organize your stuff challenge (round 3). week 3. clean slate.

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Posted 9/20/2010 by ~crisann~ in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 9/26/2010 8:35:24 AM
kris - in theory, the new week will be posted before i go to bed tonight, but they usually end up posted earlier...

we're going to the renaissance festival today. i want to take some pictures. lol... i need things to scrapbook (says the girl who hasn't touched any of 200-something vacation pictures) and i need to figure out why my printer has such an attitude lately.

have a nice day ladies and get crackin'!


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Posted: 9/26/2010 4:04:42 PM
This week went SO fast! I am not sure that I am ready for paper!

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Posted: 9/26/2010 6:32:18 PM
That's my big worry too Scrapinbee!!

I think I'll actually have to purge some time time


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Posted: 9/26/2010 7:23:06 PM
Yeah! Glad to see that another round has started up! I did a few of the challenges last time around, most of most stuff was semi-organized, but not always working for me.

In the last year I have: adopted 2 boys from Russia, now have full-time custody of my 14 yo DSD, and moved! Oh and the business has been going really well, so my work with DH has been a little more intense as well. What I've cut out?? No substitute teaching, and no scrapbooking!

I do have a nice new room just to myself. I may have an extra chair or two for the kiddos or a friend to join me; but this is my office/craft room space. Plus I took the room right next to the LR, where the family watches TV. That means I'm next to the family, but don't have to watch for example Anime Last Avatar Airbender episodes streaming from Netflix.

Challenges: 1) Do not want to buy new storage pieces but make what I have work. Thus it won't be as pretty as I envision. I've decided that I need to put shelving into the 9 foot closet to store away the ugly containers of other misc craft stuff, large rarely use things, etc. 2) The room has 2 doors and two windows--a bonus and a challenge. 3) I've missed scrapbooking so much that I'm just going to organize what I have back into the room, and probably not spend the time to purge as I should? We moved June 1 and I packed for at least a month before that . . .

So I already to have a "clean slate" and know what categories could use work, and which ones I am already satisfied with!


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Posted: 9/26/2010 9:19:19 PM
Ok, I am stuck on this week. I want to go for broke. I would love to paint my room again and boxing up everything would help. But I love to color it is. I love how light it feels.

I don't think my organization is off by enough to warrant a go for broke but I am scared I don't know what I really have. We are hitting holiday season and I am not sure if I can afford the time to have things in boxes.

But I will feel like I am doing a half a$$ job if I don't go for broke...I just don't know.

Maybe I will just pull each week as they come...I just don't know.

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Posted: 10/3/2010 2:09:09 AM
Okay, I know I am now officially a full week behind on the challenge (already), but is it okay to post to past weeks? Crisann, I feel your pain. I was sick as a dog last week. Finally got some antibiotics, so everything is clearing up now. I just finished reading Wookie's week 3 bonus, even though I'm not going for broke this time around. Yes, I already realize I will probably be doing this again in the future. Getting the room of my dreams most likely won't happen this round, but I WILL get an organized, functional and inspiring room by the end of this process!!

I did pack up all my homeless ribbon in a (big) box and put them in my closet to be dealt with in week 12. Yay me.


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Posted: 11/17/2010 4:04:37 PM
I want to go for broke

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