organize your stuff challenge (last chance round). week 23. templates.

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Posted 4/1/2012 by ~crisann~ in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 4/1/2012 8:08:23 PM
good evening, ladies!

hopefully, things pick up some around here. lol... i'm sure, though, that everyone's just enjoying the warmer weather, right?

this week, we're organizing our templates.

easy week for me - all of mine (for art journaling) hang on a binder ring on my closet doors.

here's the link to wookiemouse's blog.

question of the week: we're just about done with this round. we've got:

week 24 - memorabilia
week 25 - negatives
week 26 - new items and keeping it neat
week 27 - fonts
week 28 - cards and card-making supplies
week 29 - room and space decor

we'll finish up mid-may. this is a progress report week. where do you stand?

happy organizing!


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Posted: 4/3/2012 2:01:30 PM
Another BTT so I can find this one too


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Posted: 4/5/2012 9:17:14 PM
Nothing to organize this week for me, I have no templates.

Looking ahead to the upcoming weeks, I don't have much left, the biggest two items are negatives and decor. I am torn between buying a negative scanner and taking them somewhere to be done, a friend at work tells me he took his to Kinko's and they scanned them all to discs for him. I really should check out pricing and decide how many I have to be done. As far as decor, I am still considering either buying 4 cubes or possibly an Expedit. I moved around a few things earlier today to see how it would fit, really need to make a decision


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Posted: 4/6/2012 3:20:14 PM
Ah, there you are - happy to find the thread - I seriously dislike the search not functioning!

As for templates - I have none. No, that's not true. I have some OLD letter templates, but they're safely tucked away in a binder on my book shelf.

My progress report is that I've actually been scrapping! It's so much more fun to scrap now. Making kits for my upcoming crop is going well, too. Looking at the upcoming weeks I have little left (so it's somewhat of a mystery why the room still looks messy). Next week is the dreaded (for me) memorabilia week. I'll not be doing much in way of decor, but the room has a faulty light source and no proper curtains - those will be my priorities.

Crisann - I'm so thankful for you hosting this final round of the challenge. If I had acomplished nothing more than starting to organize my photos, I'd be elated. And I have done so much more. All thanks to you!


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August 2005
Posts: 3,546
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Loc: Ontario, Canada

Posted: 4/6/2012 6:15:18 PM
I've been seriously losing steam in this challenge. Not sure if it's the nicer weather or our schedule is getting busier, but I'm just not spending the time in my scrapping room as I used to

This week is (fortunately) an easy one. I don't use templates so as I've been coming across them, they're getting purged

As far as a progress report, even though I don't feel like I've been purging, there are spaces appearing in my room and I can even see the floor on a regular basis!! I went into where I'm storing some scrappy things in DH's mancave and there's even room to spare in there now.

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