what do you do at a long crop?

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Posted 8/28/2009 by Scrapideedooda in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 8/28/2009 12:52:11 PM
I'm considering going to a weekend-long crop, but I'm not sure I could stay busy that long. I've recently reached a stuck point as far as scrapbooking, and have been working on cards. Lots of cards. I like that, but what in the world does one take to work on for a whole weekend? besides eat and sleep and some visiting.....

I'd like to have a major project of some kind, but what do you do when you have a lot of time?


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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:09:49 PM
When you say stuck do you mean in a rut with your scrapping or are you caught up? I go to a 3 night crop twice a year and on average I get about 30 pages done the entire time - Thursday afternoon to Sunday at 5 pm. I have 3 children and muliple albums going at once and will NEVER be caught up so I'm never at a loss. Sometimes just to get out of the crop room I go out to the living room area (we are at a camp) and will just crop photos or lay them out while I watch tv and clear my head. There are 40 women at this retreat and I can tell you everyone works morning, noon and night to get as much done as possible - I think many of them only get to crop on these weekends. I do try and take a walk each day because the camp in on a lovely lake and I may read for a bit before going to bed but for the most part I feel pressue to complete layouts!!


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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:11:44 PM
Well I always have more scrapbooking that needs done!!! So I don't really have the issue of having nothing to do. But I tend to find inspiration at the retreats I go to...they get my juices flowing if I'm having a "scrapper's block." So I kind of take everything. Old pics, old unfinished projects, new stuff, things that need organized, all of it.

The ones I go to have challenges throughout the weekend. The one I went to this past weekend has SB Bingo. Things listed were like "make a page using a punch," "finish 5 pages WITH JOURNALLING," etc etc etc...so it gets you thinking differently and using different products. So that keeps me going. I tend to get my best work done after 10pm too...and it's nice then b/c I can sleep the next day and not have to worry about responsibilities (like kids and such.)

They also had make and takes and product demonstrations and such that get you away from your scrap space and out looking at other people's work that is always inspiring.


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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:16:51 PM
Oh I love going to weekend crops! I attend one every January-I do crop at home but love getting to crop with good friends. Normally I don't go because I want to accomplish tons. I am a slow scrapper so my goal is just to go, have fun, fellowship, laugh, stay up late (I don't do that at home) and just enjoy the time. But many of the gals do come to the retreat very goal-minded, mostly because they either work outside their home and/or they don't have the time or space to crop at home-so they make the most use of their weekend time scrapping their hearts out.
Since the place we attend yearly is also a Christian camp if you don't feel like cropping you can horseback ride, take a padddle boat or canoe out on the lake or just stroll the grounds and take lots of pictures. The very first year I went, I forgot to pack the photos intended to scrap-Disney trip, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I did bring random photos so I didn't have a ton to scrap but it was a blast anyway!!And I got a ton of ideas from walking around looking at everyone's pages and tools.
These days if you don't have a lot to scrap in the way of photos, you can always bring things to alter, make cards, etc.


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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:19:41 PM
work on your holiday cards? get a whole assembly line going
or gift tags?
alter a card organizer to hold the cards by theme?
create a perpetual calendar so you know what birthdays/events are coming up?

or work on a bigger project like a canvas, a wall hanging, a home decor project

or start a mini album

or buy a kit and assemble that and complete it in with photos from your stash.

Christi in MA

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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:23:40 PM
At this time of year, I bet you'll see a lot of people working on their holiday cards and gifts.

I never have a hard time keeping busy, even if it's just enjoying my friends' company and chit chatting.

Marilyn (now in New Mexico!!)
SCUBA diving and SCRAPPING Mom of two


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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:30:20 PM
i just went to my first 2 night crop. i think i had reasonable expectations. i wanted to complete 4-5 layouts and get started on a beach mini book. the mini book was not from a kit and i wanted to do at least 4 pages (8 sides) it took about 5 hours just to get the background pages and layering PP setup. by noon on sunday i was fried. the crop didn't end till 5PM but i headed home. i ended up with 4 layouts in various states of doneness.

i didn't get bored, but i did get overwhelemed by all the supplies i had all over my table and the lack of space. also, i typically scrap at home or with 1-2 friends. being in a room w/60 women was really a distraction. i think you just have to try it out and see how it goes.

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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:35:53 PM
How funny....I just started THIS thread about going to a crop. I didn't see this one first, I swear! Great minds think alike, lol.


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Posted: 8/28/2009 1:43:21 PM
Try taking a several breaks throughout the day. Get up and leave the room and browse through a magazine while sipping on your drink of choice. I usually get bored when I scrap too many hours non-stop so I've learned to take breaks and it really helps.


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Posted: 8/28/2009 4:00:36 PM
How about a mini album or some holiday gifts or cards? I don't have any trouble scrapping for a 4 day retreat. I squeeze as many hour out as I can and its never enough! I certainly eat and socialize with my friends a bit, and drink a little wine. But for me, its all about the scrapping! I am usually the first person up in the morning and one of the last to go to bed. I love it!!!


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Posted: 8/28/2009 4:03:35 PM
I took 3 projects to the last one - a major album project - finish my class album from the all day album class at CKC. I also took a mini album project and then a small random project like a card kit (I'm old and the memory has faded - after all it was march!) Anyway, I finished the major project, made a good start on the mini, and just did a bit of the random for a break.

I get way more done when I kit everything before hand, and probably spent two weeks just prepping for the weekend.

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Posted: 8/28/2009 4:11:46 PM

How about a mini album or some holiday gifts or cards? I don't have any trouble scrapping for a 4 day retreat. I squeeze as many hour out as I can and its never enough! I certainly eat and socialize with my friends a bit, and drink a little wine. But for me, its all about the scrapping! I am usually the first person up in the morning and one of the last to go to bed. I love it!!!

Ditto! I go on a smaller retreat, just a group of 14 or so who rent a vacation house together. No shopping, but we do share our tools and supplies. Each of us cooks one meal for all so that is a break. And it is near the ocean, so most of us take a walk to the beach at least one day. I take page kits I have made up, far more than I will complete, a project to work on, altered item or mini book and supplies to make cards with my scraps. I usually take a few magazines to read before bed (which is usually about 2am

I can fill up my time and never run out of anything to do. We all try to bring an album to share so we can take a break and look at other scrappers work and be inspired. We play a few games and do a few swaps.

I am there for a relaxing weekend so if I get a lot completed, yea!!! If not, that's ok too!

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Posted: 8/28/2009 4:55:52 PM
I always take a vacation album to a long crop. Less stuff to pack up and it makes it easier to decide what to take with me. I usually never finish the album at the crop, too busy visiting and looking at other people's projects. But having only 1 theme to work on I can switch in and out of scrapping mode easier during the weekend.


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Posted: 8/28/2009 6:11:45 PM
Oh My...I just went to a weekend crop last weekend. It started at 3PM on friday and ended at 11:00am on Sunday. I got 14 layouts done, went out to dinner 2 times with the girls and shopped scrapbook stores on sat. morning and went to a movie sat. night. We always scrap as much as we can but have a ton of fun away from home as well. It is girl time!We usually go to bed at 4 am and by sunday are ready to collapse but we wouldnt change it for the world!
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