Le Plume II?

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Posted 6/18/2011 by TrayChic in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 6/18/2011 5:01:19 PM
Amidst all of the Copics/Momento talk, I came across the Marvy Le PlumeII double ended markers at M's and J's. I have to know- why haven't I heard this brand mentioned at all at Two Peas? The Le Plume's have the brush tip and the extra fine tip, are acid free, and come 12 to a pack, instead of the 4 in a Momento pack (and I did the calculations, and the Le Plume's are cheaper per piece, especially with a coupon). My needs for stamping markers is pretty basic; I don't want them necessarily to color IN stamped images, I'm more interested in coloring ON my stamps (I have a few great notebook paper stamps that I want to make red and blue). Is there any reason the Peas don't use/like this brand?

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Posted: 6/18/2011 5:19:01 PM
hmmm interesting im a non copic owner yet m's doesnt have them yet
so i am all for anything that meets my needs and is less $$$
will have to check these out never heard of this brand
thanks for sharing this info!

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Posted: 6/18/2011 5:28:02 PM
HAHAHA! When I saw this thread title I had to peek inside.. I have both Le PlumeII and TomboW markers that are double sided as you mentioned... and they are over 15 years old and still going strong. When I first got into paper crafts (stamping) they were all the rage.. And I bought 24 packs of them. They still serve me well and yes they are great for coloring on your stamp and then stamping with them!

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Posted: 6/18/2011 5:40:19 PM

Is there any reason the Peas don't use/like this brand

The Le Plumes are water-based and Copics are alcohol-based. They are different types of markers and used for different purposes. If you want to color on your stamps before you stamp, water based markers are fine. However, if your image gets wet, your colors may bleed and run, and if you have any moisture or oil on your fingers, you may inadvertently transfer color where you didn't intend it to go.

If you want to color your stamped images on your paper, alcohol markers generally do better, because you get more intense color saturation and they don't "pill" the paper the way water-based markers can. They do bleed through more than water based markers. Copics are also designed to be refilled, and have replaceable nibs. Copics can also be used on metal and non-porous surfaces.

It isn't a matter of one brand being "better" than the other - it's just that they are different products for different uses.

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Posted: 6/18/2011 5:40:29 PM
The broad end works well for coloring stamps instead of ink, the other end isn't very good for writing.


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Posted: 6/18/2011 5:46:31 PM
I still have my Le Plumes from years ago, they still work fine. These are an water based ink where the copics are alcohol based.

because of the way the alcohol blends, images can be colored more smoothly with no streaking.

Le Plumes are perfect for inking up a stamp before stamping. Especially if it is a detailed image and you want different colors.

you probably already know: Since the ink from a marker dries quickly, you will have to re-moisten it right before stamping. you can do this by breathing on the stamp after coloring it up. You can also mist with a fine mist of water. This will give you a looser, more painterly effect.

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Posted: 6/18/2011 7:08:59 PM
Marvy has been offering stamping inks in pad form and pen form for a very long time. The markers. Are great for brush work directly on the rubber stamp.


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Posted: 6/18/2011 9:04:14 PM
I don't have terrific results when I use the Marvys on clear stamps- the image comes out a little blurry. Will have to try on the rubber stamps.

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Posted: 6/19/2011 4:50:35 PM
I like mine! They are years old, maybe between 5 and 10 years old. I purchased them individually. I bought them when hand-lettered titles were more popular, but I use them more for inking stamps now. The Copics I am guessing have a different look, best for coloring in images (which I don't do a lot of.) So if I were very serious about stamping, I'd want both. But I'm happy to color in with the Le Plumes.

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