Organize Your Stuff Challenge (2010). Week 6. Photos.
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Posted: 2/19/2010 6:14:08 PM
Still working on my photos. They are going to take a long time to get under control. I'm still focusing on my digital pics for now.

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Posted: 3/1/2010 9:09:01 AM

Film or digital? Do you print them in rolls/batches or do you print them as you need them?

Both. The good camera is still film would like to get new SLR but we need a car more. The point and shoot is digital and I've got a funky little fisheye camera that is also film. I print by roll for the film cameras and as needed for the digital. On a very rare occasion I will get a negative reprinted.

Biggest issue with this is the need for two filing systems. Both of which are a mess. I've been working on this since it first came up. So far I've rifled the boxes and 'magnetic' albums to find all the pics with no negatives; the professional ones, school photos, OPK (other people's kids), heritage... I think I have them all contained and am working on scanning them. There's no really large pictures in the pile so I think upgrading the photo album is probably sufficient.

Digital Ones ... Next photo project backup, then hard drive re-org, then another backup.

Pics with negatives ... I'll be back with more on that.

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Posted: 3/2/2010 2:24:12 PM
I actually have hardly any photos printed out right now. I usually order in a batch of 50 when I do and work through those until I'm done then order more. For the past several months though I have simply been printing as I go on my home printer (Kodak 5100). I do try to spend time working on my digital collection though. I actually upload from my camera almost daily and they are automatically stored by date. What I NEED to do is go back through and delete the "bad" photos and get them "tagged" so they will be easier to search through in the future.


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Posted: 3/2/2010 3:40:26 PM
Photos are generally organized thanks in part to iPhoto! I still need some time to delete and tag a few from the last few months since my boys have been home. The printed photos are all in chronological order, and stored in plastic file boxes. I organized them years ago, but didn't pull out themes like wookie mouse did. They are all from my single life years, and so they can wait!


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Posted: 4/23/2010 2:18:28 PM
Wow! Not feeling so hot today so stayed home from work and decided that organizing my photos would be ok to do. It's a quiet task, not too much movement involved so what the heck. OH. MY. GOSH! I have filled one entire paper grocery bag with bad photos, people I don't know, and the photo envelopes they come in. I had no idea I had that many unusable photos. These of course are the photos from film that I have had in photo boxes because I "someday want to scrap them." I would just look through them, put the envelope of pics in the box and go on. This purge has really made me realize that I needed to have organized them as I went. Which I did, they are in chronological order for the most part, but amazing how many I got rid of. It's so freeing!

What's left is organized as follows:

(1) Individual storage for each of my three children; within each child it goes chronologically with the exception of any activities or sports they participate in. For example, chronological for Adam, with soccer and baseball photos grouped in their own groups.
(2) Family holidays and vacations in chronological order
(3) Friends and distant relatives share one box (at the moment)
(4) Miscellaneous, such as photos of the flowers in my garden or the vehicles I have owned (wierd that I have those in the first place)

Although I just started this challenge a couple of days ago and am way behind the rest of you, this was great to do and it wasn't nearly as rough as I thought it would be. Since they were already mostly organized, it just took a little tweaking to change my system a little. Yay!

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