4x6 Photo Love :: January 2011

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Posted 1/31/2011 by shimelle in General Scrappin'

Garden Girl

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January 2000
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Posted: 1/31/2011 6:59:05 AM
Welcome to our fourth year-long class for 2011 :: 4x6 Photo Love! Each month we'll focus on one design principle for scrapping 4x6 photos, adding one photo each month so today we're scrapping one picture but in December it will be a dozen! I hope you'll join me all year!

Click here for this month's class with 4 sample layouts, a PDF and a video.

Now I challenge you to join in! Upload a page inspired by this month's class and be sure to check the box in step 4 o the uploading process. The deadline is the 27th of February One participant will win a Two Peas prize!

Plus I'll be on the lookout for some participants to join me as special guests throughout the year!

I hope you enjoy the class! Now... What photo are you planning to scrap??

love & glitter,
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January 2006
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Posted: 1/31/2011 3:26:52 PM
Fantastic as always! I prefere 4x6 scrapping, too, so I have been looking forward to this class. I adore the layouts you made...especially "By the Sea". What a fun photo! Thanks for the class! I'm looking forward to whipping up a page!

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January 2011
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Posted: 1/31/2011 3:28:12 PM
Hi Shimelle,

I'm looking forward to this class I seem to have a compulsion to crop my 4x6 photos before I scrap them, unless it's a good landscape challenge.

Question - am I allowed to enter a LO if I use it for another competition as well?



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December 2008
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Posted: 1/31/2011 8:22:55 PM
I'm so excited for this class. Thank you!


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October 2007
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Posted: 1/31/2011 8:58:46 PM
Very excited about your class! Can't wait to watch the video.

Baby Pea Step

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May 2010
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Posted: 2/1/2011 4:12:25 AM
I am so stoked on this class! I use 4x6 photos almost exclusively but it's so hard to find inspiration and sketches only using 4x6's. Can't wait to see what kind of ideas you have up your sleeve!


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January 2005
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Posted: 2/1/2011 6:06:14 AM
Another 4x6 scrapper here I love nothing better than to receive a stack of newly printed prints in the mail too


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March 2010
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Posted: 2/1/2011 7:11:53 AM
This is absolutly awesome...I have so many great single 4x6 photos and now have a better understanding on how to scrap them...many thanks.


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June 2008
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Posted: 2/1/2011 8:54:38 AM
Thank you so much for doing this class!

I have a quick question:
For the challenge are we supposed to use the sketch or do a layout with one 4x6 in any fashion we want?



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August 2008
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Posted: 2/1/2011 11:03:50 AM
I'm glad I came across this! I can't wait to find new ways to scrap all those 4x6 photos that I have.


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October 2007
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Posted: 2/1/2011 4:36:41 PM
I love to use 4 x 6 photos almost exclusively, too. So great to have a class on this subject and can't wait to see what you present in the coming year.



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June 2005
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Posted: 2/1/2011 6:43:12 PM
Thank you for your video - the design principle tips were wonderful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

The multiple takes on the sketch were so helpful. GREAT class.

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January 2005
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Posted: 2/1/2011 6:54:13 PM
I pretty much only use 4x6 layouts! I'll have to try to do this!!

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March 2004
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Posted: 2/2/2011 12:12:39 AM
Awesome idea's! I have been looking forward to this class and will be using it to scrap my pre digital photo's...now to go find them.LOL


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November 2009
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Posted: 2/2/2011 9:25:16 AM
This is a great series for someone like me who is learning scrapbooking. I'll be doing mine digitally and just bought the template last night and started messing about with it. Such a big help to get a feel for layout principles.


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April 2004
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Posted: 2/3/2011 1:31:20 PM
Oooh, this is such a great idea. I submitted my one lonely layout to the challenge but while it does feature one single 4x6, it's not really the loose flowing embellishment style. I didn't understand the challenge instructions until it was too late and I'd already gone to town during the upload process. I'm so sorry about that! I tried to "undock" it but I think it's beyond my know-how. Anyway, I will be following along each month. Most of what I scrapbook is just plain old 4x6 so this is perfect. Thanks for the class!


PeaNut 139,335
March 2004
Posts: 122
Layouts: 12

Posted: 2/3/2011 2:03:24 PM
Hope I got it right, tried to be loose and flowing ...uploaded it but not sure it went to the right place.


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October 2005
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Loc: Canton, GA

Posted: 2/4/2011 10:51:30 AM

Does it have to be a scrapbook 12 x 12 page? I have a picture I am wanting to make into a layout on a canvas to hang in my craft room and would love to use your suggestions on this!

If it has to be a page, guess I could do both ) he he he

Sewing and crafts fill my days not to mention the living room, bedroom and closets.


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October 2007
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Posted: 2/4/2011 3:18:49 PM
This class is great for me. I used to use only 4X6, but lately started printing photos of different sizes. Good to go back to old love.


Baby Pea Step

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January 2011
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Posted: 2/4/2011 6:13:29 PM
I'm really looking forward to this. I am new to Two Peas but have heard how great everyone is here.
I'm typically a 4x6 scrapper and I came here because of this class. Thank you!!

hugs, Claudia

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Just one more post!

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August 2010
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Posted: 2/5/2011 5:39:08 AM
What a really enjoyable class, and such clear and easy to follow instructions too. With my page I've tried to remain faithful to the remit, but went a bit overboard with the embellishments (I'm beginning to realise that I am a more is more type)....

Many thanks...


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January 2007
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Loc: New Jersey, USA

Posted: 2/5/2011 1:56:25 PM
Hi Shimelle and all the girls! I just found this class today and I am super excited to do a year long project with you! Will get working on my layout this week!!



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March 2005
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Posted: 2/6/2011 1:16:03 AM
I just found this class today and I am looking forward to it!


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June 2006
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Posted: 2/6/2011 5:53:05 AM
I have just discovered this class and as I almost always scrap 6x4 it should be fun.

Thanks Shimmelle


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November 2001
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Posted: 2/6/2011 6:28:51 PM
Loved the first session. The idea of a year long class is exciting as it is sure to keep me on task all year long. I'm not sure how we are going to put 12 4x6 photo in a layout, but I guess we'll find out in December.

50 Peas in a pod.

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March 2010
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Posted: 2/9/2011 7:58:10 AM
Planning to catch up with this class tonight. Have been looking forward to using 4x 6 photos. I found a load of photo card is this size at the weekend too so no cropping for me - easy!

Love, peace and jellybabies


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September 2003
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Posted: 2/12/2011 8:15:30 PM
I love using my 4x6 photos...no extra printing or fiddling around to make sure i have the right size for the right layout... plus, this will get me moving to make a dent in the BIG BIG BIG pile of 4x6 pics I want to scrap!

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50 Peas in a pod.

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March 2010
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Posted: 2/13/2011 7:13:14 AM
Finally catching up.

I loved this LO ida, thanks Shimelle

Mine is here

Love, peace and jellybabies

Jamie Sorenson

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November 2007
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Posted: 2/14/2011 2:45:41 PM
Popping in to answer a few questions on Shimelle's behalf - she's traveling but should be returning to the thread soon!

Question - am I allowed to enter a LO if I use it for another competition as well?

Yes, that's fine!

For the challenge are we supposed to use the sketch or do a layout with one 4x6 in any fashion we want?

You're encouraged to use the sketch, however, you're not limited to it. If you could include in your description what specifically inspired you from the lesson, that would be great. The layout needs to be connected to the lesson somehow so that it's fair for all who participate in the challenge.

Does it have to be a scrapbook 12 x 12 page? I have a picture I am wanting to make into a layout on a canvas to hang in my craft room and would love to use your suggestions on this!

The size does not matter, however, because Shimelle used the word "page" I'm thinking layout. Although, please share a link in the thread to your canvas bag as I'm sure everyone will enjoy seeing it!

~ jamie

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August 2008
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Loc: New York City

Posted: 2/14/2011 8:48:33 PM
What a great video tutorial. I especially appreciated the information on the logic of the placement of the various elements. I'm always tempted by sketches with unusually sized pics so this approach is forcing a certain economy of time which is much needed.

I thought I'd follow the sketch fairly closely but in the end, decided to flip it though the decision to do so countered some of the design principles you discussed in the video. The direction that the subject in my photo was facing wasn't working with the photo on the right.

Here's my take on the this month's challenge . Dress Yarn


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August 2006
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Loc: denmark

Posted: 2/20/2011 10:16:19 AM
my take on this awesome class is here Shine


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June 2004
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Loc: Antioch California

Posted: 2/21/2011 12:49:14 PM
Loved your video! Now I'm inspired to go make my layout and get it posted.

stacey kingman
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September 2003
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Posted: 2/22/2011 11:57:13 AM
I keep looking at the lesson, looking at the samples and the member participation projects, and then staring at my little 4X6 photo...I have done many single-photo layouts, but I am apparently not good at "flowing" embellishments! I am square. I like blocks. This is a challenge for me!

I am going to TRY to do something that "flows" now...

50 Peas in a pod.

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August 2008
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Posted: 2/22/2011 4:56:31 PM
Here's my version of 1 4x6 photo. Zeke


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July 2005
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Loc: Hawaii

Posted: 2/23/2011 1:42:18 PM
Finally got a chance to play along. Loved this class/challenge

My Layout



Baby Pea Step

PeaNut 497,393
January 2011
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Posted: 2/25/2011 3:03:28 AM
I'm super late in joining the discussion, but I guess i'll throw myself in.
The photo I'm planning on scrapping is actually a photograph taken from a painting my mom did of herself while she was in art school- it's one of the only images I have of her, and I've been hanging on to it until I could figure out a good layout sketch to use for a personal expression page I wanted to make.
This one sort of hit me just right.

Scrap Maman

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January 2007
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Posted: 2/25/2011 3:26:24 PM
I am such a fan, I HAD to play along and I hope to play each month!!! Thanks for the inspiration Shimelle! Here is my page in the Gallery.

Garden Girl

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January 2000
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Loc: london, england

Posted: 2/26/2011 2:53:22 AM
Thank you so much for joining in this month!
And more thank yous to Jamie for helping me with the answers to questions - I'm afraid internet on the road is really hit and miss here and I have a little while longer till I'm back home with a reliable connection. (Oh the things you miss from home... like a choice of shoes, easy laundry and an internet connection that doesn't charge a fortune to just drive you crazy!!)

I've loved looking through what you've created, and please don't worry if 'flowy' wasn't your thing: there will be other months that more squares come out to play!

Just a reminder if you haven't entered yet - the 27th is your last day to upload your page for the January challenge, since there's a new class on the 28th! And you actually have two chances to win, since I'm giving away a class prize on my blog as well, so don't miss a chance to win some Two Peas goodness! There's still a bit of time to get your page into the gallery!

love & glitter,
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May 2004
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Posted: 2/27/2011 3:35:30 PM

Thank you so much for posting this class! I have to say that I haven't scrapped in a long time, but lately have had the urge to get started again. I just didn't know where or if I was too late! My triplets are almost 9 and my "baby" is 5 in March! So, I stumbled onto your class and it motivated me to clean up my craft room enough to start scrapping. I've done 6 layouts just after watching your class! So, thank you, thank you. I can't wait for the next class.

Liana - Mom to triplets (11) plus one (7)


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February 2011
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Posted: 2/28/2011 7:57:52 AM
Hi everyone. This is my first class since I am new to this site and I loved it! My LO turned out great if I do say so myself Thanks so much for the class. I look forward to srapping with all of you.

Garden Girl

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January 2000
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Loc: london, england

Posted: 2/28/2011 1:26:47 PM
Liana, you just made my heart melt! I am so glad the class has got your crafting energy back to full speed ahead!!

Ladies, I'm just about to start two new threads - our February class thread (it's live now) and our January winner!!!
Will it be you???

love & glitter,
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September 2009
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Loc: I live here in Omaha, Nebraska!

Posted: 11/1/2011 4:44:20 PM
I am going to try this, when things slow down a little. Thanks for sharing!

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