A possible call out to Glitter Girl - or anyone who uses alpha stickers

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Posted 5/29/2012 by Trulady in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 5/29/2012 6:35:37 PM
I have bunches of letter stickers from different sets. Most are missing "key" letters, so it's hard to make full words from what is left. I've seen lo's where there are different fonts mixed in one word, or title that look co-ordinated. When I do it, it looks like my 8 yr old GD got a hold of my letters. How do you mix fonts and make it look like I knew what I was doing?

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Posted: 5/29/2012 6:57:25 PM
What a great question. I have the same problem. I've read that you don't want to mix serif (letters with little feet or anchors on them) with san sarif alphabets (letters that don't have anchors), but even that doesn't help much.

I either substitute a picture for the letter (like an eyeball for an O) or I toss the stickers into the pile for the niece and nephew to play with.



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Posted: 5/29/2012 7:42:55 PM
sometimes I cut a letter so it looks like another - like I use l a lot so I'll cut the k to make an l, or cut a p to make an r etc etc
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Posted: 5/29/2012 8:19:36 PM
I can generally only pull this off with letters that are the same color. I try to keep them similar in size, too. Here's an example.
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Posted: 5/29/2012 8:26:22 PM
Also, I repeated the mixed up fonts in my journaling to help it relate to the layout as a whole.
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Posted: 5/29/2012 8:41:06 PM
mandy*g - Your idea is brilliant! I never thought to do that, but I'm definitely going to start! It always frustrates me using alpha stickers and being left with the same letters ALL THE TIME

VexedAngel - Love your example! And I think the fonts play right into the theme of the page

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Posted: 5/29/2012 9:06:38 PM
Thank you, dancer!

I remember someone suggested typing in all the leftover letters from a set into an anagrammer and seeing what you get and using those for titles. I thought that idea was brilliant and have been meaning to go thru my sticker sets and do that, then write down any I thought I'd use and keep them with the set.
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Posted: 5/29/2012 9:07:52 PM
Just googled and found this. I'm going to try it with a few to see if I get any good ideas!

ETA: hang on, that didn't work it cut me off to quickly let me try another one
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Posted: 5/29/2012 9:23:12 PM
Well, this one worked, but it caps you at 35 letters. anagram tool
Although I just tried it on one of my favorite sets (Sarah Script by AC)--I actually have 2 partials and put them both in--but I'm out of Es and Is. It came back as no anagrams. I guess they are both officially beyond hope! HA Hey, I can make Is out of Js...

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Posted: 5/29/2012 9:36:58 PM
anagrammer.com worked, and came up with some fun words, some of which I could use. But I had to just type in one of each letter that I had, and I could sit here and look up new ones by adding duplicates of ones I have duplicates of, but ugh. I think I'll only do this when I desperately want to use a certain set.


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Posted: 5/29/2012 10:35:26 PM
I cut them (like mandy*g did) or I flip them, a v can be an a, a u can be an n.

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Posted: 5/30/2012 10:51:44 AM
This is generally why I have so many letter stickers. Some tricks I've done recently;

Turn a "p" over to make a "d." (Also works turning a q over to make a b.)

Substitute a button for an O. Or a zero sticker.

Use a multi-colored and larger sticker for the first letter, use stickers with one of the colors for the rest of the letters.

Make each word in the title with a different set of stickers

Mix three sets of stickers, all different shades of the same color. When I do this, I try to make the first letters larger, or a "main word" larger.

If the pattern paper has two or three colors, those colors are all fair game for using in the title.

Carefully cut the little bit of outline from an already-used sticker. Glue this outline to cardstock or pattern paper, but if you're using any stickers themselves in the same word, put them on the same piece of paper. If you can fill the outline sticker with glitter, teeny pieces of paper (maybe very small strips) or something else, that's even better!)

If all else fails (or if I know any appropriate title is going to be a challenge finding letter stickers for) a few sets of alphabet stamps or a preprinted word sticker will save the day. Or a computer font.

Layout with multiple colored stickers from the same set, and an unrelated button for a o

Layout using two fonts from the same set, some of which are outlines (Note: I wish I had taken the time to cut the backing off more than one of the outlines, even though it was making the one where I did a very fragile sticker. Or else had taken the time to fund something to fill in there.)

Layout using three completely different colors and sets, all colors pulled from the PP (They are also unified by all being glitter stickers)


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Posted: 5/30/2012 2:58:15 PM
I don't use alpha stickers very often for this very reason. You never run out of E's if you stamp the title. Or die cut my own with the Big Shot. Or I cut or punch letters from text PP, which often has many more letters than come in a pack of stickers.

But I have mixed fonts with chipboard, including using shapes to replace missing letters, like I or O. You Can't Stop Her , You Can Only Hope to Contain Her

You can make lower case e's using a C and a little line cut from another letter.

I used an upside down capital L for an i on these two layouts, covering the offending "tail" with a button or punched shape.
Meeting Mickey & Minnie
The Magic of Epcot

Mixing Fonts usually works best for me if you stick with the same color, or maybe at most 2 colors, which is what I did here: Snowy Dallas


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Posted: 5/30/2012 3:25:25 PM
I've done the cutting of letters and the flipping of letters.

I remember seeing somewhere quite a while ago (maybe years by now) where someone used their leftover letters (all one color/set) to make a border under a layer of a matted photo. It looked like swirls and such, couldn't tell they were even letters. When they showed how they did it, the letters were in every direction - it was kinda cool.

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Posted: 5/30/2012 4:00:16 PM
The only success I have had is painting over all the letters with glitter to make them match. That normally turns out okay. Still I can never have enough of certain letters and cobbling them together is a skill I have tried and failed at several times. My attempts never look smooth and neat in a quirky "I meant to do that way". They always end up looking like I cut up some stickers and tried to make letters while drinking and using a left handed scissor.


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Posted: 5/30/2012 4:29:02 PM
Sometimes I back the "odd" letter with a contrasting rectangle of paper to make it look more deliberate. Sorry, I can't come up with a picture right now!

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Posted: 5/30/2012 4:53:11 PM
I do the flipping and cutting thing, too.


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Posted: 5/30/2012 6:56:40 PM
I don't seem to use sticker letters that often. Not because I don't like them, but because they are in a binder that I never pull out

But the other weekend I was out of town scrappin, and decided to bring my stickers.
I ran out of vowels.
My daughter suggested I colour (I was using black stickers) the other set black to match up with the set I was using.
I knew there was another use for those copics I bought, lol.

I too have cut pieces off to look like a certain letter.


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Posted: 5/31/2012 9:19:51 AM
I'll pass your question on to Glitter Girl and see if she has some answers!

In the mean time, I've put together a pin board on using letter stickers with brief commentary on different ideas to try and what makes them work, if that might be useful!


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Posted: 5/31/2012 9:55:53 AM
Love all these ideas

I stopped using letter stickers because I was always running out of the same ones all the time; I switched to die cut titles because I had free access to a Wishblade

Now I need to figure something else out for titles cause I haven't had that access to the Wishblade anymore I'm working on DH to get me my own system, I just have to decide on which one I want!

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Posted: 5/31/2012 1:02:58 PM
You know what's also cool (but I haven't done it in years)-Take different colored letter stickers and use a Krylon leafing pen to turn them silver (or gold or copper or whatever). A sharpie might even work for this, but I'm not sure about the acid-free thing.

Here's another idea: Melon At The Beach
I cut out the negative of the letter and backed it with cardstock to match my letters.


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Posted: 5/31/2012 1:25:02 PM
One of Shimelle's pins shows a butterfly die cut out of left over letters. Isn't it cute?

Anyways, there was another thread like this not too long ago and the original poster asked if thicker letter stickers could be run through the Big Shot to die cut the shapes like the butterfly.

I tried it and the answer is yes. I did a blog post about my experiment.

I'm not sure how well it would work with heavily glittered letters or in another machine since I don't have any thing else to try it in. I also think that a fairly simple shape would work best.

Just another idea.

Cold Pea on a Cracked Plate

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Posted: 5/31/2012 1:32:37 PM
Love the pinboard, Shimelle!
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