Organize Your Stuff Challenge (2010) Week 4. Paper

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Posted 1/21/2010 by ~crisann~ in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 2/2/2010 5:25:37 AM
Still playing catch-up, but better late than never.

Question of the Week: I definitely don't expect an answer to this one right away. Some of you may already know. Some of you may have to think about it...
How are you sorting your paper...horizontally or vertically? by color/by manufacturer/by theme?

Most of my paper is stored in Cropper Hoppers, with some still in the kit plastic bags from CTMH. The CH's are in two different locations, so that's going to change. All paper will move to the Expedite after purged. I also have 6 of the horizontal clear Display Dynamic shelves that I purchased when I first started scrapping. They're gone after the great purge!

I don't have too much paper to purge and will keep it for my girls to use. I'm hoping to find some type of Sterlite/Iris stack organizer with a few drawers to keep supplies for the kids. I want to move some other kid craft stuff (felt, foam, paint, gimp) to my room so it's easier to access. Kid stuff is currently in the basement and the right size organizer should fit under my desk in an un-used area of space.

I'm going to combine the paper and scraps weeks together in hopes of getting caught-up with everyone. I'll post on the week 5 thread about scraps and paper progress.

All the ideas and photos posted are great and truly help with the motivation to tackle my own space. Thanks everyone, and happy organizing!


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Posted: 2/26/2010 8:36:24 PM

How are you sorting your paper...horizontally or vertically? by color/by manufacturer/by theme?

Given my space limitations this really wasn't a hard question. It's stored horizontally and has to stay that way.

I did spend some time going through it and reorganising some of the paper into different categories.

I currently have 3 boxes of patterned paper, 1 box of cardstock, 1 box of holiday paper and 1 box of other paper

2 patterned paper boxes are sorted by manufactures, the ones I have a lot of, and then subdivided by product line Basic Grey, Sassafras Lass, Scenic route, Cosmo Cricket...

The third patterned paper box is sorted by colour with categories for black and rainbow. There are a couple of exceptions in that box though. A couple of pieces were were bought to go with others so I kept them together. I should probably pull them and stick them in a page in progress slot.

Someone was asking what to do with double sided paper, I have it sorted based on the side I think I am likely to use. I usually bought it for one side and the other side being printed is just a bonus.

Also, there is a box of Bazzil cardstock that is sorted by colour, not exactly though. I have tried to keep all the colours visible and not blend into one another. For example the oranges I will have a dark orange and then a light orange and then a bright one and so on until When I look at the edges all the colours are visible.

And finally there is a box with specialty paper like vellum, metallics, canvas and other fabrics, transparencies, watercolour paper, mesh, specialty cardstock (mostly coordinations), and themed paper except Christmas which gets its own box

Each of my categories are is in a plastic bag in its box so if I want green paper and am doing a travel layout I grab the green paper bag and the travel bag. I have dreams of a vertical system so I don't have to rummage through bags to get to a single piece. It works though.

Pics of sorted Paper



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Posted: 3/2/2010 1:55:05 PM
Hi I'm just jumping in here since I just found this Challenge. I've been doing some cleaning up and organizing on my own in anticipation of a move later this year. Wanted to share this photo I posted a while back as it shows my paper storage system. My wonderful husband has built all my scrap shelves per request and this works well for me. I have it categorized by color only (orange/yellow, browns, blues, greens, pink/purple, white). I really liked Stacy's suggestions for papers with multiple colors or themes. I do have a slot for theme specific papers but I don't use many of those. I also really like double-sided papers and need to figure out what to do with those! I definitely have more work to do

Homemade Shelving


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Posted: 3/4/2010 12:57:14 PM
Gorgeous shelving. What a great colour!



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Posted: 4/22/2010 7:38:32 PM
I have actually been following this thread for a while, but haven't done anything with it. Last weekend I decided it was time to change a few things around organizationally, so pulled the thread back up and gave it some thought. For my paper, I actually had my card stock pretty well organized. It was in a vertical wooden rack that was made for me for just that purpose. I do like it, BUT, I noticed more than once that if I didn't use the cardstock FAST, it would fade the top part that was showing and I had several sheets of icky half faded, half ok paper. My pattern paper was in a Crop in Style Binder Buddy and in one of my desk drawers. It was so heavy that I never wanted to take it out and then when I finally did, I just left it out because I didn't want to pick it up and put it back. I decided that since I'm having some problems with my strength anyway, this would be a good time to go through the paper and get it to how I can easily use it. So...being the person that most of my friends just look at and shake their heads, I headed to the second hand stores looking for old milk crates. I only found one. So I headed to the other box stores and found an office organization cube out of wire mesh from Target. My milk crate now holds the cardstock, sorted by color. Pattern paper is in the other cube by color or, if there are coordinating patterns, by maker. 12x12 is in back, then 8-1/2x11, then smaller in succession, with the largest papers in the back. I now don't have to try dragging out the books and don't have to keep getting irritated over the faded paper. I can just flip through them since they're standing in the crates vertically. This helps with the strength problem as well as they are not something I continuously have to move.

Paper Organization

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Posted: 4/23/2010 10:51:50 AM
You go girl! It's never to late to join the club, so welcome!

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