situation went from bad to worse since you were too greedy to initially give Sharon a refund, or allow her to sell her ticket. You lost tons of revenue due to this fiasco.

Wonder how Kathy will be treated at this event? I would really love to be a fly on the wall. We will need an update when you get a chance!

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:02:54 AM
Sharon first off I want to send my hopes and wishes that your surgery is succesful and you have a speedy and complete recovery. Do not worry about DD or give this thread another thought.

I've read this entire thread and have to say as a small business owner whose business thrives because of outstanding customer support, I am shocked at the attitudes expressed by the owner and employees of DD LLC. This has spread like wildfire and likly all that will be left, after all is said and done, will be ashes. What a pity as it all could have been avoided by doig the correct and compassionate response from the get go.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:05:19 AM
Wow, go to bed and look what you miss!

Its a bit early for popcorn, anyone want to pass the donuts?

I'm just shocked at Kandi's and Donna's posts from

Dont Make Me Go All Bob Barker on You

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:09:24 AM
pe@ce, i know you will have a speedy recovery.

DD, i bet you never do.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:09:37 AM
Oh man. I read your first post Donna and thought you did the right thing. Come to find out after reading that things went from bad to worse.

You did do the right thing and refund the money, but where was the apology?

Donna, are you going to fire Kandi? I think (and I bet many peas do too) that you should. With friends like hers, who need enemies.

Krissy says I am a nail polish guru

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:10:43 AM
pe@ce my continued prayers and thoughts are with you!


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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:22:50 AM
Am I late to notice that DD edited her post from Karen to Sharon? Oh-wait..karen to sharon.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:25:54 AM
I didn't even notice that she had changed the name to correct it...sheesh!

Quietly sneaking

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:33:36 AM
I'm with BF, I'm gonna want my benefit of doubt back on this one.

You do not,ever, ever go to a message board, state your both and employee and friend of someone then go on to bash your customers. Ever. Can I say that again? Ever.

I realize your defending your friend and her lively hood but all you did was add gas to the flames when you called us names and told us that we caused the problem.

For the record, this is 2Peas. We vent here all the time about horrid customer service. Be it from Target to this. Bad customer service will either get fixed because enough people are outraged or the company will go out of business and shut their doors. Defending the business by telling the very people who give you their money they are busybodies and wrong will lead to the latter and quick.

And here on 2Peas we rarely agree on anything as a group. This is one case where we are all on the same page, that alone should tell you something. And most of the comments made were not personal attacks on Donna, they were attacks on how the company that bears Donna's name handled the situation.

Finally, you toss out pe@ce's cancer as if it's your defense. She, just like your friend, is a human. She is facing something far worse than having people talk about her on the internet and has an 8 year old daughter to worry about in the midst of facing a battle for her life. You think on that for a while and re-read what you read.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:37:50 AM
In honor of scrapbooking day, I'm going to make myself a tee shirt that says:

Who cares?
So there.

I'll sell tons of them...

Krissy says I am a nail polish guru

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:40:29 AM

In honor of scrapbooking day, I'm going to make myself a tee shirt that says:

Who cares?
So there.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:44:54 AM
Just wanted to say I am glad that Pe@ce got her refund. A bit of too little too late, but I am glad she can have that burden lifted from her shoulders.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:49:41 AM
I am glad things have been "resoved" for you in this matter.
Donna and Kandi,
When Sharon FIRST emailed you and said "look, I have cancer and am not able to attend due to surgery" YOUR FIRST RESPONSE should have been this: We will refund your money, yes we have a policy in place, but we can make an exception.
I have never purchased any of your product but because of your obvious lack of compassion I will definately not be buying it now. It just sucks that it took an 11 page thread on a message board for you to finally do the RIGHT thing.

oh and to this:

In honor of scrapbooking day, I'm going to make myself a tee shirt that says:

Who cares?
So there.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:50:02 AM
So, just to be clear...

The Peas are "busybodies"...okey-dokey.

DD doesn't care if we buy her products...good to know.

Your representative states that Inspired is not a "scrapbooking event"...perhaps not, but, like you, Donna Downey, many of us lowly scrapbookers have morphed in to something else because of our beloved hobby. In addition to our scrapbook pages, we now create beautiful canvases, altered books, jewelry and many other wonderful things due to what we've learned and experienced in the scrapbooking community. You were once one of us, and you are not now better or more highly evolved because you've built a business and a brand doing what many of us do for pleasure.

Just to repeat what another poster reap what you business, in interpersonal relationships, in life. Women support each other, and until yesterday, we supported you and your success. Every time I read your blog and saw another accomplishment on your part, I thought "you go girl". Whether it was watching your business grow or your weight loss journey or your last completed race, I think most of us were rooting for you. With one bad business decision and some poorly chosen, unkind words, I fear you've lost much of that support, perhaps forever, and your bottom line will suffer for it.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:50:57 AM


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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:51:57 AM
I really hope the OP doesn't feel like this is her fault. And I hope even more that Donna didn't make her feel like that. She does have too much to worry about right now to be stressed out over whether or not she is bringing down someone's business. Getting the response she did from her request for a refund I believe posting on this message board was not out of line.

I have purchased products from Donna Downy before, but am unlikely too again. I don't really care how creative and Inspired she might be after I have seen her responses here on this thread. Your art doesn't just represent who you are. YOU DO! And you did a pretty crappy job of that today, in my opinion.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 7:59:32 AM

In honor of scrapbooking day, I'm going to make myself a tee shirt that says:

Who cares?
So there.

I thought we might all get alternate badges like this:


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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:04:35 AM
I think I have just become "UnInspired" by DD's way of handling things.
While I understand why there is a reason to have an official policy...rules can be broken for special circumstances and should have been taken care of to begin with.

A member of the 53%.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:05:17 AM
Wow, over 24,000 views. That's gotta be a record.

Makes me wonder, if this thread isn't a record, what is the record?

To the OP, I hope things go well for you. Please check in and keep us updated on your condition.

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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:07:50 AM
Sharon - my thoughts are with you and I'm sending positive thoughts for a successful procedure Tuesday and a full recovery. I'm sorry you had to contend with this added stress but hope that you can have a little extra peace now. Take care of yourself! I'll be looking forward to a happy update as soon as you are able!

ETA - I wanted to mention after reading your most recent update that you've handled all of this with so much grace as well. I think it's safe to say that after reading everything you've been through already, that despicable comment would have sent most of us past the point of no return. I admire your restraint!

Again, all the best to you.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:08:31 AM
update in OP

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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:12:49 AM

I sure am scared about Tuesday. I will surely let you know how I am after the surgery. I am supposed to be hospitalized for a couple of days. I do try to keep it all in perspective and realize there are people out there with much sadder tales. I get to fight my cancer. So thank you. All of you!

Well, you have seen the power of the Peas, and I'm sure everyone will be hoping for all the best for you next week. There's a lotta love on this Board for you.

Best wishes, and think positive.


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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:13:25 AM
I haven't posted on here in months BUT this thread caught my eye and it stinks, stinks, stinks.

When someone does something stupid, acts like a complete jerk, etc, I give them my evil eye. My husband and I actually call it the "big fat ugly eye"! I wish that Donna Downey could see my "big fat ugly eye" right now. She needs to know that I'll never spend one cent on her products. They don't inspire me at all nor does she. Sure, business is business and you must have policies in place. BUT...that's what the huge companies say. Not a simple artist who wants to share her work with ladies who scrapbook their family memories. Who does DD think she is to act like this and charge folks hundreds of dollars for kits & a workshop? I so wish there was a smilie with a big fat ugly eye!

My thoughts are with you, pe@ce, during your surgery & recovery! Take care!


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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:13:31 AM

Just seen your next up-date and would like to add my heartfelt best wishes to the ones already given on this thread. I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday and want to wish you all the luck in the world. I'll be thinking of your daughter as well.

Oh, and I think most of us who took reading comprehension and who can follow a thread could see that you had stated your previous contact with the company, so don't worry about your character or reputation!

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Posted: 5/2/2009 8:16:15 AM

I sure am scared about Tuesday. I will surely let you know how I am after the surgery. I am supposed to be hospitalized for a couple of days. I do try to keep it all in perspective and realize there are people out there with much sadder tales. I get to fight my cancer. So thank you. All of you!

A whole lot of prayers wil be with you on Tuesday.
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