Organize Your Stuff Challenge (2010) Week 3. Clean Slate.

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Posted 1/14/2010 by ~crisann~ in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 1/31/2010 3:51:40 AM
Small steps are also great! I did a mix of the two, I cleared most of my room out one day, changed some furniture around, cleaned the empty spot and moved some stuff back inn. I had to because I didn't had the room to have all that stuff out all 6 months long. A lot of supplies are still out, some have to go out eventially, but I've decided on a new Expedit in my scraproom. Until that's in I decided not to put out much more since I won't be able to store that. When the Expdit is in, I can move things from my shelfs and the other room back in here, and be able to clear all those shelfs, clean them and reorganise them. What are jigsaw puzzles doing in my scraproom other then taking a lot of space? They can do that somewhere else!!!

That leaves me with a pretty empty room, looks a lot bigger now. But no storage... so bigger isn't better here!


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Posted: 1/31/2010 7:12:38 AM
I'm a few weeks behind due to an extended visit from my MIL. My in-laws retired to Arizona 17 years ago ... and now they are moving back here to PA. After a week of searching, she choose a 55+ development about 10 minutes from us, signed the papers for the home to be completed by 6/30/10 and flew back home a week ago. I was all excited to jump back in to the challenge ... then my mom arrived for 3 days.

No more delays!

Question of the Week: Who's starting small? Who's going for broke?

I'd love to go for broke, but with my room serving double-duty as an office for my business I can't manage the extended chaos. Plus, I love the paint color, the L-shaped desk/hutch/bookcase combo works well and my Expedite serves its' intended function.

That being said, I'm joining the HOT SPOT HITTERS. I'm going to pull everything out of the Expedite and the drawers/doors/shelves of the desk combo. Who knows what I'll find! That way my business won't come to a screaming halt, and I can re-vamp everything slowly.

Off to check-out the week 4 challenge. I need to catch-up to everyone!


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Posted: 2/26/2010 6:36:55 PM
I spent some time thinking about the Scrap Fairy and what she would bring me. I think she would bring:

  • a bigger place to live with an area I could set up and leave a page but not isolated from the household activities
  • lots of space to pace, around when I;m stuck
  • colour wise I've tried colours and I actually a like neutral colour around me so I can see the page I'm working on better but maybe a light blue-grey instead of beige
  • my containers are closed - I hate dust
  • The containers do allow me to see what's in them but they somehow, (magically since the scrap fairy did it), don't look cluttered
  • the floors have some kind of magical surface that is soft to pace on and yet I can get the inevitable spills of ink and paint off of them better yet they self clean
  • I have two nice big surfaces to work on one at table height and one at stand up height
  • I still have my cubby holes but there's more of them
  • I have neat, out of reach of little hands, places for my ink, paint, sprays and other messy stuff
  • and a place for the desktop computer - it has the large hard drive, scanner and printer hooked up to it.
  • which, of course means that she made room for the associated desk stuff and filing cabinet

Question of the Week: Who's starting small? Who's going for broke?

I so want to empty all the junk out and I did start doing that but there isn't enough room in the rest of the apartment so I will have to do it in stages. I did get everything out of the closet enough to clean it which hasn't been done since we moved in. Then I realized just how big this project was going to get and had to move it all back in. I did unearth a few Gems in the process that are currently living on the top of the dressers.

As I get to stuff that is out of place but we haven't got to it yet in the challenge I will pile it up if it can't be incorporated. If we have gone past that section and it can't be incorporated well ... It may have to go.

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