Does anyone use eyelets anymore?
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Posted: 4/16/2012 10:30:13 PM
I'm trying to purge my stash to accommodate some new purchases, and ran across my eyelets in various shapes and colors. Honestly, I never really used them much back when I first bought them! Do any of you still use them on your layout/cards/etc.?

This led me to realize that my beloved Cropadile is just a gigantic, glorified hole punch, and I don't need my Silent Setter at all!

Hmm, what else can I get rid of . . .

(I should clarify that it's not so much whether it's trendy or not as whether I love and use it. I'm not trying to get published, and my family will never care if the product I'm using was "SO 2005!"

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Posted: 4/16/2012 10:40:22 PM
I love eyelets. I like to thread ribbon through them, use them as a center in a funky flower, hold down a piece of vellum, finish up a home made tag....


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Posted: 4/16/2012 10:42:49 PM
I still love em. I used them a few layouts ago to thead some twine through my page.


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Posted: 4/16/2012 10:43:07 PM
I love eyelets also. As for my Silent Setter? Well, I will quote Charlton Heston: "when you pry it from my cold, dead hand!!"


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Posted: 4/16/2012 10:47:18 PM
I don't use them often although I did just use some of the Mickey mouse ears ones I " had to have"! Put them in a mini album.
I recently started using brads again. I think I could toss my eyelets and never look back.

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Posted: 4/16/2012 10:58:56 PM
I use eyelets still. I apparently am so 2005 I ditched my Silent Setter years ago when I bought my Crop-o-dile. It works better for me than the silent setter ever did.

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Posted: 4/16/2012 11:27:17 PM
I don't use them . . . and I have loads of them! Need to decide whether to start using or if I should purge instead.

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Posted: 4/16/2012 11:29:31 PM
I still use eyelets every once in a while. I usually use them for flower/circle centers. And I guess I haven't caught up to 2005 just yet-- I still use the MM tool kit hammer and setter for eyelets.

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Posted: 4/16/2012 11:48:34 PM
I still use them sometimes. Not on every layout of card but on some.
I like them in the hole of tags too

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Posted: 4/16/2012 11:54:55 PM
This is completely weird I just logged in to create a post with the same question!
I just used a metal star eyelet that MM used to make. you can actually remove the eyelet part and use a glue dot instead... I'm so lazy!
It kept me all day thinking if anyone use eyelets still.

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Posted: 4/17/2012 12:15:11 AM
I still use a lot of eyelets but MOSTLY in cards. I was able to add to my stash from the FSOT board so let me know if you want to get rid of some!

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Posted: 4/17/2012 12:17:16 AM
I found a couple of red and green eyelets the other day and wondered how they had managed to escape the purge a few years ago. I honestly never used them, I had owned them for seven or so years and not touched one of them so I got rid of them in a garage sale. I have seen some really cool things done with them since but I don't regret selling them.

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Posted: 4/17/2012 5:47:05 AM
Last year I finally purged all my small eyelets. I just don't use them and they were taking up lots of space. Last week I sold all of my big eyelets from WRMK on the aution site. It feels good to get rid of things I'm not using.


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Posted: 4/17/2012 6:39:38 AM
I still have some and use them occasionally to dress up corners and journal boxes. I also use them as with brads to attach multiple photos together. Its weird whenever I use them people usually give me compliments on the LOs. They do make things stand out if you don't over use them. I own alot more brads though and I wish I had never bought as many eyelets and brads as I have, because I do use them, I have way too many of them!

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Posted: 4/17/2012 6:49:01 AM
nope, but then again i never used eyelets. i have always been a brad girl!! i use brads a lot!

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Posted: 4/17/2012 7:05:31 AM
Nope! I don't use them, but thankfully I don't have a ton of them. I'm not really sure why I don't use them though; maybe it's because I never really have. But funny because just last night as I was wasting time on Pinterest, I came across a couple of ideas to use them so I may just have to haul them out for my next layout!

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Posted: 4/17/2012 7:40:49 AM
I have thousands of eyelets leftover from 10 plus years ago & i'm glad I held onto them, but I never use them. I have so many different shapes, sizes & colors. I wonder if they are even available anymore.

I love to look through old albums & see the phase where I used lots of fibers strung through brads & beads. That was also my "floral Sharon Ann printed paper phase".



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Posted: 4/17/2012 8:01:26 AM
This is so fun to see everyone's responses! I forgot how nice eyelets are in tags - but then, I'm lazy and usually buy mine instead of making them.

And yes, they did go nicely with fibers! (I'm surprised they're not more popular with all the baking twine I keep seeing!)

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Posted: 4/17/2012 8:34:39 AM
I used eyelets when you used to set them with the little hammer and setting tool. Then, I forgot about them and never used them for a goodly chunk of I got rid of them and the setter and the hammer.

Last Christmas I decided my Christmas card would be an ornament as well as a greeting card ....a shape of chipboard with PP and embellishments.

I bought new eyelets and the Cropodile, based on the Peas reviews, (thank you friends) and set eyelets in the top of all the "cards" so they could hang with a length of ribbon.

Now I'm making more home decor type layouts and such and using the Cropodile and eyelets all over the place! But I'm restricting myself to purchasing only black and white eyelets....because I color the white ones Copics....which I love, love, love!


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Posted: 4/17/2012 8:44:39 AM
i dont like the cropidile and when i go to crops the hammer is fronwed upon so i usually give my eyelets away LOL

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Posted: 4/17/2012 8:50:56 AM
Every once in a blue moon I'll use eyelets. I am pretty sure I purged all the themed and shaped eyelets, I just have regular round ones in metallics or colors.


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Posted: 4/17/2012 8:51:54 AM

"i dont like the cropidile and when i go to crops the hammer is fronwed upon so i usually give my eyelets away LOL"

No frowning allowed at crops

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Posted: 4/17/2012 9:26:31 AM
I haven't used eylets in a while. I still have the old Click It. I need to get rid of it. As for my Crop a dile, I could never get it to work right. Then I found the instructions. I have to refer to them everytime I use it. Works like a charm now.


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Posted: 4/17/2012 10:49:05 AM
I love eyelets. I think they really add a nice finishing touch to tags.


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Posted: 4/17/2012 11:22:11 AM
I still use mine once and awhile. I will probably never use them up but I make pockets and use them for those..once and a blue moon, iI use on I keep hanging on to them, although I never buy them anymore.


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Posted: 4/17/2012 11:55:18 PM
I used a few on some cards last weekend.

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Posted: 4/18/2012 4:42:31 AM
I love them, but haven't had any in a long time. Since I mostly get stuff via kit clubs, I don't think I'll be restocking any time soon. If anyone wants to destash PM me!


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July 2006
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Posted: 4/18/2012 6:57:43 AM
I keep using them every once in a while, so I keep them. I still use the MM tool kit, too. I think I just like using the hammer.


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Posted: 4/18/2012 7:31:05 AM
I don't use them as much as I used to but you mentioned space is an issue. How do you have them organized (color, shape)? I dumped all of mine into 2 small compartments in my embellishment tray so other stuff could fit. It's never been a problem finding what I need.
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Posted: 4/18/2012 9:09:14 AM
I just used some on the last few LOs I completed! I have thousands of them from about 9-10 years ago still, and I try to use them on every page - not just cuz I HAVE to, but I LIKE to
I also use brads just as much as eyelets. I also am "so 2005", and lovin' it!


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October 2010
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Posted: 4/18/2012 9:28:40 AM
I love using eyelets on minis! I cant imagine getting rid of my cropodile considering hie much I use it for wall hangings and minis. I use eyelets to reinforce the holes in the binding...makes them very sturdy and adds a decorative touch. I also thread ribbons and fibers through them. I'm curious, how do ppl keep minis together then? Do u just leave the holes bare?
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Posted: 4/18/2012 9:42:48 AM

I still use the MM tool kit hammer and setter for eyelets.

I'm not not sure what brand mine is (it might be doodlebug) but yeah, I still have the 'old fashioned' punch and setter tools.


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Posted: 4/18/2012 10:20:48 AM
I like eyelets. I also like to scrap after DH & DS's are asleep, so my Silent Setter is perfect! I would guess I have 750 - 1000 eyelets. Mostly the non-themed round ones. I store them by color in small ziploc type bags O got at M's & hang them on my homemade clip-it-up. I love using vellum & eyelets are wonderful to use to attach it to a layout. I also love to run narrow fibers through them. Once I attached a quote on vellum to a layout with eyelets & ran a narrow red fiber through the eyelets to highlight the quote--great way to add dimension & a pop of color!

I don't care that I am using a product I bought in the 1990's. Once I buy something that I like I don't keep track of how old it is, I use it if it will work on the layout. My family and friends viewing my albums NEVER know whether the product used was "trendy" or not--just if it looks good.

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January 2004
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Posted: 4/18/2012 10:22:15 AM
I rarely use them. But when I do, I wonder why I don't use them more often.

They add another "texture" or dimension to the layout/card. Not sure that "texture" is quite the word I'm looking for, though.


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Posted: 4/18/2012 12:10:05 PM

I am purging almost all of mine except for a very few.



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March 2012
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Posted: 4/18/2012 12:42:22 PM
I love to use them but unfortunately I don't have very many. I only have maybe a handful and it's hard to find them locally. I need to check out the for sale or trade forum. I use them in centers of my flowers, with mt twine and ribbon on my layouts and a lot on my home decor projects. My 11 yr old DD absolutely loves using them also so I have to guard mine closely lol.


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Posted: 4/18/2012 1:18:17 PM
sadly no. an i have them organized by color in a compartmentalized container. they are mixed in there with the coordinating snaps. as soon as i have time, i am going to donate them to someone.


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August 2003
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Posted: 4/18/2012 1:59:26 PM
You can purge them my way. PM me if you like.

I store them in one divided drawer of a tool box. It's funny, I bought the little toolbox (red and grey) at Lowe's for about $10. I saw the same one, only more girly colored recently for $30 at a scrap store.! The exact same one.

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January 2007
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Posted: 4/18/2012 2:01:18 PM
I bought a boatload years ago and used maybe a total of 10 over the years. Not 10 packages, 10 eyelets.

Peamail me if you are an eyelet user and I'll be glad to send them your way in a package. Otherwise, this is something I will dump in the trash on the next round of purging.



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July 2009
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Posted: 4/18/2012 5:31:42 PM
I mostly use them on my calendar pages to reinforce the holes. So I use about 12 a year!


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November 2003
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Posted: 4/18/2012 5:35:08 PM
I do not use eyelets at all any more.


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Posted: 4/18/2012 6:52:15 PM
NOPE and I have a drawer full... Drives me nuts

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November 2011
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Posted: 4/18/2012 7:46:30 PM
Have tons, don't use many but did just use some this week to string twine through. So far, I am keeping most of them but do have triangles & squares in my purge box.


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Posted: 4/18/2012 8:07:42 PM
First person to Peamail me their address (within the 48 contiguous US States, please) will get an envelope of quite a few nice eyelets (no idea how many!). Most are sorted by color and there are some shaped ones, too! I hate to throw them away (which is what I was about to do) if someone will enjoy them!


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Posted: 4/18/2012 8:51:26 PM
Reinforce the holes on:
- tags
- ornaments
- mini albums

Make envelope closures (the kind you wrap string or twine around in a figure-8)

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January 2006
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Posted: 4/18/2012 9:12:41 PM
I use them very occasionally but they don't take up much room so I am not planning to purge them. They are fun to make a shoelace on a layout. I still like my cropadile even for just punching holes in a stack of cardstock for a little mini book or something. Somehow I find a use every now and then even if it's not for layouts.

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Posted: 4/18/2012 9:17:06 PM
I still use them on tags and to reinforce my holes on my mini albums.

Right now I am on the hunt for the WRMK wide eyelets, I saw them used on a mini and they really added a nice finished look to the pages.
I don't know why I never picked these up, I bought alot of other things that I never used, now these I actually have found a use for, but I missed these somehow???



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October 2006
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Posted: 4/18/2012 11:10:04 PM
Wow, a lot of you still use them! I never even thought of using them as hole reinforcers - that's a great idea. Maybe I'll still hang on to a few.


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March 2013
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Posted: 5/6/2013 10:53:45 PM
Ha, I was just going to put up a post asking this same question. Here is one of the pictures that I took of my scrapbook room on NSD. It really got me thinking about how I can get my eyelets, which I heart, out of my stash and on to my pages.

Love all of the suggestions on this thread!

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Posted: 5/6/2013 10:58:51 PM
I'm not sure I even have any eyelets anymore, although I still have the eyelet setting tools. I prefer snaps and brads to eyelets unless it is for a tag, so I don't know if I will get more eyelets. I did find that some brands were harder to set than others, so if I had some that weren't too difficult to set it would make a difference.

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