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Posted 6/21/2009 by mellypea in Swap Chat - Secret Pals

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Posted: 6/21/2009 10:34:42 PM
Suggestions for Hostess'

1) To establish yourself, it is recommended that you join at least five swaps where you were a successful participant.

2) Your first swap as a hostess should be a swap where your participants mail to one another. You want to first establish yourself as a hostess that is a great communicator and is well orgainized before any mailings get sent to you. It might be a good idea that you host at least two of these types of swaps.

3) As a hostess you are not only in charge of the swaps completion but you are also expected to communicate with your participants as well as following through with the rules you have set. Your participants expect to get their swap items in a timely manner and you are expected to facilitate that; whether it be to make sure that the particpants mail to their partners before or on the deadline or you yourself are to mail to your participants on or before your shipping deadline you set for yourself.

4) As a hostess it's recommend that you set rules of your swap where your participants are to follow as well as yourself. Don't be vague or else the level of creativity your participants may be just as vague. Your participants want to feel comfortable with you and trust you so please set yourself deadlines such as; sign up deadline, you check in once a week and a deadline for when they can expect for you to ship their items. A good rule of thumb is to set your shipment deadline for all the returned swap items you have to go out 10 days after the deadline date your participants were to send to you. If your participants don't get their items to you by your deadline then do not wait, ship out like you said you would. Any lates should be shipped individually to each participant by the person that was late and upon that completion you can send them their share of the swap. This only has to happen once or twice before the people who are always tardy & ruining swaps will either stop joining your swaps or will know that you are a hostess that follows through with her own rules and they can no longer take advantage of you. Participants loose trust in their hostess when they wait far to long for items to come to them. Please follow your own rules you set, you'll be sure to have more participants in future swaps because you are trusted to do as you say.

5) Newbies in your swap should always be welcome! A suggestion to avoid any flaking would be to set your newbie deadline dates to be at least a week in advance that way it buys you time to find an angel just in case. Newbies aren't the only ones who have a high propensity to flake. So if you are unsure of a participant ask them to peamail you their contact info if they are comfortable with that.

6) If life gets in the way of hosting your swap, please ask for an angel hostess to complete your swap for you. Please be considerate to your participants by doing this.

Suggestions for Swap participants

1) To establish yourself, it is recommended that you join at least five swaps that are small such as a small group within a large swap. For example: there are a lot of swaps that have many themes with small groups of four or five. Join one or two of those to start. By joining one or two at a time it gives you an understanding as to how much time you actually do have to give to these swaps in your busy schedule. Don't over commit yourself, there are a lot of fun swaps and there will always be new ones!

2) When you first start out it may be a good idea to work with a swap hostess that is established and has made herself a good reputation. Feel comfortable to lurk for a little bit, peek into exsisting swaps and look to see how the hostess handles herself and decide if her style is a match for you. Some people like a hostess that is easy going and allows grievences in deadlines or requirements others don't care for that style much and appreciate a hostess that is a stickler to her rules who has expectations for herself and her participants. Decide on which you prefer. No matter how much you like the swap challenge, if you don't like the way the hostess runs her swaps; please don't join assuming that she will host the way you want her to. You are joining her by choice so you must follow her rules and style.

3) When joining swaps please don't set yourself up. Meaning, if you are wanting your swap items to turn around and say, give as a gift, you are better off making it yourself. This will save you a lot of grief and stress because when you are partcipating with large groups of people and depending on the mail service, you never know what may transpire.

4) It is understandable that "life" happens in between our plans to scrap and swap. No one within the community would hold that against you. However; please don't just disappear. Please contact you hostess with as much notice as possible if you plan to or must drop out of a swap so she may find a swap "angel" to fill your spot. No harm no foul. You are always welcome to come back when your life gets back in order.

5) There is always a debate about the level of creativity participants should project into their swaps. Please don't misunderstand this as fellow swappers and hostess judging your work! What generally this means is that your fellow swappers and hostess expect you to challenge yourself and put your best foot forward. They expect that you will put effort into your creativity. They don't expect you to work on it the night before it's due and just turn in 'something' just to make your deadline. They expect you to try your best just like they have done for the swap items you will be getting from them.

6) Have fun! Enjoy the swaps and getting to know a wonderful group of women who enjoy swapping and being creative such as yourself.

Two Peas does not endorse any swaps post on this board as this is simply a service we provide to our community.

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